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Plant power for vegan bodybuilders—the essential cookbook

When it comes to gaining muscle, protein is king in the nutrient world, but you don’t have to be a carnivore to get “swole.” Plants contain the nutrients needed to support your bodybuilding efforts. The Vegan Bodybuilder’s Cookbook is your comprehensive guide to keep you on track towards shredded success.

Learn to complement your training regimen with a plant-based diet featuring 102 delicious recipes, nutritional guidance, and meal plans. With the knowledge presented in this book, you will be on the way to achieving your bodybuilding goals and gaining enormous health benefits.

The Vegan Bodybuilder’s Cookbook includes:

  • Powerful options—Take your pick from one of the three one-week meal plans, each designed to help you reach the pinnacle of your bodybuilding program.
  • The healthy goods—From shopping lists and dietary information to meal prep advice, this book is jacked with everything you need to succeed in bodybuilding.
  • Facts, facts, facts—Did you know 1 cup of almonds has the same amount of protein as 1 cup of chicken? This book is loaded with important information.

If you’re looking for a vegan cookbook that supports bodybuilding, look no further than this one.

46 reviews for The Vegan Bodybuilder’s Cookbook: Essential Recipes and Meal Plans for Plant-Based Bodybuilding

  1. JS (verified owner)

    Don’t let “vegan bodybuilder” in the title fool you. This book is for anyone wanting to embrace a healthier, more vibrant lifestyle or who just wants a compilation of simple and flavorful plant-based recipes. As a bodybuilder and professional plant-based figure competitor myself, I can attest that eating nutrient-dense plant foods like those found in these pages really can help pack on the muscle and create a lean and beautiful physique and clearer skin—while giving you more energy and recovery-power for your workouts. And yes… there’s a protein punch every step of the way, so don’t you worry about that!

    A big focus of the book is on meal prep, something Shorkey emphasizes so that we can be our own “Conductor of the Swole Train.” She suggests taking Sundays and Wednesdays to bulk-prep all meals for the entire week. Three meal and calorie/macro plans are presented (she shows you how to determine your own calorie/macro needs): bulking, cutting, and maintaining, followed by a step-by-step guide to preparing the foods on the plan. Brilliant! Following a meal plan can be difficult—especially when you’re expected to bulk-prep meals and have no experience doing so. Shorkey walks you through it, and before you know it… you’ve prepared and stored half a week’s worth of meals in a very short time—all at the same time!

    What impressed me the most about this book was the recipes. Oh holy wow. This is whole foods, plant-based eating at its finest, and not what you’d expect to see in a typical bodybuilding book. You won’t feel like you’re on a diet—even when you’re “cutting”—and you won’t find fake meats or processed food in here. Instead, you’re offered recipes with only a handful of ingredients that pack a real nutrition and flavor punch. There’s no boring, bland eating here! The recipes are simple and plentiful and you’ll be able to choose just about any ethnicity your taste buds desire: Moroccan, Tex-Mex, Italian, Indian, German (DIY sausages!!)… there’s something for every mood. These are recipes you’d feel good about preparing for a potluck and serving other people. They’ll impress even the pickiest non-vegan.

    This cookbook is one I will use regularly for quick, healthful meals and for throwing together a dish to share with friends. I whole-heartedly recommend it to the seasoned bodybuilder, the veg-curious, and anyone interested in improving their health and fitness through plant-based eating.

    *I received an advance copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

  2. Jared Adamson (verified owner)

    i’m not a body builder, nor am i vegan. why would i get this book? because i’m trying to limit my intake of meat (flexitarian) and protein is one thing that’s hard for me to consume correctly.
    but this book is an excellent resource for adding plant-based protein to your diet. and every recipe we tried was delicious. perhaps my opinion isn’t the strongest on this topic, but i really liked this book.

  3. Svetlana (verified owner)

    I don’t consider myself a vegan bodybuilder but I’ve been vegan for 4 years and training hard at the gym. A lot of times I just do not want to think about my diet breakdown and creating meals. This book gives so much information on nutrition with delicious recipes, it offers variety of options on whether you can calculate your own and include the meals you like the most or if you are like me 🙂 it also has a breakdown for bulking/cutting/maintaining. It is so easy written and I have not tried everything yet but I did started with the dessert section 🙂 Definitely would recommend this to anyone who is vegan, non vegan, beginner etc…

  4. PFaith (verified owner)

    This is a beautiful cookbook that is packed with passion, heart and soul. It is written with conviction and provides thoughtful, well laid out direction on how to get legit on a plant-based diet. It’s important to note that you do not have to be a bodybuilder to enjoy this book. It’s great for anyone who is interested in cleaning up their act, has a genuine interest in veganism or for anyone who simply wants some amazing plant-based inspiration in the kitchen – this book is sure to get you amped. Samantha has changed many lives and bodies leading by example. Her book can be trusted and will meet you wherever you are at on your journey. Enjoy.

  5. Alex (verified owner)

    What a great idea! A vegan cookbook written by a bodybuilder and a nutritionist. I have read bodybuilding forums to try to get a peek of how athletics and bodybuilders eat. But all they talk about is protein powders and energy bars.

    In this book I have finally learned how a bodybuilder really eats: whole foods, vegan, low fat, low sugar, nutritionally wholesome. Perfect as this is the exact kind of diet I’m trying to follow. What makes it even better, are the meal preps steps for each meal plan. Eating well, cutting fat and not stressing about food… sign me up!

    I have read and wondered how celebrities gain a lot of muscle in a short period of time. They first follow an excessive eating period, eating thousands of calories every day, then go into a miserable strict calorie deficit diet with heavy daily workout. This book explains how “bulking” work to build those muscles.

    Meal plans are tailored to each goal: bulking, cutting and maintaining. Nutritional information is provided for each recipe. There are lots of plant-based recipes from fruity breakfast smoothies, tofu scrambles, kale salad, super greens power bowl, lentil soup, berry parfait to fudgey protein brownies, etc. Once you stock up the kitchen per the beginning chapter, preparing these meals is a breeze, and not to forget the power of meal preps. There are not a lot of pictures for the recipes, though I think this book serves a practical purpose of guidance for eating clean and building muscles.

    For anyone who is just trying to lose weight and stay lean, I would suggest to skip the protein powders. Studies have showed that excessive consumption of protein will age your cells and overburden your liver and kidney. Always eat protein with some fat or carbohydrates as processing ammonia properly requires carbohydrates and fat as co-factors, so an overload of protein without the other two macronutrients is doubly stressful. Valter Longo, the renowned longevity expert recommends 40-70 grams of protein intake per day depending on your body weight.

  6. JenDLS (verified owner)

    I’m so excited about this book! Sam Shorkey was very instrumental in my own health and fitness journey. I found her online a year and a half ago while searching for a vegan fitness coach. I am nowhere close to being a bodybuilder but I reached my goal with Sam’s help. This book has everything you need to know to get started with your own health journey (because to be honest, vegans aren’t always 100% healthy. I know, I’ve been there!). It’s almost like having a personal nutrition coach for a lot less as this book offers meal planning and yummy recipes! It helps you figure out what your dietary (macronutrients) needs are, depending on your goal (weight/fat loss, bulk up, or maintenance). This book is so organized and detailed that I’m pretty sure it will eliminate any overwhelming feeling that comes with starting a new program.
    I can’t wait to try the recipes that Amy Longard shares in the book!

  7. Bergs (verified owner)

    First, a couple of disclaimers: I am not a bodybuilder, but a moderate level runner & I received an advance copy of the book. Second, I didn’t think this would be relevant to me, but I was willing to check it out. I have been increasing my plant based diet this year. I really appreciate the discussion on getting enough protein. This is what every guy at the gym I overhear criticizes about a vegan diet. This book has some great breakdowns of the macronutrients and diet plans (with associated recipes) for people who are trying to bulk, cut, etc… It also takes the reader through why you choose certain foods and when. However, in my opinion, the real benefit of this book is the recipes. I love them! This week I made the eggless salad and have been having it for lunch. I was really skeptical, but it is excellent. My wife’s comment, “you could sell that in a deli.” I am planning on trying out a bunch more recipes – love the fact that there is a really broad range of practical foods.

  8. JoyfulVeg (verified owner)

    The Netflix documentary Game Changers brought knowledge of vegan athleticism more mainstream, and I’m grateful for that. This book is a guide to building muscle and shaping one’s body through nutritious compassionate plant-based eating. The first section focuses on how to bulk up muscle, how to reduce calories and/or fat burn, and how to maintain through healthy eating plans, and offers a complete introduction and guide.

    I am not the least bit athletic, but I am vegan. I’ve been looking for recipes with more protein and a focus on complex carbohydrates. I requested a review copy from the publisher. Amy Longard’s recipes are wonderful! One of the reviewers criticized the focus on protein powders, but they are used more heavily in breakfast options and less-frequently in most of the book’s recipes. Bodybuilders tend to use protein powders, whatever their eating plan, so it is unrealistic to expect otherwise in a vegan book.

    I’m intrigued by the breakfast options and the easy lunch bowls. Favorites at this time: Greens on Toast with Tofu Ricotta (and the Tofu Ricotta recipe itself) for breakfast, Amy’s Stovetop Maple Beans (a healthy homemade baked bean), and Oktoberfeast Sausage, Cauli Mash, and Kraut. There are quality staples like smoothie options galore, savory and sweet oats recipes, proteiny pancakes and tofu scrambles, bean salads, eggless and chickpea salads, lettuce wraps, salads, peanut sauce creations. I’m excited to try the Rosemary Parsley Protein Bread (adapted from the most popular recipe on her blog), Sam’s Sweet Round Buns, the Mug Cake, Sweet Potato Nachos, and Chocolate Spread.

    Recommended for athletes, and for those who wish to incorporate more protein and healthy foods into their eating plans.

  9. Dawn A. Duffey (verified owner)

    I received a free copy of this book from the publisher for review purposes.

    I am not now, nor do I intend to become a body builder! However, my fiancé is a runner, and I would like to be more active and eat better. This book is helping both of us, and the recipes also taste great!

  10. Paul S. (verified owner)

    My wife and I are fitness enthusiasts and have been plant-based for the past 8 years. It has been so difficult to find recipes that are simple, taste good, and have ingredients/macronutrients that are geared towards bodybuilders and athletes like us. This cookbook delivers on everything…and the best part is that the book has more than recipes. The first half of the book is written by a professional vegan bodybuilder who gives her advice, and tips on what made her so succesful as a plant-based athlete. It hits on everything like how to eat clean and gain muscle, overall health, finding balance, calculating your goals, and much more. The recipes are so unique, simple, and delicious, and packed with muscle building proteins! We have incorporated these recipes into our everyday routine and we are so excited to try all of them! I really recommend this cookbook to everyone, including people just starting out with plant-based/vegan cooking and people like my wife and I that have been doing this a long time. Great book, and well written.

  11. Cognitivicta (verified owner)

    First and foremost, this is a beautiful book. I love the cover and the paper that is used. A plus on the aesthetics. Samantha, as always, shares her knowledge of vegan bodybuilding an her authentic, kind, and humorous way. The recipes are generally pretty easy to make and the meals taste delicious.

    This is a great book for anyone getting into vegan eating and interested in vegan bodybuilding !

  12. Diane H (verified owner)

    In her new Vegan Bodybuilder’s Cookbook, the Jacked on the Beanstalk blogger clearly states that you can be meat and dairy free while still winning bodybuilding competitions. Plus she has the receipts to prove it. She was the 2014 WNBF bikini pro and the coach of the winner of the 2015 $200K 12-week Transformation Challenge.

    So what’s her secret? Protein received from a diet heavy in tofu, beans, quinoa, seeds, nuts, and vegan protein powder. There are three diet plans shown depending on whether the user wants to bulk up, slim down, or maintain their current shape. The author advocates meal prepping to speed up daily meal creation and reduce mealtime mistakes. You know that “I’m too tired to make a Buddha bowl tonight and one Impossible Whopper can’t be that bad for me” excuse. For each plan, prepping is explained step-by-step. In addition, a shopping and equipment list, as well as a weekly meal plan chart, is provided.

    My only complaint is all the meals are the same Sunday through Tuesday and Wednesday through Saturday on the meal plans. The recipes have much more variety. So if you are willing to cook more often and set up your own meal plans, this objection can be overcome.

    And the recipes sound delicious. Tex-Mex tofu scramble, protein pancakes, curried quinoa salad, cheesy white bean cauliflower soup, sweet potato nachos, zucchini fritters with marinara, lentil shepherd’s pie with smashed sweet potato, deconstructed cabbage roll stew, black bean brownie mug cake, vanilla almond truffles, and strawberry chia jam are just a few of the recipes included here. Each recipe includes labels for gluten-free, nut-free, and soy-free as well as full nutritional information. Most include nutrition, substitution, and storage tips too. The only thing missing are pictures. If you are fine with that, I think most aspiring vegan bodybuilders (or really any vegans who want to get healthier) will be inspired by the Vegan Bodybuilder’s Cookbook. 4 stars!

    Thanks to Rockridge Press and Callisto Publisher’s Club for a copy in exchange for my honest review.

  13. Crystal (verified owner)

    I picked up this cookbook in search of creative ways to incorporate protein into my plant-based diet. It is now my new favorite vegan cookbook.

    The author establishes that our nutritional needs, and therefore our use of the book, will differ depending on whether our goal is to cut fat, build muscle, or maintain our current physique. I appreciate that she addresses this topic because it was a question that I had going into this book. In fact, she provides a sample shopping list and meal plan (using recipes from the cookbook) for individuals aiming for each of these goals. These plans include breakfast, pre-workout, post-workout, lunch, snack, and dinner.

    In addition to over 100 recipes, this book provides tips for setting goals for nutrition intake, prepping one’s kitchen, and stocking the pantry with wholesome foods. Interspersed through the pages, photos of some of the meals gave me a place to start looking for new recipes to love.

    Disclaimer: I received this book for free from the Publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

  14. Jess (verified owner)

    This book uses basic ingredients, not all kinds of “weird” and hard to find stuff. Recipes are not complicated, which I appreciate as I am not a great cook. Some recipes looked kind of bland & boring to me and I didn’t have high hopes for them…well I was WAY wrong!!! They are so good! My personal favorite so far is the Plant-Strong Power Bowl (p.91) with Tofu Caesar Dressing (p.183). Recipe called for a different dressing, but I made this one by mistake. It was SO good even with the wrong dressing!! All I can say is: just buy this book already! You won’t regret it! I love the meal plans! Makes meal prepping so much easier! The funny commentary in the book gave me some laughs while I was cooking too!

  15. SallySigns (verified owner)

    I was given this book to review and am so impressed with how it’s written. Not only is this a cookbook but the beginning of the book gives you a complete guide to starting this healthy way of eating. It’s geared towards body builders but I can see where it could help many eat more healthy and lean up. There is also a meal plan, prep, and shopping lists to make it even better! I am not a vegan but I will be using these recipes as they look scrumptious! If you are looking to bulk up in a vegan way, this is your book! If you are looking for some great healthy vegetarian recipes, this is your book! If you are looking for delicious higher protein but no meat recipes this is your book!

  16. Rosabel (verified owner)

    Great vegan bodybuilding recipe book! The recipes are varied and flavorful. The meal plans including the prep step-by-step suggestions are so helpful. The Plant-Based Body chapter is full of great information to get the reader stated. The recipes are broken up into chapter including “Breakfasts & Smoothies,” “Midday Meals,” “Snack & Small Bites,” “Dinners,” Desserts,” and “Staples, Sauces, and Dressings.” Each recipe lists if it is nut free, soy free, and/or gluten free. Each recipe also lists the calories, total fat, saturated fat, cholesterol, sodium, total carbohydrates, fiber sugars, and protein. The introductory recipe paragraphs are fun and information. I received a copy of this book from the publisher in return for my honest review. I’ll be making numerous recipes in this book over and over again!

  17. YogiTriathlete (verified owner)

    This book is the end product of every question answered and every concern quelled, leaving the user ready and able to fulfill their every desire to be shredded and healthy.

    Sam provides invaluable information and rock-hard abs of evidence to calm common fears about “getting enough” on a vegan diet. She eradicates all possibility of confusion by taking the reader step by step through all parts of meal planning, prepping, shopping and execution. It’s truly an idiot’s guide to getting nutrient-dense and seriously ripped.

    This book removes all doubt that anyone can feel alive and thrive on a plant-based diet. As an ultra-runner myself, I plan to continue using this cookbook to fuel my body temple to great heights and distances.

    I am grateful to Sam and Amy for putting all their knowledge and wisdom in one place. The planet and the animals are equally as thankful.

  18. Jennifer Rummel – YABookNerd (verified owner)

    The author is a body builder, personal trainer, and blogger. She’s highly concerned with gaining muscles and therefore eating protein. The introduction talks about the pros of being Vegan, setting up your kitchen, creating a balance, and making a plan. Further chapters talk about key ingredients, meal plans, and then recipes.

    There are recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, desserts, and sauces/dressing. This book covers it all – with a great variety and easy to read layout.

  19. Christina E (verified owner)

    This book literally goes along with what my roommate is learning as a dietitian.

  20. AnotherGirl (verified owner)

    I think this cookbook is an easy to understand guide for anyone looking to eat more healthfully and calculating nutritional needs, whether you’re a bodybuilder or have a sedentary lifestyle.

    The first quarter of the book is an easy read (I highly suggest reading all of it) that explains calorie intake for different lifestyles and body types, macronutrients and micronutrients, vitamins and supplement, food prep and pantry items, as well as 1-week meal plans for each bulking, cutting and maintaining your current weight (using the recipes in the book). The meal plans are set up so that you cook a big batch of something and make several meals out of it, so you’re not cooking all the time. I found them really convenient and easy to plan for. Each meal plan also has a shopping list, which also helps greatly with planning.

    The recipes in the book are easy to prepare and use ingredients that are easy to find at any grocery store. Each recipe has a listing of the number of servings and nutrition facts per serving. The recipes call for fresh ingredients mostly, with just a few desserts and smoothies needing protein powders.

    I think this is a great starter book to clean up your diet from processed foods and feel satiated with nutritious meals.

  21. Tammy K. (verified owner)

    This book is essential for anyone who thinks you can’t build muscle on a whole-food, plant-based lifestyle. Not only are the recipes easy to read, the steps to most of them are easy to do as well.

    The author helps you with shopping lists and meal panning to aid in eating more at home where you have better control over your food.

    The recipes we’ve tried have all been delicious.

    Well done!

    Disclaimer: I have received a free book from the publisher with no expectation in return. The opinions above are my own.

  22. sweet (verified owner)

    An excellent compilation of recipes and info. It will give you protein dense meals that will leave you energized. I think it will make a great gift as well.
    I was given the book by a publisher.

  23. Hilldweller (verified owner)

    You can get in a rut eating clean/ethical/vegan/healthy. This collection of recipes and wisdom is a much appreciated breath of fresh air for me and my wife. We’re enjoying it very much.

  24. Jillian (verified owner)

    Glanced through the book and saw recipes to use!
    We are athletes and want to eat cleaner and smarter for better performance.

  25. Miss D. S. Donnelly (verified owner)

    If you are thinking of buying this book, do.
    If you’re looking to build muscle or cutting or even if you want to maintain your current physique then this is the book for you (provided you’re vegan) It gives you a lot of information and guidance. If you have any clue about bodybuilding the plans will not come as a shock. If you have no clue then welcome to bodybuilding, do not be put off by eating the same meal more than once in the same week.

  26. Dane Williams (verified owner)

    I was struggling with ideas surround vegan gains. This book is now my go to, I am making 3 different meals a week out of it the power bowl is hands down my favourite. You can jazz up any of these recipes to your preference with ease. PS I never write reviews just had to on this one 5 stars all the way for anyone wanting to learn simplified easy to understand meal plans.

  27. Heather (verified owner)

    Sam is my personal fitness coach so I’m a little biased but I love her cookbook! I have made several recipes but my favorite thing ever is her chickpea “cookie” dough recipe. Such a treat!! The only reason I gave it 4 stars is I wish there were more pics of the food! I’m such a visual person and I like seeing if my food turns out the way it’s “supposed” to haha

  28. AnaJ (verified owner)

    The recipes were easy and actually tasty. I am a baby vegan also attempting to lose weight so this text proved extremely useful.

  29. SR (verified owner)

    I have been following a vegan lifestyle for 6 years and have recently been curious about macros and adding more protein. This book was SO great. I normally would find 3-4 recipes in a book I really like and make often, this has added so many staple dishes that we are making weekly.

  30. NEB (verified owner)

    Awesome recipes with great directions and guides

  31. Samantha (verified owner)

    Love the recipes and guidance that this book offers! Totally worth the purchase ❤

  32. Anonymous245 (verified owner)

    I’ve switched over to the vegan life 3 months ago and have purchased a few cookbooks. After learning of Samantha’s book, I quickly got excited to purchase. I’m glad that I did. There are recipes for every category along with nutrition and storage tips which most books do not contain – this has been much of assistance. I’ve already made a few recipes plus dressings and they did not disappoint my taste buds. I recommend this book not only for athletes but anyone needing to add some great recipes to their regimen. I’ll be using this book frequently and it’s at the top of my stash.

  33. Chris (verified owner)

    Initially give this a low mark as it has no illustrations (which I still think is a shame).

    The meals however are really tasty and it’s worth getting. I feel really good after eating from this.

  34. Hayley (verified owner)

    Nice book came fast. Great for setting you up for shopping lists etc. seller was great. Personally I like books with pictures beside my recipies and this does not have that. But it is exactly as advertised. Some nice recipies for sure

  35. Brianna Maurice (verified owner)

    Amazing book everyone is borrowing it from me !

  36. CB (verified owner)

    I’ve tried six recipes so far and they turned out great!

  37. family (verified owner)

    I do like this book. The recipes are fantastic. Delicious, whole food, easy to make. Even if you just buy the book for the recipes it’s a win. The meal plans on the other hand are hugely problematic. First of all, why didn’t she put the page numbers next to the recipes? But the bigger issue is just that they don’t make sense. The amounts of food called for swing in crazy directions like a minuscule energy ball one day pre-workout and an entire nori roll filled with an entire block of tofu the next? Not to mention it’s literally impossible to fill one nori roll with an entire block of tofu. And one day I get two slices of toast topped with tofu for breakfast but the next, a measly cup of oatmeal? Like I said, great recipes. But the meal plan most definitely should not be followed to a t. Oh, and for the coco nutty balls recipe. The serving size states 12-20 balls but the nutrition information doesn’t have varied numbers. And the meal plan doesn’t indicate how many you should eat. If a meal plan is going to be included in a book it needs to be precise. There are also isn’t any direction for how to increase or decrease the serving sizes to meet individual needs. A huge miss in my opinion.

  38. Beverly Brown (verified owner)

    I love this book. Has ingredients you can find anywhere. Lastly simple recipes. Love this book

  39. Holley P Bennett (verified owner)

    Quick shopping list, easy to follow meal prep! Recipes are even delicious! Doesn’t get much simpler than this!

  40. Aaron Customer (verified owner)

    Food for the plate.

  41. Melissa (verified owner)

    I absolutely adore this book. A lot of cookbooks just give you recipes that you can find easily with a quick google. These are not only designed to be high protein but they’re perfect for meal prep, are delicious, and most are easy to make. What I really like, though, is that nearly half the book is filled with vegan bodybuilding tips, and sample meal plans for bulking, cutting, and maintenance.

  42. Adam Castilleja (verified owner)

    The recipes are protein-packed, delicious, and not very fussy to make (so easy!). Some of my favorites so far are the tangy broccoli salad, the crunchy rainbow salad, and the “cheesy” cauliflower soup. Bodybuilder or not–this is a fantastic resource for anyone looking to incorporate more plant-based meals into their diets without sacrificing protein goals. I collect cookbooks, and this one is absolutely one of my favorites.

  43. Erin (verified owner)

    My husband and I have been cooking 80% of our meals for the past 2 years from this cookbook and it has been great. We are not vegan and we rarely cooked vegan before this book. We still haven’t converted to veganism but we are really grateful for how this book incorporates vegetables into our diet. The sauces/dressings are packed full of goodness and are incredibly tasty. All of our lab results from our doctors continue to be very positive whereas some of our friends who are vegan continue to have deficits in certain areas of their nutrition. I would say many of the recipes are pretty quick and easy but there are definitely some more labor intensive ones if you dare to go there. The book is well laid out and straightforward. I like the sample weekly plans + shopping list at the beginning of the book – it eliminates some of the barrier to starting on the journey of eating more plant based. I would highly recommend this book to anyone that is looking to eat healthier.

  44. Michele (verified owner)

    I love this book, I find it very helpful and enjoy the recipes

  45. Rashad Williams (verified owner)

    I really enjoyed the information presented in this book. Samantha has done a wonderful job putting together an easy to understand book for individuals to be able to live a clean plant based lifestyle while still training and trying to pack on muscle.

  46. @thedanadeschsmith (verified owner)

    Son is a whole foods plant based vegan, so this book comes in handy for his meal prep

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