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The Athlete’s Guide to Recovery is the first comprehensive, practical exploration of the art and science of athletic rest.

If you’ve hit a wall in your training, maybe it’s because your body isn’t recovering enough from each workout to become stronger. Hard workouts tear down the body, but rest allows the body to repair and come back stronger than before. Athletes who neglect their recovery will gain little from workouts, risking injury, overtraining, and burn out.

The Athlete’s Guide to Recovery offers a full exploration of rest and recovery for athletes. In her book, certified triathlon and running coach and pioneering yoga for athletes instructor Sage Rountree will guide you to full recovery and improved performance, revealing how to measure your fatigue and recovery, how much rest you need, and how to make the best use of recovery tools.

Drawing on her own experience along with interviews with coaches, trainers, and elite athletes, Rountree details daily recovery techniques, demystifying common aids like ice baths, compression apparel, and supplements. She explains in detail how to employ restorative practices such as massage, meditation, and yoga. You will learn which methods work best and how and when they are most effective. The Athlete’s Guide to Recovery explores:

• Periodization and overtraining

• Ways to measure fatigue and recovery including heart rate tests, heart rate variability, EPOC, and apps

• Stress reduction

• Sleep, napping, nutrition, hydration, and supplements

• Cold and heat like icing, ice baths, saunas, steam rooms, whirlpools, and heating pads

• Home remedies including compression wear, creams, and salts

• Technological aids like e-stim, ultrasound, Normatec

• Massage, self-massage, and foam rolling

• Restorative yoga

• Meditation and breathing

Then you can put these tools and techniques to practice using two comprehensive recovery plans for both short- and long-distance training.

This invaluable resource will enable you to maintain that hard-to-find balance between rigorous training and rest so that you can feel great and compete at your highest level.

26 reviews for The Athlete’s Guide to Recovery: Rest, Relax, and Restore for Peak Performance

  1. lisa Featherngill (verified owner)

    Sage hits the point straight on in the beginning of the book. We often dismiss recovery days because we view them as non-training days. She provides the great combination of personal experience (self and people she coaches) and scientific research to support the case that recovery is an important part of training!

    There are several examples of tracking programs that measure both the intensity and duration of the workout to provide guidance as to when to recover. This has really changed the way I think about recovery!

  2. FitOldDog (verified owner)

    Sage has made an important subject interesting, whilst providing sufficient reference material and an excellent index, both of which are essential components of an effective textbook. The subject matter is introduced in an engaging way, with some personal anecdotes thrown in to keep the subject alive, whilst every aspect of recovery that I can think of is covered in a concise style with clear, supportive graphics. This book is appropriate for the absolute beginner and the more advanced athlete. My approach to recovery is to follow the instructions of my coach but to keep an eye on how my body feels, which is what Sage recommends. There are chapters on understanding the physiology of recovery, nutrition, sleep, training plans, integration of recovery with training in a healthy way, the need for complimentary approaches such as massage, and of course Yoga, and most importantly the risks of over training are discussed in some detail. The literature reference section is also extensive, which is helpful as much of this knowledge has been `out there’ for years, but this is the first time I have come across a thorough integration of the information needed to guide athletes through the recovery processes that are so critical for successful race achievements and a balanced life.

    Thank you Sage for an excellent contribution to the athletic/health literature.

  3. Terry Cockburn (verified owner)

    I’ve never felt compelled to write a book review until now. As an athlete, I’ve read pretty much everything out there when it comes to training for peak performance. However, there’s nothing that purely focuses on athletic recovery, which is one reason why The Athlete’s Guide to Recovery is in it’s own class. It is a book for all athletes, from the newbie 5k runner, to the Ironman participant.
    Athletes tend to put recovery on the back burner, which results in overtraining and injury. The Athletes Guide to Recovery does a fantastic job presenting scientific evidence outlining the various cycles of training, and further educates how to take your own personal inventory so as to avoid overtraining.
    A large portion of the book is dedicated to recovery techniques, and covers absolutely everything you could possibly imagine from sleep, self-massage, nutrition, hydration, compression socks and so much more. Many of the techniques described are simple and low in cost, yet have a tremendous impact.
    The protocols for applying the techniques described in the book are broken down for short-distance training (under two hours) and long-distance training (over two hours). Again, proof that any athlete can benefit from this book.
    Bottom Line: Buy this book TODAY, along with sticky notes and a highlighter pen. This is an invaluable training tool.

  4. Bayoubabe (verified owner)

    I received an interesting email today. A friend from the gym wanted to know how I could take two classes and then go home to ‘work’ some more ?? I explained to her that it’s all about RECOVERY…

    In Sage Rountree’s new book The Athlete’s Guide to Recovery, Rest & Restore for Peak Performance, he explains how its harder to RECOVER than it is to Exercise.. it’s about finding the balance between working enough and resting enough. You should treat recovery as an extension of your training.. Say if you are passionate about Bodypump, then you should be JUST as passionate about recovery ! “You have to go easy to be able to go HARD.” Now it’s starting to make sense.

    Paying attention to recovery takes time and discipline. Of course our idea of recovery may be to kick back and relax, watch some television, while folding laundry AND checking the facebook account. NOT> The body needs to have quite a fine balance between work and recovery. “You can drive a car across the country, and then get in the car and drive the next day.. You can’t do the same thing with the body. Use your energy where it is best spent. When you rest, REST.

    I’m only on chapter 11 in the book, but I’ve learned SO much already. Rest involves planning workout days and REST days. He talks about the importance of breathing and work load. Each chapter is delegated to a section that stands alone. Hard work tears down the body, but REST allows the body to repair itself and come back stronger than before.

    I found this book a valuable resource. In the back there are charts and such. Whatever you need to know about recovery, you can find it here… Definitely a good read, OR a gift to a person in your family… 🙂

    The Athlete’s Guide to Recovery: Rest, Relax, and Restore for Peak Performance

  5. Gerard (verified owner)

    I found this book very easy to read and as the title suggests it focuses on a very underdone topic. It is during the rest phase that we make our gains. But rest is not just sitting on the couch. It involves a whole range of activities that we need to tick off to keep improving and to avoid injury. As a veteran athlete this is a must read book to keep ourselves in the best condition possible to keep competing well into the future.

  6. 金渕事務所 (verified owner)






  7. Jamie Sandbulte (verified owner)

    I found this book to be pleasantly surprising. It has multiple, well-researched and referenced recovery techniques which I have been able to incorporate into my training. As a marathon-runner and triathlete, I struggle with knowing when to rest when I am fatigued. This book is more than just about taking a day off from training and popping and Advil. I’ve especially enjoyed the meditation portion and yoga poses which have added a focused relaxation portion to my schedule. The post-race recovery charts are also more specific than the commonly quoted 1-day per mile run strategy.

  8. J. Michael Jensen (verified owner)

    It seems that as an older runner and taekwondo enthusiast that I spend most of my time listening to my body and moderating my training. This book tells you when and how to moderate.

  9. LynneA (verified owner)

    A gift for my almost 40 year old son who is well into triathlons, open water swimming etc. I wanted to show him the other side of things, i.e. the recovery side! He says it is a good read and has some very valid points.

  10. Toni HL (verified owner)

    Libro muy completo, trata todos los temas de la recuperación del deportista de fondo ampliamente, sin duda lo recomendaría a cualquiera.

  11. Careful Shopper (verified owner)

    Well written, good information. The kind of book I wish I had written. Anyone doing running, biking, swimming, or triathlons would benefit from this book.

  12. BrunoL (verified owner)

    bon livre. donne des bonnes idées et donne aussi des exercices a effectuer pour mieux recuperer. Recovery is part of training.

  13. Phil (verified owner)

    Being new to this training thing I need all the info I can get. This book supplied a filled a lot of the holes in my planning.

  14. Mama (verified owner)

    sent it to my son in San Diego who runs ultra marathons. He was very glad to get it. Thank you!

  15. Heather Ann Hamilton (verified owner)

    Bought this for a friend. Was immediately jealous, so I got one for myself. This is a great book, and arrived in a great condition!


  16. Marcin Nowicki (verified owner)

    Very good and theral guide.

  17. yvonne dewfall (verified owner)

    Interesting and informative, enjoyed reading it.

  18. May C. (verified owner)

    Rountree Sage surely does a superb job at addressing the importance of rest, recovery and restoration of both the mind and body through his engaging explanation of the typical mindset of any athletic extremist. Even if you are a swimmer, this read is a must.

  19. Keira j (verified owner)

    We’re all fond of reading various training and diet methods to aid our development but this book is a fantastic aid in the recovery process which is as they say 80% of your training! Great ideas and tips

  20. Johan (verified owner)

    I really enjoyed reading this book. The part where I learned the most was at the start of the book where she explains why recovery is so important and a key part of a training program for any athlete. The book also gives a holistic and detailed approach to all kinds of recovery mechanisms. Although many of them are costly and will only be possible for people with deep pockets to access (like myself), the advice and key principles of recovery are well emphasized for every reader to take advantage of those points. Overall it was a great read and I’m already using a lot of the recommendations given in the book.

  21. orhan (verified owner)

    very helpful…I got her DVD too…this girl make the job…buy it.

  22. MaryMM (verified owner)

    Excellent book – a good combination of scientific and practical explanation. Even for athletes who are not pushing the limits of endurance, Sage Rountree offers sound advice, options, and explanations of the value of rest and recovery. For people who are prone to push harder than they should, this book is especially important to help identify the red flags that tell us to reduce the effort and let ourselves heal. I would also recommend this to anyone struggling with recovering from illnesses that reduce one’s endurance, and anyone who is dealing with the challenges of aging while remaining active. Over all, and excellent resource. Well done, and thank you Sage!

  23. Zena (verified owner)

    Amateur but serious athletes need to read this book when performance doesn’t seem to follow his/her effort. This book changed my exercise routine and season result by lessening practice time. Of course, applying the theory into our personal situation varies by ages or abilities, so it’s necessary to adjust constantly but overall I am quite happy to gain the basic knowledge and a lot of confidence without feeling guilty not practicing enough or anxious about blindly practicing.

  24. Bartek (verified owner)

    Overall description of recovery for few sports like running or thriatlon. Doesnt contain details for macro, micro cycles, etc. No any details regards medical injections.

  25. Rubio E (verified owner)

    De mometno genial. Un libro bien estructurado (voy por el tema 2) ameno y que se centra en lo que describe en su portada. Ofrece planes de entrenamiento en sus páginas finlales orientados a corredores de asfalto. Yo soy más de monte, entonces esta sección me resulta un poco inútil, pero bien. Para mi no es un gran problema

  26. Colin Dombroski (verified owner)

    I loved this book so much that it is my most gifted book to patients in need of its message.

    Sage provides many simple, yet very effective, ways to thing about, and implement recovery.

    All levels from beginner to masters athletes and beyond will take something away from the wisdom she presents.

    Thanks, Sage!

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