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Sports Nutritionist Matt Fitzgerald has spent nearly twenty years studying the diets of top professional endurance athletes, who are among the fittest and healthiest people in the world. As a result, he has identified five core habits-most of which are contrary to what popular diets advise-that are essential to maximizing workout benefits. The Endurance Diet shares key strategies for optimal health and performance: eat everything, eat quality, eat carbohydrate, eat enough, and eat individually. Whether you want to lose weight, win a race, or look a little more like an elite athlete, this plan is for you.

“I am always amazed at how much I learn from Matt Fitzgerald’s books.” — Shalane Flanagan, Olympic bronze medalist

62 reviews for The Endurance Diet: Discover the 5 Core Habits of the World’s Greatest Athletes to Look, Feel, and Perform Better

  1. Steffen Lang (verified owner)

    This is for sure the last book I will consider and use for my own sports nutrition. No experiments, proven facts and professional athletes being successful with this approach.

    goodbye low carb – this had to be said.

    thank you Matt!

  2. freefly (verified owner)

    Matt yet again amazes with his ability to present piles of complex research and data into something usable for every day people. The core principles from the book apply equally to casual athletes as well as elites.

  3. Rachelle Parra (verified owner)

    Amazing read on the habits of the elites and great real life tips for everyday athletes in achieving our own best selves. Thank you Matt for another great book.

  4. Yisel (verified owner)

    Another book from Matt Fitzgerald for my collection. Easy to read , interesting and a must for those who are looking to improve their nutrition , eating habits or enhance performance by nutrition. Even at the end of the book Matt ads some training advice very useful if you want the Endurance Diet works for you .
    It’s not a trend or a new crazy diet ; it’s a way to develop a healthy relationship with food ; a downright fueling strategy and a good read too !!
    More than satisfied

  5. Scott Richardson (verified owner)

    Matt Fitzgerald is the absolute best writer on endurance topics at work today. His books are well-researched and science-based, but his writing style makes it possible for anyone to understand his conclusions. The Endurance Diet is just the latest of his great work. The book uses both interviews with elite athletes from a wide range of sports, including cycling and triathlon, plus the latest studies to lay out an understandable, easy-to-follow eating plan anyone can do. It is not a “diet” so much as a collection of five basic eating habits endurance athletes have in common. He nixes fad diets in favor of eating a wide range of foods with an emphasis on carbs, fruits and vegetables, lean meats, dairy and more. He explains how to focus on eating just enough without becoming obsessive about counting calories. He adds insights from some of his other research, including the 80/20 plan which highlights the 80% easy to 20% hard ratio that yields the best results. If you are an elite athlete struggling to find a nutrition plan that works or an amateur athlete who wants to maximize the benefits of exercise and good nutrition, read The Endurance Diet.

  6. Jasmine C. (verified owner)

    Usually I can read a book in a matter of hours. This book has taken me two weeks to read and I have re-read several parts just because it has so much information! I immediately started changing my diet after finding that I have fallen into several of the low-carb diet traps. I have seen improvement in my recovery and improvement in my performance. I am looking forward to racing this season with a new set of nutrition tools!

  7. Charles Shapiro (verified owner)

    Finally, common sense advice on diet that is, yes, critical for athletes but also quite important for all of us. Fitzgerald cuts through all the hype and misinformation out there to provide us with principles to help us eat healthier and support us to perform better. A very useful read.

    We read so much about paleo and NSNG with the warnings that sugars and grains are the source of all dietary problems. Fitzgerald takes a much more balanced approach to duet and recommends we eat a lot of variety in the diet with an emphasis on high quality foods which most of is already intuitively know.

  8. Teresa Douglas (verified owner)

    The concept of eating like an elite athlete makes a lot of sense to me. The principals of the endurance diet sound sensible, and Matt lays it out in his characteristically engaging manner.

  9. John (verified owner)

    In each of Matt’s books, he outlines the key fundamentals of the topic and then offers a no fuss narrative. Easy to understand because it comes from a place of experience and knowledge. He knows what he’s talking about because he’s put in the work and has done his research. Great information on eating foods to fuel your workouts and beyond. After reading this I’m inclined to make a lifestyle change rather than a temporary change in my diet. Great work, Matt!

  10. Ashley Ozark (verified owner)

    Easy to read and engaging.

  11. Swimbikerunfly (verified owner)

    Excellent book. Lots of factual data to support an effective nutrition strategy. I’ve tried other “diets” such as NSNG, which was completely ineffective. Mr. Fitzgerald is thorough in his research, and does a good job in presenting his findings.

  12. Distinctive Dimensions (verified owner)

    Amazing book! Great read for those who want to change there diet to up there endurance. Easy read and very helpful!

  13. ian (verified owner)

    Just started reading already lost 5lbs n vo2 up

  14. Mark R. Sands (verified owner)

    Matt’s a great author who knows his stuff!

  15. Jennifer Thompson (verified owner)

    Once again, an excellent collection of entertaining stories of elite athletes. This time, focusing on the importance of nutrition. I’ve been eating according to endurance diet since I bought the book 3 weeks ago. I feel amazing and my performance in my triathlon training has been positively impacted. I’ve noticed a feeling of new energy, happiness wit eating again, and faster recovery times. Outstanding book.

  16. Argiris (verified owner)

    A very detailed book with lots of info. Matt done it again!!!

  17. levrier (verified owner)

    Endurance athletes are in constant search for improving their performance , reaching their racing weight and accelerateing their recovery time , which also makes them prone to fall into many fad diets. Matt ‘s approach in this book is not only research based but also easy to fit in every person’s daily life. It imporoved my performance and the most important part brought back the joy of eating without guilt . It is an excellent book and as a triathlete I highly recommend it to everyone specially endurance athletes.

  18. Christopher L. (verified owner)

    Good read. Common sense plan. Has helped me create a solid strategy for my training diet, one that I can actually follow with much less effort.

  19. ThePugetSound (verified owner)

    Uses examples of world class athletes, but understands that’s not most of us. Puts the low carb craze to rest once-and-for-all.

  20. Old Runner (verified owner)

    I was the “eat what I want, calorie burning endurance triathlete.” Now, after reading this book, l am eating my veggies, and avoiding the junk. I believing l’ll feel and perform better. I know l’ll be healthier. It is an easy read, filled with useful information, and motivational to get one on the right track.

  21. James A Fraser-Moodie (verified owner)

    Finished up split between it being a salient reminder to keep it basic, eat properly and avoid any novel dietary quirks, and it being an expanded self-justification of very little. I’m going to go with the former – partly as I feel it makes sense, and secondly as I remember that one of the authors of a more “cutting-edge life hacking” books turned out to be in the anti-vaccination camp…

  22. Joel Padovano (verified owner)

    I highly recommend any of Matt’s books.

  23. Laura Maure (verified owner)

    Very informative. I’m writing more words because it is required but I did really like this book. It confirmed what I expected about diet and endurance training.

  24. David Jewell (verified owner)

    Matt does a good job of wading through all the hype diets out there and giving us a view of what the best in the world eat for performance.

  25. Kevin (verified owner)

    Slow reading unless you’re into this kind of information, but it contains lots of great and useful info. Very good if you’re into building endurance for longer and longer runs.

  26. Jaketaylor (verified owner)

    Changed my diet and my outlook, it’s an amazing book. Best quote ” Eat everything. Eat Quality”

  27. N. b. (verified owner)


  28. Geoffrey J. Wilhelmy (verified owner)

    Great book, great service, great job!

  29. Eganl78 (verified owner)

    Readable and reliable book loaded with information for any person aiming to be fit and healthy. What makes this book exceptional and different from all those hyped prescriptive books on nutrition and fitness is…wait for it….it isn’t!! With lots of science, food journals AND anecdotal stories of elite athletes from all over the world, Matt Fitzgerald manages to show the reader the generalizations and variations an average reader/athlete(read NOT elite athlete) can learn about nutrition/brain/exercise to personalize an approach to eating that makes sense. IT IS NOT PUNITIVE, restricted eating. It’s about choices. Great book for any teen or adult who wants accurate information to find his/her true potential.

  30. Erik Hermansen (verified owner)

    It was very easy to plan diet changes based on this book. The author describes the rationale behind choices pretty well. I would have liked a little more citing of supporting studies. The author’s “polling the elite for commonalities” approach has its strengths and is fairly credible. But in the end, we have to trust that he has drawn and presented the right conclusions from his informal case studies and other experience. I’m going to try the diet for a few months leading up to my next race, and see how it goes.

  31. Matthew Falconer (verified owner)

    Hands down the best book I have read on nutrition for endurance athletes. Provides a clear framework for improving diet quality and thereby performance. I have personally started to put the advice into practice and started to see the benefits. Cannot recommend this book highly enough.

  32. William J. Fallon (verified owner)

    Bought this as a present for my niece ans she was very happy with it. Of course she probably wouldn’t be too critical if she weren’t but I think she really did enjoy it.

  33. MatthewWayne (verified owner)

    Highly recommend if you want to optimize your diet if you are any type of endurance athlete.

  34. Luis Juarez (verified owner)

    Es le tercer libro que leo de Matt. Es muy fácil de entender la forma que escribe para los atletas y entrenadores.

  35. Paski (verified owner)

    Good book

  36. Oleg (verified owner)

    Thanks to Matt, I’ve finally found the solution for my diet. I never thought that the 5 rules of endurance diet are so simple and yet, without knowing it, I’ve practiced them.
    However, the scientific research helped me strengthen my beliefs on food and I truly recommend this book to everyone who wants more from theor endurance performance. Thanks

  37. RLiii (verified owner)

    Great Book with a lot of information

  38. Rotwild (verified owner)

    Sehr gutes Buch ohne extreme Ernährungsregeln. Definitiv empfehlenswert.

  39. ArtakS (verified owner)

    Great source of exact information about the right diet and how it is impacting the performance.

  40. VRP (verified owner)

    Great info on endurance training diet.

  41. Frank M. (verified owner)

    Bottom Line: Iss alles, solange es minimal verarbeitet und vollwertig ist – und man wirklich Hunger hat.
    Intuitiv und verständlich.
    Nach diesem Buch nehme ich entspannt Abstand von Low Carb / High Fat / Saltin Diät / Paleo usw.

  42. Laura (verified owner)

    Excellent information!

  43. mr k.s.j. preston (verified owner)

    Probably the best sports diet formula I have read so far, I use it myself and it works IF you stick to the 5 core principles, which also includes sweet stuff, my weight and times have improved, I have also have coupled it with his 80/20 running method, a good buy in my opinion, especially if used together.

  44. Barry B (verified owner)

    Informative and interesting.

  45. David (verified owner)

    A great book that takes out all the overthinking involved in dieting. For years, I’ve dealt with anxiety as to what to eat and how it affects my training.

  46. ach17 (verified owner)

    I can’t stand all the fad diets out there and the athletes that mislead others on what or what not to eat. As a working mother and Ironman (140.6) finisher, I knew nutrition was one of the most important parts of training that I needed to dial in and refine. I already eat quite healthy but I knew there was more I could learn/improve upon. Matt Fitzgerald highlights the facts – not the fads – in this book and it is much appreciated. Between this book and The Endurance Training Diet & Cookbook, I learned so much about proper fueling to feel and see results. Highly recommend for anyone attempting long course triathlons or other ultra endurance races.

  47. Radhames (verified owner)

    Great book with this and tricks to help you run and last longer.

  48. Norm (verified owner)

    The 5 core principles of the endurance diet made me rethink my nutrition for training and racing. And now I’m training better than ever before because I can prepare my body for tomorrow’s workout using the nutrient dense foods suggested in this book.

  49. Grandgeorge (verified owner)

    Je ne peux que bien noter ce livre car je trouve Matt Fitzgerald des plus intéressants. Certes, sa prose ne va pas directement au but mais elle s’avère très riche d’enseignements annexes partagés entre passionnés. Il faut donc être capable de prendre un peu de recul pour bien appréhender les notions partagées.

  50. Anonym (verified owner)

    Nutrition is one of the most commonly butchered topics I know. A lot of people cherry-pick evidence to support one extreme diet, which simply does not work. Others go in great detail about particular micronutrients and completely lose track of the big picture, which does not work either – especially not for someone who isn’t a certified nutritionist, like pretty much every self-coached athlete.
    This book strikes the perfect balance: It boils all of this down to a few surprisingly simple rules which align with what the science is saying. This system is extremely easy to apply and helps making informed decisions in a way that is easy to apply for anyone.

  51. Man on a Mission (verified owner)

    This is an easy read, I like his perspective and humor.

  52. caroline (verified owner)

    Interesting and thought provoking but very similar to racing weight so not necessarily worth buying if you already have that book.

  53. Didier Nahon (verified owner)

    Nutrition and fueling is a huge issue.
    This book gives an overview and a solid base for endurance nutrition.
    No more

  54. Pamela Downs (verified owner)

    An easy to read book full of lots of great information for anyone wanting to enhance their endurance sport through diet. Great book!

  55. NComp (verified owner)

    Comprehensive nutrition guidelines for endurance athletes. Entertaining and pragmatic at the same time. Absolutely recommended!

  56. Oblique (verified owner)

    Informative book. I have changed my diet because of it and it is helping my performance increase.

  57. ben craft (verified owner)

    It was good to understand the reasons behind changing food eating habits more than what you see out on the internet and was better to get an insight on how to eat to fuel my body

  58. Veils by Roxanne (verified owner)

    This book helped me eat the best way while training for a highly technical trail marathon. It was easy to adjust to, I feel the difference and he backs up all information with detailed references.

  59. M. Blackburn (verified owner)

    The book collects the diets of elite endurance athletes and looks for commonality. That’s OK but doesn’t make it right. Also, the author is very negative about low carb but then has to acknowledge that many elites do use ‘carb fasted’ exercise to lose fat. Yes – that is the point. Well – metabolic flexibility too.
    Doesn’t consider extreme endurance athletes such as arctic explorers whose diets are nearly pure fat. Block of butter for breakfast anyone?
    I did enjoy reading the book though.

  60. Sarah (verified owner)

    Lots of great anecdotal evidence!

  61. Edgar Villalobos (verified owner)

    Llego antes de lo que esperaba y esta bastante interesante, muy buena informacion para corredores de distancias largas.

  62. Leon Frampton (verified owner)

    This book has transformed my approach to fitness and nutrition. It may seem obvious but how often do amateur athletes fight their body instead of fighting with it (as an ally!) Great book I’d recommend to anyone wanting to improve their diet and performance.

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