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Intuitive eating is a non-diet approach to healthy eating that focuses on unlearning diet culture’s toxic messaging so you can build a healthier relationship with food and your body and focus on health- promoting behaviors as opposed to weight loss. There is a common perception that intuitive eating approaches are also anti-nutrition, but that’s simply not the case. In this book, registered dietitian Rachael Hartley looks at the role of gentle nutrition in intuitive eating. She explores why diets don’t work—and make you eat less healthfully—why weight doesn’t equal health, and how to approach nutrition in a flexible way, with the goal of promoting well-being, not reaching for an arbitrary number on the scale.

Gentle Nutrition: A Non-Diet Approach to Healthy Eating focuses on the big picture rather than getting wrapped up in minor details that can make nutrition seem confusing or overwhelming. Hartley makes it practical by offering science-based, straightforward strategies for building healthy habits. In Gentle Nutrition, she explains how to plan satisfying meals and snacks that nourish the body throughout the day while honoring the need to find pleasure in food. The book includes more than 50 nutritious and delicious recipes for breakfasts, main dishes, snacks, and desserts.

There are many people who don’t want to diet, but do want to better understand how to take care of their bodies with food. This approachable guide brings to light how nutrition fits into the context of intuitive eating. When we leave diet culture behind and remove the assumption that weight equals health, we can focus on truly honoring our health and well-being.

18 reviews for Gentle Nutrition: A Non-Diet Approach to Healthy Eating

  1. Zoya Saltonstall (verified owner)

    Racheal’s approach to meal prep, nutrition, wellness is a breath of fresh air! She helps the reader understand the BIG picture of health and how nutrition fits into it. Rachael gives lots of examples, tips and realistic ideas on how to keep the fun in cooking and meal prep, as well as how to better honor the body’s signals for food, etc. As I read the book, I found myself saying “YES!! Totally! Thank you! Couldn’t agree more!!” Finally, an approach to nutrition and meal planning that I can embrace-a nutrition mindset that focuses on inclusion instead of denying. An approach which embraces the possibilities, encourages listening to the body’s signals and doesn’t set strict limits.

  2. DRS (verified owner)

    As an RD myself, I would highly recommend this book to anyone who is hoping to find a better relationship with food (as well as to other health care professionals.) It provides a really nice balance between intuitive eating and teaching people how to eat in a way that is “healthy” without needing to follow any rules. I also appreciate that she refers to a lot of interesting research while explaining the results in her own words in a simple and easy to understand way. I received the book just 2 days ago and finished it already. I couldn’t put it down!

  3. Erin R. (verified owner)

    Gentle Nutrition by Rachael Hartley is such a wonderful book for anyone trying to honor their body and practice self care completely divorced from the toxic influence of diet culture.

    On my IE journey, I’ve read the classic book by Evelyn Tribole & Elyse Resch (including the 4th edition) as well as Body Respect, Health at Every Size, and the fantastic Anti-Diet by Christy Harrison (among other writings). All have been so important in helping to identify diet culture in both society and in my thoughts and to delegitimize its tenets.

    However, I’ve felt there’s been a gap in the literature and that gap has been beautifully filled with Gentle Nutrition. I love how it re-frames nutrition broadly and making it more about self care, nourishing your body, and emphasizes satisfaction.

    The accompanying recipes (which are totally amazing, BTW–I have 4 kids ages 4-9 and most recipes are big hits with them) give the opportunity to put the principles of GN into practice.

    Love love love this book. The illustrations and images are gorgeous and the content is amazing. Highly recommend.

  4. Allison Davis (verified owner)

    When I purchased this book, I assumed it would be mostly recipes—and the recipes that are included look outstanding. I have bookmarked so many that I will be trying soon. What I didn’t expect was all the wisdom, encouragement and tips included in Part I of this book. It’s jam packed with useful information. I highly recommend it!

  5. Liesl (verified owner)

    I am really enjoying this read-it is so well thought out and written! A really great resource for anyone confused about all the conflicting nutrition info out there.

  6. B. Schumacher (verified owner)

    Great book! Both from a nutrition standpoint and as a cookbook. While I love to cook, after the year that 2020 was, I was burned out and needed new ideas that were simple and delicious. This book was exactly what I was looking for and my whole family had enjoyed the meals. Highly recommend!

  7. D. Roberts (verified owner)

    The nutrition information is fantastic and presented in such an easy way to receive and understand. Bonus – the recipes are great! I especially liked the suggested lists of items to have on hand in your pantry, freezer, etc. Highly recommend this book!

  8. ST (verified owner)

    I truly cannot say enough good things about this book. As I was reading it I was thinking how everyone needs to read this! It is so informative, easy to read, and, unrelated to the content, I love the colors, font, and way the text is organized on the pages. Gentle Nutrition is such a refreshing way to learn more about nutrition without the fearmongering attached to it. This book is for ANYONE who wants to learn about nutrition – whether you have health conditions or not. Buy. This. Book. 🙂

  9. KLBN (verified owner)

    What a relief. Intuitive eating makes sense to me, and I’m impressed with the idea of avoiding “diet culture” in favor of a kinder approach to living a healthy life. Great recipes too!

  10. D-Lav (verified owner)

    That sounds dramatic, but I genuinely mean it! Following the logic of this book gave me my life back. I have more energy, more headspace, and a more interesting life! Rachael is incredible and this book is magic.

  11. Cristina Gibson (verified owner)

    Gentle Nutrition is an excellent book for those who are interested in learning about intuitive eating. Rachael Hartley successfully breaks down intuitive eating into easily digestible pieces. I actually read this book with my cousin (she lives across the country from me – we would read a chapter a week & then talk about it via FaceTime) and we learned a LOT! It is a very different way of approaching food and learning how to listen to your body for hunger & fullness cues, differentiate between hunger and stress/boredom/depression and discovering (or rediscovering) the joy of eating. The graphics used in the book are very helpful and thoughtfully utilized. I actually work in public health with chronic disease prevention and am looking forward to introducing this book to my coworkers via a book club format. This is a great read. Oh! … and the recipes are fantastic.

  12. Andrea (verified owner)

    I preordered this book after following Rachael on IG for some time. I learned so much from the first half! I use the health determinants chart all the time with (psychotherapy) clients. My hubby and I decided to start cooking through the recipes in the new year and we are both LOVING the meals! We both love food so much. I am an immigrant and I travel a fair bit so I have a really wide palate. One of my greatest struggles in embracing intuitive eating has been the concept of satisfaction. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wandered around the kitchen, trying to figure out how to achieve it. Rachael’s recipes have helped me make great progress with this because I’ve noticed her unique blend of flavors and textures really hit the spot! I’m realizing I need crunch and savory combos. “Full” is no longer pleasant – “satisfied” is what I need most. Not only did she teach me that but she’s helping me figure out how to achieve it!

  13. Lexie (verified owner)

    I recommend this for anyone who is beginning the intuitive eating process. It is helpful that it reinforces the principles of intuitive eating while also providing new wisdom about the practice. I find the more I read about intuitive eating the more helpful it is in helping me internalize and adhere to the principles. This book is very helpful reinforcement.

  14. Jordan (verified owner)

    I LOVE how the first part of this book is info on intuitive eating and gentle nutrition, and how the second part is all recipe. I’ve made quite a few and I haven’t been disappointed with a single one. In fact, I’ve actually gone to her blog several times for even more of her recipes. They are flavor-filled, have a wide range of cuisines, and are easy to make and reheat for later! I hope she writes another cookbook!!!

  15. K. Whatley (verified owner)

    This book is so very congenial and really filled in a lot gaps for me in my study and practice of Intuitive Eating. I highly recommend it. I jotted down more notes and quotes from it than any other book I’ve read on intuitive eating, except for the main intuitive eating books themselves.

  16. EastCoastReader (verified owner)

    So far, every recipe has been delicious, even the ones that looked a bit intimidating. It’s a great nutrition book because the emphasis is on nutrition (gasp) not weight loss or any other craziness.

  17. Raisingchickensandchildren (verified owner)

    I love this book! It’s easy to read and holds my attention. The graphics are pleasing and make it easy to understand. I just love her writing style. Definitely a good book to have in your intuitive eating library.

  18. M. Brummel (verified owner)

    The message of this book makes perfect sense. The author comes off as gentle and compassionate, which is so wonderful with a topic that can be as complicated as eating in our complex world. The book is also beautifully done. Graphics are lovely. It’s organized so well. A true pleasure to read. I am beginning my journey out of dieting and disordered eating and this book is a great supplement to other books and podcasts that I am delving into.

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