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What if the ability to look, feel, and perform at peak capacity wasn’t the stuff of lore but instead was within easy reach? In a perfect world, you would be able to have it all: complete optimization of mind, body, and spirit.

In Boundless, the New York Times bestselling author of Beyond Training and health and fitness leader Ben Greenfield offers a first-of-its-kind blueprint for total human optimization. To catapult you down the path of maximizing cognition, mental clarity, and IQ, you will discover:
• How to rewire your skull’s supercomputer (and nine ways to fix your neurotransmitters)
• The twelve best ways to heal a leaky brain
• Eight proven methods to banish stress and kiss high cortisol goodbye
• Ten foods that break your brain, and how to eat yourself smart
• How to safely utilize nootropics and smart drugs, along with eight of the best brain-boosting supplement stacks and psychedelics
• The top nutrient for brain health that you probably aren’t getting enough of
• Six ways to upgrade your brain using biohacking gear, games, and tools
• How to exercise the cells of your nervous system using technology and modern science
• Easy ways to train your brain for power, speed, and longevity
• The ultimate guide to optimizing your sleep, maximizing mental recovery, and stopping jet lag

To ensure that you look good naked and live a long time, you will learn:
• Sic ways to get quick, powerful muscles (and why bigger muscles aren’t better)
• How to burn fat fast without destroying your body
• The fitness secrets of sic of the fittest old people on the planet
• The best training program for maximizing muscle gain and fat loss at the same time
• One simple tactic for staying lean year-round with minimal effort
• A step-by-step system for figuring out exactly which foods to eat
• Fourteen ways to build an unstoppable immune system
• Little-known tactics, tips, and tricks for recovering from workouts with lightning speed
• The best tools for biohacking your body at home and on the road
• How to eat, train, and live for optimal symmetry and beauty (and how to raise kids with superhuman bodies and brains)

And to help you live a fulfilling and happy life, you will learn:
• Twelve techniques to heal your body using your own internal pharmacy
• What the single most powerful emotion is and how to tap into it every day
• Four of the best ways to heal your body and spirit using sounds and vibrations
• Six ways to enhance your life and longevity with love, friendships, and lasting relationships
• How to biohack the bedroom for better sex and longer orgasms, and the top libido-enhancing herbs, supplements, and strategies
• The perfect morning, afternoon, and evening routines for enhancing sleep, productivity, and overall happiness
• Twenty-eight ways to combine ancestral wisdom and modern science to enhance longevity, including the best foods, herbs, supplements, injections, medical treatments, biohacks, fasting strategies, and much more
• The four hidden variables that can make or break your mind, body, and spirit
• The exercise that will change your life forever (and how to reverse-engineer your perfect day)

Boundless guides you every step of the way to becoming an expert in what makes your brain tick, your body work, and your spirit happy. You can flip open the book to any chapter and discover research-proven, trench-tested techniques to build muscle, burn fat, live longer, have mind-blowing sex, raise robust children, and much, much more!

45 reviews for Boundless: Upgrade Your Brain, Optimize Your Body & Defy Aging

  1. Michael Zenzer (verified owner)

    I had this on pre-order and just got it a day or so after it was released. I quickly went and read part of about 3 areas that I wanted to focus on and I can already tell this will be a resource I lean on for a very long time. It’s got a ton of info, its a big beautiful hard cover book that I will most certainly grab first before I Google anything. I have been listening to Ben’s podcast for years and I know the amount of research he puts into something, so that gives me a super high level of trust regarding the information in this book. Plus, lots of references in the book to more detail on his website as well as other resources he used for the book. If there was any one book out there for your complete overall health but with enough detail in it to never have to go anywhere besides this book, then this would be the book. Awesome!

  2. MP599 (verified owner)

    Ben Greenfield’s Boundless is an absolute tour de force. The depth and breadth of the information presented is truly impressive. Eye opening. And in some instances, mind blowing. I will be referring to this book as a reference for a long time. Indeed for that very reason I now have two copies, one for each of my two residences. Every chapter I read brings new knowledge and opens new doors. If you’re in any way interested in better health, better living, longevity, or all of these, I highly recommend this book. Well worth the investment of time. And listen to his BenGreenfieldFitness Podcast for all the latest information in this fast developing science. Books like Boundless, Lifespan (Dr. David Sinclair), and Superhuman (Dave Asprey) have opened my kind to the realistic possibility of living longer, healthier, and happier. Kudos to Ben and to all the pioneers in this area!

  3. Taylor in Georgia (verified owner)

    Health and fitness books are often “one trick ponies.” They have a message repeated and elaborated upon throughout the book. These books are often beneficial for some groups of people but not others, depending on body type, DNA, epigenetics, microbiome, past training, disease history, just to consider a few variables. The message of such books is also limited to one or at most a few insights.

    Boundless is, in contrast, a reference book for the body and brain that considers many variables, honestly. It covers lots of subjects in some depth and detail. Although Ben Greenfield’s opinions come through clearly, he considers and sets out opinions from lots of experts that may affect what you do. He gives you citations to what he believes are the best resources — including lots of books by other people.

    Boundless is not a book for someone who wants a simple answer to the question, “What should I do with my brain and body?” I would suggest that those people who find a book with a simple answer that works for them are just lucky. Boundless challenges us to make choices and test what works, which is not simple. It will, however, allow almost all of us looking for answers to identify a few things that work for our specific bodies and brains, unique though they may be.

  4. Seektruth (verified owner)

    OMG! Just like a student who buys a needed $300 text for their chosen major and desires to keep it as a reference, this is a “textbook” for LIFE. Only better at a much lower worth it, price, compared to a text.
    Very well done with loads of information that truly provides material for better living. Beautifully done and will be a the new standard.
    If you own THE 4-HOUR BODY and like that book, you’ll like this, equally. Side by side they should be on anyone’s shelf that wants to use “hacking” strategies to live their best.
    Ben is the KING of hacking podcasts with conversations with the leading experts across the board, and this is a great compilation of his dozens and dozens of conversations he’s had over the years.
    Listen to his podcasts if you need a taste of his intelligence if you must before buying. You won’t regret it.
    The only drawback I see is the lack of references but I understand. Then it would have been another couple hundred pages. They are available, however on his site.
    Personally, I think it worth the buy.

  5. Pen Name (verified owner)

    This is the holy grail of wellness books. This book could easily serve as a reference book as well as a good read. Each chapter could easily be its own book, however they build on one another. I listen to Ben’s podcast while driving, and all too often find myself forgetting what it was he said that I was going to look up… but no worries because it’s all in here. It’s massive, like a college textbook, but that’s okay because it pays off to have the hard copy to flip through and look at recipes and charts. I have no doubt that I will continue to use this book for years to come. What seems to separate this book from Ben’s other books is that he is developing a more holistic view than he has had in the past. In turn, he is teaching us how to manage our health with respect to our bodies, not despite them. Ben goes deep into topics and ideas and provides information you will not find by doing a quick google search. He’s got knowledge and has done the research. He has earned my trust as a knowledgeable source. I know I probably sound like a commercial, but this is all coming from me. Considering that 99% of us probably can’t afford to hire him, this book is the next best thing for people who want to take their health optimization into their own hands.

  6. Marty909 (verified owner)

    Love this book. It’s gonna be following me for a long time! Big thanks to Ben Greenfield for putting this together. Only giving 4 stars since there was small damages caused by careless packing.

  7. Khun Chhay (verified owner)

    I have been following Ben Greenfield on social media for maybe half a year now. I admire his passion on optimizing his life and his credibility in wanting to share his well thought out and researched findings on all things bio-dynamically optimal. Im all about optimizing my health and wanting to live a healthy lifestyle and this book provides so much valuable insight into our biology and why things happen and how to combat daily things like stress, fatigue, etc. and so much more

    I’ve only read the intro and first chapter so far, but that was already more than enough to get me excited to have this book and continue to read. It’s pretty much like a recipe book on life, or a textbook per say, except its easy to read, and its actually enjoyable because he explains things in an easy to understand way and add a bit of humor in there as well! I honestly LOVE this book already and im so excited to own it and continue learning more ways to optimize my life for the better. This a great read that i would recommend to ANYONE!!!

  8. karma0 (verified owner)

    If you’re familiar with his work, then you will instantly recognize this as a compendium of all of his knowledge from the sheer size and weight of this book. If you aren’t familiar with Ben Greenfield, he covers all of the latest science and research on self-betterment. Namely, this means performance, longevity, and looking and feeling fabulous.

    While I wouldn’t say that all of the topics are comprehensive, they can be drilled down into further by exploring his other content on the web (interviews, PDFs, and other books) and are linked to from the book, through his website.

    There is also not a lot of fluff in there either. Most topics are treated in a breadth to depth manner, quickly covering the science, drilling into key takeaways, and wrapping up each chapter with a few things that you could do now to improve your life as it relates to the topics.

    This is exactly what I’ve been waiting for from this guy!

  9. Cassidy (verified owner)

    The book is set up like a textbook for a college course (just as heavy too), however, don’t be fooled by the format because this is the farthest thing from boring (like the majority of textbooks for college courses). I started reading the book and made it about 6 chapters in before I decided that I need to start taking notes in a notebook and treating it like a college course to really consume all of the important information that he’s providing. I haven’t finished the book yet since I completely restarted in order to take notes while I read through and from what I’ve read so far this is definitely the most interesting/best book to guide myself to becoming superhuman! Thanks, Ben!

  10. kate murry (verified owner)

    I remember reading or hearing Ben Greenfield say that he took some inspiration from Tim Ferriss’ The Four Hour Body, but he wanted it to be so much more comprehensive and colorful and some other things I don’t really remember. Well, he absolutely achieved this. I cannot express how much I love this book. One day I will have read it in its entirety but at this moment I am enjoying it in a skip dive fashion. I skip around until I find a topic that I am currently ruminating on and take a deep DEEP dive into the topic. Ben Greenfield has done such a wonderful job answering my hearts desire about diet, longevity and as someone that is so incredibly vain but hates the notion of spending money on chemicals when I know I can make my own beauty products and eat myself beautiful, haha that may be a bit far, but still! Ben has the information for my vain machinations in this book. I want to live forever, live a vivid full life and die a young strong old corpse, or something like that and I am pretty sure this book will help me do it.

    Whoa, I think this review took a weird turn, anyway, buy this book, the wealth of knowledge within will help you achieve any health goal you can set out for yourself. And it is beautiful, hefty and worth the 700lbs it weighs.

  11. Charles C. Smith (verified owner)

    Getting Boundless during the Corona outbreak in HKG. Good time to catch up on my reading. Every chapter ends with some practical advice you can sustainably and easily incorporate int your daily life. While Aubrey de Grey, Dr. Mike West, David Sinclaire and colleagues work on the disruptive future technologies that will reverse aging, can’t think of anyone who Ben outduels Ben in the world of “what’s out there now.” I’m confident the time and energy Ben puts into this research will help us arrive, in a healthy robust state, to see the advent of the powerful and disruptive age reversing therapeutics scientists are currently working on in labs all over the world. Just don’t die of something stupid in the meantime; sorry motorcycle riders. I’ve already purchased 5 additional copies as gifts for friends. It an awesome book.

  12. Mike B. (verified owner)

    I’m so grateful that Ben Greenfield decided to write Boundless. It is an absolute gem; jam packed with Ben’s knowledge, experience, and expertise. There is immense value in the 600+ pages. Every time I pick it up to read I get pumped both literally and figuratively! I’m gaining so much from all the information presented. I love the fact that you can flip to any chapter at any time and take a deeper dive into the subject matter that you want. Also, he dedicated web pages to each chapter which are a tremendous resource in and of themselves and takes the book to another level. If you are interested in becoming an optimized human and are a serious student of health, fitness, and longevity – get the book! You will not be disappointed!
    -Mike B.

  13. Iain Jones (verified owner)

    I have listened to Ben’s podcasts for years and have consumed his media in various forms. This book is the reliable tome I always wanted – one place to go to for independent, trusted and tried advice. I know that he’s tested everything and is not biased to recommend products for any form of compensation.

    I bought it to benefit from his years of tireless research. It is a weighty tome that reflects his work in a clean, crisp and edifying way. We should be purchasing this to show the industry that there is a different way that works – one does not need to be a sponsored person to make a difference.

    Well done to Ben on a true masterpiece. This will be a very useful resource for many years to come.

  14. Jason Buck (verified owner)

    I’d say around 2010 I came up with this notion that I wasn’t living up to my full potential as a human being. I thought surely there was a guide, book or figure to follow to get me to become this “renaissance man”, which was my (for lack of a better) word for it. “Boundless” is that better word, and Ben Greenfield has done an incredible job researching, organizing and detailing everything you need to know to optimize your human experience. I love the spiritual aspect of the book and how it is coupled with the physical and mental aspects of humanity. I’ve always found spirituality a little fringe, woo-woo and elitist, but Ben makes it accessible and makes it clear that it is an important piece of your life.

  15. LIsaQ (verified owner)

    😍 Loving my copy of Boundless!! Of course….I haven’t finished reading the entire book yet, but so far, I am loving the chapters on sleep, gut health & longevity! I’ve been a regular BG podcast listener for years and greatly enjoy Ben’s Instagram content as well! Thanks to Ben my life is already so greatly improved with the education to seek out quality supplements including Kion products, Seed Probiotics, Oura ring’s feedback for improved sleep, Chilipad system and so much great leadership on gratitude, lifestyle & training! Highly recommend if you are truly committed to taking the best care possible of yourself and your family, you need to own a copy of Boundless!

  16. Shannon Lucas (verified owner)

    I got the book as soon as it was released. I have read three sections. I started with the sleep chapter. I have used three of Ben’s suggestions (blue light blocking glasses,, and sticking more to a routine). I feel so much better and fall asleep and stay asleep so much easier. Thank you!

  17. David Berman MD (verified owner)

    i am a practicing plastic surgeon, with a strong interest in holistic medicine. i listen to many of Ben Greenfields podcasts. i recently purchased his book. i have read several chapters. He brings in a lot of useful information. He has a great understanding of the subject manner despite not being a physician. This actually works to his advantage since he explains the topics very clearly so that anyone can understand. It is very useful that he offers practical advice about how to implement these strategies. He is open about alternative approaches to his. I strongly recommend this book for anyone interested in biohacking or ways to improve their health. I am a huge fan, of intermittent fasting each day, with consuming the carbs towards the end of the day – this is something i have been trying to encourage my patients to do, as well. david berman md

  18. Linda Terlikar (verified owner)

    If you want a book that covers it all from all things health related, it’s boundless. I’m yet to read everything – it’s a whopping big book! If you want to know how to live longer, happier, better lives there is a tonne of information, the great thing is to take your time and read a chapter or snippet here or there. Can’t say it enough, Ben Greenfield has changed how we view getting older and we share this information with our clients everyday – ohh and by the way hope you don’t mind Ben but you make us look good too as we are seen as ‘the experts’ in our local community when it comes to health and longevity and we’ll be gifting this book to many people!

  19. tlc (verified owner)

    Honestly, you feel like Ben truly cares that he is bringing you the very latest in health research. You get this feeling that he was up all night even the day his book went to press just to make sure there wasn’t anything else new out there. He has done the work for us all and combed the planet (literally) for every piece of evidence that can help us. We all know that he regularly practices gratitude…well I am feeling grateful today that there are special individuals like him that have put this together for us. I would check his book before believing most doctors. We will all benefit if we just read and do what he says!

  20. Josh (verified owner)

    Ben did an amazing job of consolidating all the current scientifically relevant information regarding becoming a better human being. Providing several blueprints to optimize body, mind, and soul.
    He has a firm understanding that there is no “one size fit’s all” approach. Instead he provides the diagnostic information necessary to trouble shoot each individual, and make a concise, well informed decision on which path to take.
    After reading this book you will have a better understanding of “who”, “what”, and “why” we are, as living organisms.
    The hard-back book itself is beautifully illustrated, and artistically laid out. You can see and feel the amount of blood, sweat, and tears that went into this book.
    Bravo! Many thanks to the Greenfield team!

  21. Sonrisa Girl (verified owner)

    This is a tremendous book! It’s chocked full of useful information. I’m on Chapter 3 and already implementing lots of new things. Be prepared to be wowed. Also be prepared to get a work out reading it. I don’t mean mentally, I mean physically. It’s as a large as my largest science textbook from graduate school! I have to read at the desk because I can’t hold it up to read. I like the way it’s laid out and every chapter has a section called “One Thing You Can Do This Week.” I’ve already ordered a few things and learned many new things. I try to read one section a day and then do a little research on the links provided. I like how there are specific products recommended but not in a marketed way.

  22. Naval Gator (verified owner)

    I have read over 100 books about health, nutrition, and fitness over the last 25 years and this is the most comprehensive up to date source for health, nutrition and beyond that I have ever read. This is no ordinary book. I thought it was expensive until I got it. I would pay twice the cost knowing what I know now. This book addresses all aspects of health from your brain, body, fitness, and longevity, etc. Ben explains what, why and details his real-life experience with countless methods and protocols. This will be my new goto book for health and wellness. Thank you Ben, I appreciate the time and effort that went into this book. This is an unbiased review and I received nothing in return for writing this.

  23. Kay A (verified owner)

    Well crafted with lots of details and various approaches to staying fit. I like that the author doesn’t write the over fifty set off like so many fitness books tend to do, in. In fact this one has a couple of chapters about staying fit as you age and turning back the clock. After plowing up to chapter 10 in a week, I’ve put quite a few things into play, the cold shower alternating with the hot has definitely reduced my inflammation more than anything in two years has. I also tried the longer holds with higher weights and fasting until 12. That felt good to me. I was encouraged by his writing to use the sauna at my gym several times too. The only negative of the book is that some of the gagetry mentioned is out of my realm financially and if I did have some money to spare which one of the numerous things would I buy. His writing is engaging and when you go to his online website he provides even more documentation, studies and materials. I’ve found the book to be very engaging. One of the best fitness books I’ve read ever. I’ve read many, many diet books and I seldom learn anything about losing weight, but this book actually taught me a couple of tricks. I wish the book was available in digital form, but maybe the author has an ulterior motive and wants us to get a workout carrying the book around😅

  24. M C Vasquez (verified owner)

    This is quite broad ranging and covers areas I might never have looked up for health maintenance but the problem here is the lack of integration and realism. While he does try to condense each chapter at its conclusion, it is hard to ignore the huge range of options that he seems to incorporate in his routine. There are so many suggestions to do so many things that it would be a full time job just organizing your day around supplements, drugs, injections, device treatments and special dietary mods. Still, one has to applaud his effort and fearlessness

  25. David (verified owner)

    I’ll begin with the fact that people who are interested in open their mind to new aspects, subjects in life – getting books like Boundless.
    I’ve learned a lot from people like Ben, but my interest started way before with Tim Ferriss. He changed my thinking, my view on health and raise my interest on studies and the world of biology and biochemistry.
    These people literally changed my life, got me out of depression, and got me to the best physical and mental health I’ve never been at.

    Books like Boundless have impact on people, and if stuff Tokolosh called “Magical thinking” and Pseudo, eventually lands on people who are curious, and they, like myself – will never stop with Ben, but will take is further and search for themselves, be interested in amazing personal like Rhonda Patrick, and develop the urge to talk about these subjects so more of those subjects will reach everyday conversations.

    About the actual comment of Tokolosh, it’s very vague, vain and niche to VERY SPECIFIC POINTS in this HUGE book. If feels very narrow-minded, and self-centered thinking.
    People are not very smart, OR interested in looking for the references by themselves.
    Some, will dig deep to know more.
    The point of this book, as many others, is to get people like Tokolosh, others, and myself – more open minded to way more ideas than what everyone stick onto.

    It is correct that it is HUGE.
    HUGE as Ben’s mind.
    But it seems Tokolosh judge a book by it’s cover.

    Let’s start by the fact that there are MANY good information other than Tokolosh’s hair-splitting points.
    For example – like the Navy SEAL’s breathing technique as an example, which REALLY helps me to take a long run EASILY.

    He saves the references online, and he also said so in his intro, and/or newsletter or his podcasts which Tokolosh probably don’t listen to. Ben has definitely said it somewhere.

    This probability explains Tokolosh’s – Bad jokes – point.
    People who love listening to Ben – got to know his old-timely humor, not judging by those people’s level – but by their connection to his personality.

    Which takes me to the point where Ben’s knowledge is richer than you, me and Tokolosh together, meaning he actually took his time writing this book, looking into every reference he had.
    I trust his skill of researching.
    Referring to Tokolosh’s point on the turmeric amounts – its referring to different results. Not “one subject”.

    Everything else Tokolosh has said – which I got really bored because it got too long 🙂 – is like copy-pasting the general ideas of 90% of the world’s population.

    Homeopathic approach for example – is mostly placebo based – and placebo helped MANY. PEOPLE. around the globe.

    And the judging a book by its cover as I mentioned in the second line of my reply – WHO SERIOUSLY WRITES A REVIEW ON THE BOOK’S COLORS?? who cares? This is pure hair-splitting Ben on irrelevant stuff.

    And Ben – I’m not a huge fan, but I’m good in understanding one’s ideas and purpose.
    You’ve gone to great lengths building your knowledge, body and this book is a huge result.
    Keep up the great work.


  26. 4giving (verified owner)

    This book is a gift to those that want to get more out of life. Ben is courageous enough to go into a wide variety of subjects that can provide what most of us want…means to help us feel better! Help us grow! Help us become more connected to True Self! Help us to have more joy on Earth!

    The format of the book is great as it feels like an heirloom text book to be carefully but thoroughly handled frequently. Don’t be intimidated by the heft of it. It’s not meant to be read in one sitting. It is more akin to an enjoyable-reference-book-meets-personal-treatise and should to be opened only when practical answers are sought.

    Thank you, Ben. I hope we can meet some day so I can thank you in person. I’ve already made positive changes to my life based on your book.

  27. Jonathan (verified owner)

    I read this book from cover to cover. Here’s why it’s brilliant and why the negative reviews are misguided.

    1. The book is clearly the result of a lifetime of research into health, fitness, and well-being. It covers a range of topics, and it weaves together a big-picture perspective with a nuanced account of physical processes. For example, you’ll learn about how the body deals with digestion generally (big picture) and *why* specific practices like extended fasts can be helpful for weight loss (nuance). This, by the way, is really hard to do – most health books will give you the big picture, which is interesting but doesn’t help you operationalize the knowledge, or the nuance, which gives you a laundry list of tips without a holistic explanation of why they are effective. Negative reviewers complain that it’s long – um…. yeah, he’s covering every single topic related to the body, what did you expect? This is specifically designed to be a live-with-it, learn-with-it, read-what-you-need type of book. If you were expecting a weekend read, then you didn’t do any research into the design or intent of this book.

    2. The book combines peer-reviewed scholarship with the author’s experience as a fitness coach. I’m a college professor, and the negative reviews related to the use of scholarship are completely absurd. The studies he mentions are behind a paywall, yes – academic publishing is an industry, and the vast majority of studies are behind paywalls – welcome to the marketplace. The studies he mentions are not in footnotes, yes – this is not a university-press-style textbook, it’s a synthesis, so the standards of citation are entirely different. If he did include the footnotes, people would complain that the book is too much of a textbook. The studies he mentions have not been duplicated, yes – this is a major problem *in the sciences as a whole*. Again, the author is not responsible for problems proper to academic research – problems about which most of the negative reviewers, with all due respect, know nothing.

    3. The book spans the conventional and the unconventional. There are really compelling pieces of advice here – pieces of advice that are embedded within a broader framework of health and fitness. Negative reviewers claim the advice is weird, and then complain that the advice is obvious – ok, which is it? It’s an invalid critique, because the author always begins with more established, well-studied methods and then moves onto less established, cutting-edge methods. This is a good thing – we want to understand both the orthodox and the avant-garde. Again, it is rare to find a book that offers both – you typically find orthodoxy in textbooks and experiments in biohacking publications.

    4. The book is extremely well-organized. I write for a living, so I’m hyper-aware of how a book is structured, how it flows from topic to topic, and how it positions the reader. The author begins with a big-picture explanation, then moves onto operational practices; from there, he begins with conventional/accessible practices and then moves onto experimental/niche practices. Readers also have the choice of reading one chapter at a time, out of order, which makes the book very compelling – follow your interest and hop around between topics – the print version of surfing the web. I jumped around before deciding to read it from cover to cover.

    5. The book has heart and personality. Through jokes and anecdotes, the author ensures that this does not read like a textbook. It’s playful, which is necessary if one is not to take oneself too seriously. Some of the negative reviewers took issue with the tone – I would much prefer to feel the presence of the author than to read a dry textbook.

    All in all, the book is a masterwork on health and fitness. It is well-researched and well-structured. It is playful and pleasurable to read. At the heart of the typical negative review is a fundamental misunderstanding of scientific study, book composition, and authorial tone. At the heart of the book is a lifetime of research into health and fitness, a spirit of inquiry and play, and a sense of empowerment that you can feel energized, strong, and, indeed, boundless.

  28. Tony (verified owner)

    The most important line in this book is the intro where the author says it doesn’t have to be read cover to cover just dip into areas that interest you…phew! Just carrying around the book will burn a few calories but in fairness, it covers so many areas and he has the credits to be considered a true fitness guru/expert. I don’t believe a normal person could ever replicate or want to replicate what Ben does from weekly injections to facemasks, supplements, penis exercises, electric machines, blood sugar tests, serious and not so serious work-outs, one wonders does he live a normal life, smell the roses and hear the bird song so to speak…..but Ben is wildly successful and more power to him, the book is all-encompassing, you won’t be disappointed with the massive content….skip the ” Never have a hangover again” section…its easier to avoid alcohol or just suffer the hangover than take on Ben’s three day, one day, one hour, during, after and next morning plan…! This book will certainly engage you…….

  29. Trevor L Carville (verified owner)

    If you’re searching and searching and SEARCHING for a comprehensive, heavily researched, intensely tested set of bio-hacks and nutrition data that covers ALL body systems from sleep to sex to muscle building and fat loss — THIS IS IT … BUY IT NOW and dive it … this is a LIFETIME Book, something that I’ll be revisiting and using as a resource on a daily and weekly basis until it falls completely apart … at which point I’ll order a new copy.
    I’ve researched the human body since my college days (2003-2008) and this is the Best Resource I’ve ever found. Go for it — You’ve found what you’re looking for!

  30. Joyce (verified owner)

    This book will not leave you with any “whys”. Highly recommend if you are looking to understand the science behind your body.

  31. Elle (verified owner)

    I love researching all things health and longevity, but I have to be honest, Ben Greenfield is not one of my favorites. I always felt he takes biohacking to such an extreme that it requires sacrificing everything that makes life worth living. Also, the ego, it’s huge.

    BUT I figured I’d give his book a read, and I’m so glad I did. I’m pleasantly surprised at how many things I learned, and how easy it was to find sections that applied to me.
    The book is BIG, but it’s organized so that each chapter is a stand alone piece of advice about a specific topic. I also really enjoy that each chapter contains advice at a variety of difficulty levels, from “things you can do for free today” to “if you’re desperate enough to sacrifice everything to fix this.”

    There’s a ton of info packed succinctly into this book, so someone like me who has spent thousands of hours reading about these topics still learns something new. But that does come with the potential that beginners might need to read more about topics that interest for them. For example, this book sent me down a rabbit hole of histamine intolerance googling.

    One thing to keep in mind with all books of this type: it’s not exactly science. Most of the advice is hypothesis based on scientific principles, aka pseudoscience. It SOUNDS logical, but that doesn’t mean it’s a fact. So, give it a try and evaluate for yourself, but don’t take it as gospel.

  32. Shawna b (verified owner)

    This is an amazing resource of information. I am halfway through- reading it with a highlighter and tabs to mark key pages. I am now reading all of the online resources that become available once you purchase the book. I read a lot, and I am always looking for resources that combine knowledge and integrate it into something usable. This book gives immediate actions for folks to “take away” and use in their lives- today. This book gives research and resources and really does a nice job synthesizing the material. I am very impressed and I started using information from this book on my first day reading it. What’s more, I read stuff like this all the time and there is still stuff here I didn’t know.

  33. B. Hess (verified owner)

    I have been listening to and following Ben Greenfield for a few years now, first discovered by hearing him on Bulletproof Radio with Dave Asprey. This book essentially compiled all of the podcasts he’s ever put together and laid it down in a textbook format. If you are a super nerd about bio hacking (which I am!) then this will really hit the spot for you.

    I’m 24 years old and have been following the wisdom of biohackers like Ben for the last 6 years and I get goosebumps when I think of what my health will look like as I age. I feel better and better every year. It’s the Benjamin Button (Ben Greenfield) effect!

    Keep up the good work Ben. I appreciate your well put together website, podcasts, and books. Hopefully when you can go on tour again we can cross paths and I can pick your brain 🙂 Come back to Denver!

  34. Movie lover (verified owner)

    The narration is very very bad. Not only isn’t he good, sounds like he recorded it into one of those 70’s cassette recorders. The information is great tho. But buy the physical book to reference it and spare listening to this dude fumble through 41hrs of narration.

  35. Knoblej (verified owner)

    I enjoyed reading the book. It is clear the author spent a great deal of time and effort writing it and as a reader, I appreciate that. The book is very well researched. That said, I wish it had been less expensive and maybe a bit more abbreviated (the author envisioned it as a coffee book, but the content is not conducive to that style of reading; once you have finished it, there is really no reason to go back, nothing to ‘rediscover’ there). My bigger issue, though, is that virtually all of the recommendations are inaccessible to a middle class income (I spent over a $100 trying probiotic yogurt recipes and essential oil mouthwashes, none of which worked as described). There are much more affordable, evidence-based interventions that could have been included as either an alternative or an additional choice. It was clearly written for a very small and selected segment of the population to which, I realize, I do not belong.

  36. R. Dillard (verified owner)

    This is a phenomenal book. You don’t need to read the book from start to finish in order to get some thing from this book. You can literally start at any chapter, and that chapter will fully describe the subject of that chapter.I think a person could spend their whole lifetime trying gather the information that is in this book. I don’t think everything in this book will work for everybody nor do I think it’s practical for everybody, all I know is if you are interested in things like health, longevity, and just getting more out of life, I highly recommend buying and reading this book.For the amount of information that is in this book, it is a steal for the price that is being sold for.

  37. FRANCISCO JAVIER (verified owner)

    A current and innovative book on the subject of longevity, well structured with applicable elements and others that are not easily accessible to the common individual.

  38. cristina (verified owner)

    I was looking at a book that would explain TJ me how the brain/body works. Although detailed, it is telling you the author’s hacks at life, it doesn’t emphasize good first but brain first.
    It has several hidden recipes(I haven’t finished the whole book, I’m at chapter 7 out of 21!) and am curious if it will help me or not by the end of it. So far cold thermogenesis does work for me! Not to lose weight but to feel better!

    Don’t buy the book if you want to lose weight, but buy it because you want to understand why body types are the way they are and learn the hacks of counteracting fatigue (most of the meds referred in this book are overly expensive, do your research first and find cheaper options don’t be a dummy and go after what’s given), instead of binders of 200$ I looked and got them all for under 90$!

  39. TipsFromTori<span class="a-icon a-profile-verified-badge"><span class="a-profile-verified-text"></span></span> (verified owner)

    My husband and I discovered Ben on the Skinny Confidential Him and Her show. We purchased his book shortly after. This book is beyond amazing. I am a healthcare provider and think this book just offers so many amazing insights, research, lifestyle tips and tricks. We officially have red light in our bedroom! Haven’t taken the TV out of the bedroom yet, but have those blue light blocking sunglasses on xo We read a few pages each night, it takes time to read through. But we absolutely love it!

  40. Alicia (verified owner)

    Das Buch bietet sehr viele nützliche Tipps und Trick wie man sich selbst optimieren kann. Bin schon eine Weile am lesen und immer noch nicht ganz fertig, da es so viele Seiten hat. Aber freue mich auf die letzten paar Kapitel und in diesem Buch findet sicher jeder etwas was sein Leben verbessern kann.

  41. Jeannene (verified owner)

    I highly recommend this book. I have been listening to this audiobook and the audiobook was so wonderful that within the first few chapters of listening I purchased a hardbound copy. It is such a catalog and wealth of information you would want this on your coffee table or bookshelf for a reference. Truly if you are into biohacking and anti-aging you need this book! I also recommend the audiobook!

  42. Big George Johnson (verified owner)

    A big thick well researched and in depth tome of a book. This is a great guide and informative book to keep you healthy and well for years and years. Ben encourages you to think out of the box of conventional beliefs and thinking about what keeps you healthy..Buy it! Buy it! Buy it…

  43. Alex sullivan (verified owner)

    The amount of depth and insight put in this book is unreal. You will learn a lot and gain a new perspective on you everyday health.

  44. August (verified owner)

    THIS GUY APPARENTLY HAS BEEN READING AN ENTIRE BOOK EVERY DAY IN THE PAST AND IT SHOWS. This book is full of knowledge you can use to enhance your energy and cognition levels and more! GET THIS BOOK IT IS WORTH IT TO BUY IT AND READ IT

  45. booklover (verified owner)

    Excellent work!! Great read, interesting, informative, educational, crazy! True bio hacker with the knowledge and experience to back it up.

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