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Original price was: $59.99.Current price is: $19.99.
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Original price was: $39.99.Current price is: $19.99.
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Original price was: $49.99.Current price is: $19.99.
Original price was: $49.99.Current price is: $19.99.
Original price was: $39.99.Current price is: $19.99.
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How would it feel to have the body you’ve always wanted, a huge boost in energy, and the mindset to keep it forever? Have you ever felt frustrated about not getting the results you want? Do you feel you are eating the right foods and doing the correct workouts but your body still isn’t changing as quickly as you want? Are you grinding through your workday with low energy levels, praying for the next day off so you can sleep in? If this sounds familiar, then The Fitness Mindset is the book for you. The Fitness Mindset gives you everything you need to get the body you’ve always dreamed of, ramp your energy levels through the roof and develop the mindset to keep it forever.

When you read this book and implement Brian’s proven strategies, you will:

  • Know exactly what foods work best for you and how to eat to increase energy, lose fat and build lean muscle
  • Learn how to combine tension-style workouts and high intensity interval training (hiit) to build the body you’ve always wanted
  • Build better habits and find your ‘why’ so you never lose motivation again
  • Develop strategies to minimise stress, anxiety and the fear of rebounding so you can create a bulletproof body and mind
  • Finally get into the best physical and mental shape of your life

43 reviews for The Fitness Mindset: Eat for energy, Train for tension, Manage your mindset, Reap the results

  1. Eva (verified owner)

    I eagerly awaited this book and it didn’t disappoint. Loads of information in an easy to understand format. Well done brian

  2. David Chambers (verified owner)

    Quite frankly the best book to buy for fitness and nutrition advice. I’ve read tons of fitness books and this one is by far the most insightful, practical and value for money. Brian has a wealth of information in this book and it is written in such a way that it flows , I’ve never had a fitneelss book before that I would describe as a page turner, but i couldnt put this one down. So i read it a second time. If you are starting on the road to fitness or even an avid gym bunny this book is a must read. Well done Brian and I am very much looking forward to your next one.

  3. Eimear Kelly (verified owner)

    Absolutely amazing read. Followed Brian for a long time so delighted to see this book come to print. His mindset section hit home the most I’d recommend everyone reads it

  4. Eoin Killarney (verified owner)

    Great book, read it in a day because once I started I couldn’t stop, Very informative

  5. Terrence L. Brown (verified owner)

    Brian has a great amount of knowledge and is definitely motivating because he believes in what he does!

  6. Simon Power (verified owner)

    A great inspiring read, will use this book as a tool to chase my own dreams. Brian is an incredible wealth of knowledge and experience, I highly recommend following him on social media also. This book is suitable for everyone, weather starting out or a seasoned gym goer you will take something from it

  7. Jim Ryan (verified owner)

    I would really urge people to buy this book. I love how this book is really easy to understand and gets the basics clear first which is very important to living a healthier life. this summer I have used advice from this book and put this knowledge to use and it has helped me tremendously. If you are a person who likes fitness and health but struggles to read books this is the go to book.

  8. Danielle Downey (verified owner)

    I follow Brian Keane Fitness on all his social media platforms so I was very excited when he started talking about bringing out a book. I finished the book in just over a day and I loved it, usually I find books about nutrition or psychology overwhelming with information overload but Brian has simplified everything down and made it an easy and interesting but still very educational read. I have given the book to my friend to encourage her to read it but already I’m asking her to hurry up with it so I can have it back as I would like to flip through certain sections again. This book gets five stars and I would love for Brian to bring out another book in the future!

  9. Ollie Hester (verified owner)

    It’s not just a good book. It’s a reference manual for the future ! Well done Brian!!. aim high and most likely you will get there… as this book repeatedly alludes to…

  10. James Cafferkey (verified owner)

    good book

  11. Thomas devery (verified owner)

    Great book keep it up brian🤘🤘

  12. Anne-Marie (verified owner)


  13. Sherri Petersen (verified owner)

    Well I actually read it so that’s a good thing!!Has some great points

  14. B D (verified owner)

    I wanted to read this for a while after finding the BKF Podcast, and while I’m glad I did (if nothing else to support its content creator, Brian Keane) it was a lot smaller than I imagined. The book isn’t an exhaustive read (~170 pages) which means it’s an easy to digest book but not as comprehensive as I’d wanted.

    HOWEVER I’m used to longer reads, for anyone who is a novice at reading, self improvement or nutrition/fitness this book is a GREAT start for you. I’ve been binge listening to his podcast ^_^” so a lot of the content I already knew. But I did get quite a bit of value from the tips to reduce tiredness/address sleep and stress/anxiety management. The best part about the books format is that you can easily thumb through it to either A) Find what you want to know from it or B) look back at it to remember its advice, as it’s easily segmented

    And if you read this book but don’t follow his podcast (BKF Podcast, on Youtube, Spotify, Apple Store, etc.) his podcasts are much more in-depth when you find an episode about the topic you’re interested int

  15. Radz (verified owner)

    Easy read, basic, but useful book blending shared life experiences and life tips. Not a mind blowing book, lacks detail to fully help reader become a athlete, but the book is based on personal realistic experiences, that simply shows how you can manage life and having a other goal. Enjoyed book. Good commute read.

  16. Rachel (verified owner)

    This has some great content, strangely I had a lot of similar thoughts, ideas and approach to life which is why I didn’t rate it at 5 star, a lot of this book I’ve covered myself by similar research and listened to audio books so have covered most of the contents. This would be great for someone who is just starting out, and put all info in a one stop shop. I did find the nutritional info very informative personally

  17. TB (verified owner)

    I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Short and sweet but jam packed with valuable insights. Love the way the book is broken down into different parts, especially the nutrition section.. I think i finally get it now!

  18. Terra (verified owner)

    Loved this book! Easy and fun read. Totally got me pumped to get my butt back in the gym!

  19. Jakob Baines (verified owner)

    This book gave me knowledge i didn’t think i would need to know in order to make myself feel better and motivate me in such a way that i have never truely felt motivated.
    A special thanks to Brain Keane the author and his publishing team for this book. its taken years of my learning curve thats for sure!

  20. WinterMoon (verified owner)

    He “talks” about fitness in a way I can relate to and understand. I’m NOT a fitness person so this has helped me some. I’m still not good at working out at home as I prefer getting out and kayaking, mountain biking and climbing.

  21. shaked (verified owner)

    Although many of the lessons, tips and anecdotes are a bit cliche, the book does a good job ordering them in a short and concise way. It is a good read as a reminder of facts and perspectives that we all know yet seldom follow. On the nutritional side, it goes quite heavily into supplements. Finally, I think it does a good job at giving a general mindset and instilling a sense of capability while not being very specific in supporting only one nutrition and fitness plan. That in itself is good.

  22. Grimmalkin (verified owner)

    I love this book- it’s a light read with deep information that touches on eating, thinking and doing. I’m currently reading this on my lunch hour at work and am enjoying every page!

  23. Chloe T. (verified owner)

    As a begginger to the gym myself, this book was great at explaining everything you need to know about diet, exercise, mindfulness and many other things that come into play when trying to get fit. However, I felt some parts of the book were more aimed at men, however that’s only a very small portion of the book in the exercise section everything else is very universal.

  24. PJ Muchler (verified owner)

    Great book! It wasn’t overly detailed but explained things in a way those new to fitness can understand. Loved the quotes in the last chapters.

  25. Krystal Urbanczyk (verified owner)

    Really enjoyed the positivity of the author. Motivated me to work towards the career I am wanting to get in to. Love the info about supplements and dosing.

  26. C. A. (verified owner)

    Great book. Not life-changing but great.

  27. Marquee (verified owner)

    It has only been a year since I started working out and I have always been intimidated in reading fitness books thinking they would go over my head; it was not the case for this one. Truly loved it!

  28. Angel M. Everidge (verified owner)

    I read this entire book over vacation in Puerto Rico. It was a wonderful motivation.

  29. Nūri (verified owner)

    I am so glad I bought this book. It is an easy read, and a small book running under 200 pages. There is a lot of information out there on what to eat, what not to, how to exercise and so much of the information is contradictory at times.

    This book is a good primer for anyone looking to have a healthy lifestyle. I gifted it to my teen son.

    The author quotes references all through the book and I plan to take these up later.

    It is a good book for anyone looking for clear, concise directions to embark on a healthy lifestyle.

  30. Luisa Gonzalez (verified owner)

    It’s a great book to get to know the basics of fitness.

  31. Sonia Flaherty (verified owner)

    I’m a big fitness fanatic!! I found this book AWESOME!! Highly recommend it

  32. Aley DuRant-Fisher (verified owner)

    I really enjoyed reading and learning about his take on both physical, emotional, and psychological wellness. Will definitely start putting some of his lessons into practice.

  33. N A D I A 💙 (verified owner)

    Enjoyed reading this book: A good chunk of information about each aspect of fitness. Suitable for beginners who are starting a new fitness journey or someone who requires guidance about the subject.
    Split into different sections, read it from start to finish, or just dive into the section that applies to you most.

  34. Arthur Spence (verified owner)

    Good book for anyone interested in fitness, nutrition, or just their own general well being and wants an easy to read helpful guide.

  35. Michael Milad (verified owner)

    This book provides a holistic oversight on what is needed to be fit, both mentally and physically. I particularly liked the last few chapters, where it emphasised the importance of “finding your why”, and reaching a mindset of success in your particular field – definitely recommend!

  36. Andrexow35 (verified owner)

    Really like the simplicity and the familiar way the author explained the topics along the book. Will recommend it to people trying to get started into healthy habits and way of life.

  37. Cristina Gonzalez (verified owner)

    Great book! Great detail and perspectives of rebuilding a better mindset. I kept taking notes to keep for my own knowledge.

  38. Victoria Giro (verified owner)

    Book arrived perfect and very fast…

  39. Sybille (verified owner)

    I’m an Martial Arts athlete and this book has given me some great tips.

  40. Leonel (verified owner)

    The amount of answers I’ve found in this book has changed me for the better and look forward to reading again and again, thank you!

  41. Robert Merryman (verified owner)

    I thought Brian did a great job on this book and the time he took to bring other references in gave it some substance to hold his opinions together. This may be my own fault for not researching further but while the book does have chapters dedicated to fitness. It’s not a book that dials into it too deeply.
    I learned a few things for sure and even highlight some bits that I found extra good or that I want to come back to, but I can’t say I feel anymore educated on physical fitness with this read. However, the mental aspect of this book offered some great thoughts to ponder on.

    In my opinion. This is a great book for a beginner to very early intermediate range in their knowledge of the fitness world. You will learn many great bits of information that will help you succeed quicker. As far as more advanced peoples, there are bits and pieces here that are good to learn/be reminded of.

    If you have the extra time and need a quick book for reading. This is a great one.

  42. Chell (verified owner)

    Such a well written book, tons of knowledge and easy to read and understand.

  43. Sean P Flatley (verified owner)

    I enjoyed reading this book and found it helpful with the author quotes from other life coach books. It’s packed with lots of coaching mentoring advice as well as eating healthy and enjoying life.
    Over a good quick read and a quick refrence book as well.
    Best wishes Sean

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