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In the hierarchy of life, breath always wins. It persists 22,000 times daily, but you get to decide whether the way you breathe is to your benefit or detriment.

Breath becomes compromised by stress, disease, and the environmental trappings of progress; you can still breathe under this pressure, but it leads to poor breathing habits that slowly whittle away at your health. In Body by Breath, bestselling author Jill Miller takes you on a journey through your breathing body and presents more than 100 step-by-step techniques and practices to help you master the body-breath connection and reset your physiology.

This book explores four primary types of resilience-building exercises—breathwork, movement, rolling, and non-sleep deep restto help you achieve

• Greater power, endurance, and recovery ability
• Enhanced self-regulation skills
• Supercharged executive function
• Relief from pain, injuries, and chronic conditions
• Freedom to feel, connect, and express stored emotions

Jill shares her scientifically supported methods so you can

  • Train and modulate your body and nervous system for reduced stress, improved mobility, and whole-body resilience
  • Discover the latest findings in breath and fascia research and get the most out of breathwork practice by including more of your body’s parts in the mix
  • Map the vast reach of the diaphragm and feel how it intermingles with everything in your body.

You’ll travel the pathways of the vagus nerve and trace miles of fascial intersections beneath your skin to unlock your body’s regenerative reservoir.

If you have struggled with traditional meditation practices because remaining still spikes your anxiety and leaves you feeling agitated and fidgety, Body by Breath presents innovative alternatives designed for your unique nervous system. This inclusive approach allows you to reap the benefits of relaxation, restoration, and regeneration.

Take these practices into your life and renew the way you embody breath.

33 reviews for Body by Breath: The Science and Practice of Physical and Emotional Resilience

  1. M. Mcdonald (verified owner)

    Once again, Jill Miller has dedicated an enormous amount of time cultivating the most pertinent information pertaining to the topic of breathwork and beyond. If you haven’t already been exposed to The Roll Model Method – her fantastic and essential book on tissue self care – then make that another addition to this. The novice and seasoned practitioner of breath work, self care, body work, life hacks, stress relief – etc. will all benefit from this massive book of knowledge and life’s work. There is so much information to absorb here and an excellent amount of how to. There’s no better time than the present to learn this forever useful information. The body didn’t come with a user manual but this comes close to being one. There are many books about breath but few with the scope and depth Body By Breath has to offer. This is such an easy recommendation to anyone who needs air to survive. If you have the opportunity to see her in person and learn these skills firsthand – don’t miss out. Another excellent addition to a life’s work filled with better living in the body and mind.

  2. Rachel Lando (verified owner)

    This book is incredible!!!! Jill Miller has done the impossible: compiled the science and research behind breath alongside practical exercises to help readers feel and perform better in sport and daily life. I’ve asked all my students to pick up a copy to strengthen their foundational knowledge — the book is brilliantly laid out in a thoughtful way accessible to professionals, fitness enthusiasts, and those beginning their wellness journey alike. If you’re curious to explore the interconnection between breath, movement, and wellness, this book is a must have.

  3. E. Linge (verified owner)

    A pleasure to just sit and get started with this book! I LOVED her first book the Roll Model. I got Tune Up Balls and I was shocked after a few weeks I found myself running in the yard with our kids, laughing at how good my body felt. It was honestly a strange experience in my late 40’s to just run- not jog lightly all around our yard! This book has started just as promising. Simple, fast things to get started learning about breath, and how I myself breathe. I feel like I can pick the book up, try the next exercise/assignment and put the book down until my next free moment. Easy to understand and use. BTW I am a PT, and now use rolling with all my patients and I look forward to what Jill will teach me that I can pass on to more people. Thanks Jill for all you do. You change lives for the better through your beautiful books. I recommend The Roll Model all the time, and I anticipate to do the same with Body By Breath.

  4. yogijules7 (verified owner)

    Being a student of Jill Miller’s work since 2016, I can see Body by Breath as her life’s work. This book is organized for the everyday person yet clinical for health care practitioners with its beautiful illustrations, well documented teachings that are backed up with science and clinical pearls that teach us how to live better in our bodies. First of its kind featuring QR codes to videos introducing the materials for all types of learning, visual, auditory and/or kinesthetically. I will use this book as a reference guide textbook to continue down my own body’s path and those of my family and clients I work with. Thanks for offering such a comprehensive look at how stress release can be achieved. – Julie Mackey

  5. stephanie brown (verified owner)

    Jill Miller has done an incredible job combining ancient teachings with modern research, detailed anatomical knowledge and somatic understanding. A book that meets this moment, at a junction where yoga is merging with somatic-informed movement to treat trauma on every level, for every single human body. Be prepared, it’s a giant text book that deserves to be combed through and studied for generations.

  6. sadie (verified owner)

    Wow! An accessible yet deeply comprehensive review of anatomy, breathe mechanics, and a resilience tool kit. You can spend 10 minutes or 10 years with this book, regardless you will get something of use out of it. Keep this reference book handy for as long as you want to keep breathing for greater health.

  7. Elaine Patterson (verified owner)

    I’ve just started reading this book and look forward to delving into it further – thoroughly and all the way through. A beautiful book – very well laid out. I’ve been following Jill Miller’s work for years – she never disappoints! Brava Jill❣️

  8. Carol (verified owner)

    Cannot wait to dive in and restart my healing journey with this book. I have, piecemeal, been studying yoga and breath work for decades and it all comes together in this book. What a work of art and science with Jill’s personality woven throughout.

  9. K.Little (verified owner)

    I have been following one of my favorite “body nerds”, Jill Miller for over 10 years now with her Yoga Tune Up Series, and Roll Model book, and I have used all of the tools she offers to complete these therapeutic exercises in her programs. They have proven to be so beneficial to my health and ability to feel more embodied and connected in my self.

    I am so impressed with Jill’s new book Body by Breath and am completely enamored with it since it arrived. It is a giant book of knowledge that can be used by doctors, therapists, yoga instructors or anyone wanting to feel better in their body. She has such an incredible way of teaching the science behind her methods that are easy for all to understand, and then she shows in in great detail how to complete the exercises, and includes links to videos, podcasts, tools used, and more in this book.

    I love the detailed photos and instruction, along with the anatomy and science lessons in this book. Jill doesn’t just show you what to do, she explains the WHY behind it, and she makes it FUN at the same time. I think that is the recipe for success in sticking to a modality for health and resilience. I am so excited to get started with the growth that will come from reading this book. Thank you Jill for your amazing work!

  10. shari gayda (verified owner)

    I just attended Jill’s Body by Breath Masterclass/Book Signing and I am once again absolutely amazed at the power of these little yoga tune-up therapy balls & Jill’s extensive knowledge. Not only can these tools (thanks to Jill) help us with Pain, Posture and Performance, they can also help us BREATHE BETTER!! There are many parts of our lives that are very important but I’m quite sure our BREATH is at the very top of the list. This book is both informative and beautiful! My Breath is Home and I am super grateful to Jill for teaching me this.

  11. Terri H. (verified owner)

    The detail that has gone into the methods of breathing is astounding! From the words to the photos, Jill has laid everything out for you to simply follow along on your own. I will be using this for many years to come!

  12. MCNOLa504 (verified owner)

    A wonderful book for anyone and everyone interested in breath work. Jill Miller is the wonderful type of teacher who can make complex instructions easily available for a beginner like me while keeping things interesting for those already well versed in the material. I have found the book’s format makes it easy to flip from one section to another depending on if you wish to read about anatomy or get straight to the exercises. Yet I find myself reading it cover to cover as it is so well written. One of the added features of the book are the QR codes that link to videos or podcasts for further information.

  13. Janet Oddenino (verified owner)

    Book cover was torn and edges appeared as though it was used. Not worth the $70.00 plus I paid for it. Recommend you purchase a used one.

  14. Kendra Densmore (verified owner)

    Jill Miller is exceptionally knowledgeable and talented at teaching us how to better care for our body and mind. She spells things out in a very digestible way, step-by-step. The book is large, but has so much great info and makes it easy to understand.

  15. Mary Kate (verified owner)

    I’ve followed Jill Miller for a long time, and everything she releases is impeccable. The hours of research and practice that she puts into her efforts is surely astounding.

    I had already ordered my copy of Body by Breath when I saw it pop up on NetGalley. Couldn’t resist a sneak peak! As with her earlier release, The Roll Model, this breathing “bible” includes highly readable research and practice, with fantastic pictures and illustration. It also has QR codes to scan for further info. It’s amazingly accessible, regardless of your learning style. It could be read for personal gain or serve as a textbook.
    It’s a true reference book, meaning you will come back to it again and again for both knowledge and practice.

    Fantastic!! Thank you NetGalley, Victory Belt Publishing, and the amazing Jill Miller for allowing access to a digital ARC for review purposes.

  16. k schtuber (verified owner)

    I was already a fan of Jill’s work. Her roll-outs have, and continue to, bring me self-awareness and relief. Her short weekly videos via email are always eye opening and welcome. When I saw she had a new book coming out, I ordered it without hesitation knowing it would be masterful in presentation and knowledge. Correct! The book is a whopper both in weight, info and exercises.

    After diving in for the last month, I’m confident it will become a companion for life. When I was traveling through Cali, I saw she had a workshop/book release so I randomly went; it was a blast! Jill was so DTE and kind. Doing a live class with her was an enlightening treat and I feel lucky I got that opportunity; what a super teacher.

    That night, I slept nine hours straight. Repeat: a 49 year old woman sleeping nine hours straight. Yeah, incredible. Through this seemingly simple yet very layered accomplishment, I literally experienced the importance of working with breath and it’s direct affect on my PSNS. Talk about quick results! Happy to say that I’m continuing to sleep better than ever. Dive in, do the work; you won’t regret this investment in self.

  17. Dani (verified owner)

    I cannot rave enough about Body By Breath by Jill Miller. I am a doctor of physical therapy and this has quickly become my go-to resource when prescribing programs for my patients. It’s written in a way that is easy to understand yet still provides the reader with detailed information about the importance of each of these topics.

    Body By Breath puts the principles we have read in books such as the Poly vagal theory, Breath: The New Science of a Lost Art, Accessing the Healing Power of the Vagus Nerve into your body, where it belongs.

    The results yielded have been incredible not only for my patients but myself as well. Whether you’re a healthcare professional or just someone interested in learning more about the body and its functions, this book is absolutely essential.

  18. Elizabeth Hinsley (verified owner)

    This book is so valuable for anyone who wants to understand their breath and how it initiates and supports all movement in the body. This book teaches specific tools for optimizing the whole body’s (and nervous system’s) function using the breath, and the tissues related to the breath, as the “main event”. There are so many techniques, I’ll be exploring these for a long time to come for myself and my physical therapy patients. Highly recommend!

  19. Holli (verified owner)

    This book is for every human. The assumption that breathing is natural robs us of our ability for self care leaving us UNDER RECOVERED. Jill’s literacy in the practices of breath recovery are exponential and clearly communicated in Body by Breath. The book while beautiful is also a library of how to take care of our respiratory system for the betterment of psychological and emotional wellness. The book is an entry point and the website is also packed with support materials to enhance the book learning and support this deeply personal journey. However, the book on its own is packed with practical anatomy and technique. You do need props but household items can replace the tools available for purchase. I use a rolled up towel with success to accomplish these clearly explained self care skills. Thrilled with my book in support of one of my most impactful skills offered to my self and my clients.

  20. Toney and Yuki (verified owner)

    This book is evidence-based and full of updated information. The book includes dense scientific material and also extremely simple and practical breathing exercises that everyone should try. I just also completed immersion training with Jill Miller using this book as core manual and highly recommend it as well!

  21. ASmack (verified owner)

    I was fortunate to purchase this at the pre order price knowing how resourceful it would be, however I would buy it all over again. The layout of information makes the content easier to understand. The graphics and QR code tutorials are great. Jill uses her Tune Up Fitness props which are very reasonably priced, but also suggests substitutes. The volume and size of the book feels like an old school college text book so it opens well and remains stable. ( Love the idea of the addition of the spiral bound book) . The content is great. I easily apply the information to my own well being and incorporate the information into my daily Pilates instruction .

  22. Alaya Lani (verified owner)

    I love how comprehensive this book is!! One can choose to read all of the background, which I would highly recommend, or just go to the practical applications, which are amazing, profound and TRULY life changing.As a mindbody fitness professionally for 25 years I am so glad to share this information and empower people to take control of their health starting with something so fundamental. It is so digestible for everyone.

  23. D. L. (verified owner)

    Learning about my diaphragm, trauma, nervous system, and gentle ways to move has accelerated my healing of chronic illness and long-term effects of babesiosis. What a great tool!

  24. Zo (verified owner)

    Was bit turned off by the price but when I got it was so worth it!!! So much great information accurate descriptions organized to the bone!
    You can totally get lost in it for hours with all the great information in it 💛💛💛

  25. Amy Leydon (verified owner)

    Jill Miller is an innovator in the field of fascia and breath. Her knowledge and research is extensive but she knows how to speak to the layperson.

  26. Derek Chernichenko (verified owner)

    I struggle with relaxing. I believe it came out of a trauma event. So I become chronically stressed. I knew I needed to relax but had no idea how to. I couldn’t simply relax, I needed guidance. This book is the guide to how to relax and why it works. It blends science with practice. Knowing the science makes the practice more powerful and transformative. I have begun the journey of healing and this book has laid out a path to get there. Thank you Jill Miller

  27. Diana D (verified owner)

    “Body By Breath” is a book that brings the science and the practice of breathing to life. I’m so happy this book exists. It should be shared with everyone who breathes.

    It’s filled with practical, achievable exercises (backed by science and practice) that guide you on a tour of your own body and how breath impacts every space within you.

    The crisp photography and clear graphics are inviting to the eye. They illustrate and back up the text so that understanding can come no matter what page of the book you begin to read.

    Take this book slowly and do the exercises. Overtime you will understand how breathing works physiologically and how it makes you FEEL emotionally and physically.

  28. Becca (verified owner)

    Amazing book, amazing author. Glad I own this.

  29. Jill Deming (verified owner)

    Full of fresh, innovative ideas and exercises. It made me look at fascia and breathing in an entirely new way!

  30. LeecheeBeechee (verified owner)

    I forgot to breathe during the Covid pandemic. I was a remote public school teacher for 50 third graders. This book is helping me find my way back. Thanks, Jill.

  31. Susan Eloise Tamer (verified owner)

    This book is visually beautiful and well written. What I liked most about it is that she explains the anatomy without dumbing it down or going over your head (not an easy line to walk). It’s perfect for a movement/fitness professional or someone who just wants to learn about their body and their breath. I highly suggest this book – I can’t put it down! Jill Miller is the queen!

  32. Bob E (verified owner)

    Full of incredible brilliant information and clear guidance of exercises!!!

  33. UVH (verified owner)

    I have been following Jill Miller for over 5 years using her Yoga tune up balls.
    When I heard she had written this book I ordered it as a pre-order was available.
    I Love the way she has written this book. You can learn the breathing and rolling techniques that will IMPROVE your quality of life.
    When you use these techniques they help to move your fascia and relieve your stress and tension.
    I Highly recommend this book! Especially if you have stress and or chronic pain this book is for you.

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