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Finding Ultra blends Rich Roll’s story of superhuman personal transformation with an amazingly practical guide to plant-based living. It’s also an enlightened manifesto for anyone wanting to transform their life.”—Dan Buettner, National Geographic Fellow and New York Times bestselling author of the Blue Zones books

“An incredible story of mental, emotional, and physical endurance.”—Michael Greger, MD, FACLM, New York Times bestselling author of How Not to Die

On the night before he was to turn forty, Rich Roll experienced a chilling glimpse of his future. Nearly fifty pounds overweight and unable to climb the stairs without stopping, he could see where his current sedentary life was taking him—and he woke up.

Plunging into a new routine that prioritized a plant-based lifestyle and daily training, Rich morphed—in a matter of mere months—from out of shape, mid-life couch potato to endurance machine. Finding Ultra recounts Rich’s remarkable journey to the starting line of the elite Ultraman competition, which pits the world’s fittest humans in a 320-mile ordeal of swimming, biking, and running. And following that test, Rich conquered an even greater one: the EPIC5—five Ironman-distance triathlons, each on a different Hawaiian island, all completed in less than a week.

One of Men’s Fitness Magazine’s “25 Fittest Men in the World,” Rich has become one of the most recognized advocates of plant-based living. In this newly revised and updated edition, he shares the practices, tools, and techniques he uses for optimal performance, longevity, and wellness, including diet and nutrition protocols. Rich reflects on the steps he took to shift his mindset and leverage deep reservoirs of untapped potential to achieve success beyond his wildest imagination, urging each of us to embark on our own journey of self-discovery.

81 reviews for Finding Ultra, Revised and Updated Edition: Rejecting Middle Age, Becoming One of the World’s Fittest Men, and Discovering Myself

  1. John D. Callos (verified owner)

    Rich Roll changed my life; buy this book and his advice just might *save* your life.

    To be fair, I know Rich and his family very well. So I can state with some authority that he is the real deal. He helped me with nutrition and training when I was nothing to him other than a faceless name in cyberspace. He took the time to help me understand his PlantStrong lifestyle and his training techniques. But what took him several years to impart to me through email, phone, his blog and website, his Twitter account and personal training sessions and workshops, he imparts with deft precision and clarity in his phenomenal book, Finding Ultra. I devoured the book and have since sent copies to family and friends.

    Rich makes an eloquent argument in favor of a plant-based lifestyle and what I really respected is that he has zero political agenda here. It works for him and he describes how he integrates this lifestyle into work, training, family, racing, even his business meetings. Of course the back-story is fascinating and the accounts of his ultra endurance events are absolutely riveting.

    Athletes will love the book for the familiar drama and the training insights, people just curious about a change toward a plant-based lifestyle will find themselves highlighting and underlining whole sections of the book.

    Rich is not trying to convert anyone to his way of thinking, he’s simply telling his story. But the story is so compelling that anyone even mildly considering making a change to their lifestyle and health, should read this book. Not only will the book lead many to change their lives, it will quite possibly save the lives of those who are motivated and disciplined to take charge of their health and future, just like Rich did.

    I strongly endorse the book and enjoyed every moment of the story. This is one book that I will read again and again.

  2. Steve T (verified owner)

    I really enjoyed this dramatic journey with Rich Roll. As a recovering alcoholic, flexatarian and avid cyclist we have a lot in common. And as someone who at 52 who was already eating a “good” diet and of a very lean weight but my cholesterol SPIKED and I went towards a vegan diet myself (though I call it flexatarian as I am not opposed to a little parmesean cheese on my pasta or a piece of fish once a week). So bottom line is I can relate to Rich in a lot of ways. But I am not an elite athlete, just a weekend warrior and I found this book truly inspiring and as someone always working on self improvement this book has been motivational and full of great lessons and information.

    I loved it a lot.

  3. Patrick Nottingham (verified owner)

    I just churned through this inspiring book today after getting it yesterday. Rich Roll nearly lost everything in his life despite seemingly having it all. After getting sober and finding the woman of his dreams he still was heading down the road to death due to the American diet he ate and the lifestyle he cultivated. After an aha moment at almost 40 he turned it all around on a plant powered diet to become one of the world’s fittest men.

    Over all I liked this book. It was an easy read and full of inspiration as well as information on how plant powered living can be done. Kudos Mr Roll. I look forward to seeing what comes next from you and I’m inspired to shoot for some things I’ve been putting on the back burner in my life as well.

  4. Peter Slutsky (verified owner)

    This is a must-read book for anyone who wants to be inspired. Rich’s story is not just about fitness or about living life as a vegan – it’s a story about triumph, about drive and about family. I have followed Rich on Twitter and Facebook for the past year or so and I knew bits and pieces of his life and his story, but this book filled in the full picture of who he is, where he came from and how he has been able to turn his life into one of purpose and accomplishment, well above anything he ever imagined for himself.

    Go read this book today – I have already picked up copies for my dad, as well as a few of my close friends and I can’t wait to hear their reviews. I learned that anything is possible if you put your mind to it, fight hard for it and always trust your inner-Julie (you’ll get the reference soon) and that you’re never too old, too fat, too stagnant or too tired to make big changes that can forever alter the course of your life. There are some passages in this book that I have highlighted and will continue to look back on for many years to come. Rich’s story is exceptional, but it’s everyone’s story – it’s your story, it’s my story and it’s a story that will leave you feeling hopeful and in awe. Go read this book today!

  5. Paul Vize (verified owner)

    Updated Review : – initially rated this as 1 star when not fully read due to Gluten information, revised now I’ve finished

    Finished the book in three days as it was a very engaging read.
    What Rich has accomplised is remarkable and the the pains , physical and mental, of an endurance athlete are very well shown especially in the EPIC5 chapters.
    The book is very inspirational and does show what can be accomplished at an age that most people would not consider this level of performance possible for an athlete
    I’m looking forward to trying the Detox when its available on the website and seeing how it works.

    A couple of minus points
    Parts of the book read as an infomercial would on a shopping channel for the JaiRepair and VitaMix products, and its only this tone stops it being a 5 star rating
    Incorrect information about Gluten alternatives .Spelt is not an alternative to wheat flour (Page 236)
    This has a very negative health implication if you are Celiac or Gluten intolerant.

    Great work Rich hope to read more on your continued journey

  6. Stewart and Laura Perry (verified owner)

    Really enjoyed this book. Richard was nicely vulnerable and he took us along the ride. I wish he would have told us more about the transformation. One day he was shivering on his couch in food withdrawal, the next day it seemed he was having”the run.”

    Seems he is still an addict, only now his muse is endurance races. Much healthier.

    I reaaly appreciated knowing that his running training started with 10 minute miles. It put flesh on some of the workout advice I have read before but never fully grasped or applied. It caused me to slow down my rest runs considerably and I had my best run since high school today. I am 42. Worth every penny.

  7. Brad A. Capello (verified owner)

    First, I loved this book. It is well written and draws you in. I don’t agree with other reviewers that the book is disjointed. I enjoyed the time shifts throughout the book. I think starting near his athletic pinnacle and immediately backtracking to his childhood days is brilliant. Those first 20 pages get you FIRED UP! Rich has an amazing story to tell. I was pleasantly surprised how honest Rich is at times. Describing in detail his childhood days, battle with addiction, and later “The Dumpster” (read the book to find out, don’t want to ruin it). Congrats to Rich on such a wonderful and inspiring book.

    P.S. I’ve been a fan of Rich Roll since 2009. I can tell you for a fact; that his Plant Powered dietary regimen works. using a lot of Rich’s recipes; I have gone from Couch Potato and occasional 5k runner (40lbs overweight) to 100% plant based 2x Boston Marathoner (’11,’12).

    Thanks for telling you’re story Rich! I’m looking forward to the movie.

  8. Erin Buchanan (verified owner)

    Rich Roll’s Finding Ultra is beyond inspirational. The first six chapters detail Rich’s life leading up to his ultra endurance adventures. Having followed Rich since 2009, I was in shock and awe learning further details of his past. His back-story will make your jaw drop, even if you think you already know it, as I did.

    The book is filled with amazing insight, as well. One of my favorite lines from the entire book was “…but there’s nothing like a near-death experience to remind one of the impermanence of everything. And living imprisoned by fear only to die with regret over dreams postponed was a life neither of us was interested in.”

    As several other people have noted, I thought that the chapter in the middle of the book about Rich’s plant-powered diet was a bit misplaced and had wished it was at the end of the book or another location. But after reading the first six chapters and then continuing on to learn about Rich’s ultra endurance events, I just couldn’t help but champion this book regardless. This is a person, a family, and a book you just have to love.

  9. Elizabeth (verified owner)

    Rich Roll is an inspiration. This man went from having so many advantages & gifts to frittering them away carelessly & recklessly only to find & summon up the courage to take back his life & his health. To say Rich had (& stiill has) the resolve & determination is an understatement. You don’t have to be an endurance athlete to learn from Rich’s experiences, failures, set-backs & triumphs. Rich teaches us all that to live a healthy life we not only should but must subscribe to eating a plant-based diet. It’s about quality of life folks. Do you want to spend your money on healthy foods now & live a healthy quality of life, or do you want to eat poorly & pay later for the healthcare you will surely need from the ailments you will eventually suffer because of poor food choices? It’s a no-brainer folks.

  10. UltraPoppi (verified owner)

    I started following Rich Roll about 2 years ago as I was looking for inspiration to make a change in my lifestyle. I read articles and blogs about his transformation and have found him to be an interesting and inspirational person. When I learned he was writing, “Finding Ultra”, I pre-ordered and waited. I was not disappointed with the book. I got pretty much what I expected and what was advertised: Rich’s story. I was not expecting the next greatest literary tome of the century. I wanted to know more about this (black it out if it’s too much for you) AMAZING man…how he trains, eats, what he thinks when he’s pushing his body. I got all of that and more! Contrary to a couple of reviews posted, I was okay with the flow of the book. It seemed more like how a friend might relate a story of their life versus a strict chronological verbatim. As for the person who made remarks about Rich ignoring his children…well, I guess I’ll just let you take that up with Rich.
    In two years, I’ve gone from couch potato to triathlete and running Ultra’s. Rich Roll has been an inspiration to me during that time and continues to inspire. It’s not always what he’s accomplished that inspires, it’s his sharing of his struggles, failures, disappointments, etc. As far as his “false modesty” at being nothing special…I guess those who can’t wrap their heads around that behavior would rather have him simulate the end zone dances from the NFL.
    Rich, I’m ready for the movie.

  11. Anna Mangual (verified owner)

    Rich Roll is a true inspiration. Lots of us have been on a decent path as teens; then found ourselves overburdened, overtaxed, overtired and relegated to mid-life with a pot-belly and a shortened and unhappy road ahead. Rich takes us on a journey of redemption. This is his journey. I am not, and never will be, an Ultra Athlete; yet I have so many take-aways from this book. I will not become Vegan any time soon, but I will commit to eat less meat and be more careful about how I source all of my foods. Moreover, I know that if I commit to a solid plan (even very small steps) of incremental, powerful, change I can create my own road. Rich provides roadmap for my journey – not to Ultra – but to my own destination of health and well-being. And, it doesn’t hurt at all that this book and an effortless read.

  12. K. Swoboda (verified owner)

    I confess that I love reading about running and ultra-athleticism; I geek out on it entirely. Finding Ultra made the mark on two counts–it was inspiring and fun. Rich Roll’s story of beating addiction and making it through a series of endurance events even tougher than an Ironman after only a few months of training completely does it for me.

    What surprised me was how much helpful advice there was for those desiring to up their athletic performance. In the week since reading this book, I’ve been experimenting with a plant-based diet as well as using a heart rate monitor as he describes in the book.

    The book balanced this out well for me, though–it had a strong narrative, telling an actual story, but then it would also give pointers *without* becoming a boring treatise on eating habits. I genuinely felt like I was able to ride along for a “behind the scenes” sort of look at Rich Roll’s experience.

  13. cody (verified owner)

    I just finished listening to the audio version of this book and am motivated to write my first review …. the book is that good. I listened in my car on a 900 mile road trip and it felt like a had a good friend with me sharing the ride. I was captivated, inspired and, as it turns out, transformed. “Roll dog”, if I may, your story, in your own voice, took me on a journey that allowed me an incredible experience of my own inner landscape as I shared, on a visceral level, the intimacy of the moments that you so deftly describe in this book. I am not in recovery, nor, at 64, am I interested in physical competition. What I am interested in is learning, growing and optimizing my health; physically, mentally, emotioanlly and spiritually. Your experiences, insights and conclusions kept me well nourished on my trip and whet my appetite for change. So now, as I sip my green smoothie ;;;; no kidding, I am drinking a green smoothie … I am compiling a list of those to whom I will gift this book. This book is a gift of courage, of wisdom and of heart, and for me, a gift that I choose to pay forward. Thank you Rich Roll for your contribution to my life and to all those who read and resonate with your story.

  14. R. Makarova (verified owner)

    First, the good.

    The book is written with good easy English and is very easily consumed. I do tend to read a lot – but even then, It takes me a week or two to consume a book. This one took just three nights. It has a lot of good advice about exercise, nutrition, diet, overcoming addictions, balancing family life, not giving up, and so on and so forth. During the book you begin to cheer with Rich’s successes and start thinking, how can I do something like this myself?

    I did knock the book one star, and here’s why.

    Author spends a couple of chapters detailing the substance abuse and downhill spiral he found himself in. Was that really necessary? Most of us know how easily these things happen. Then not enough time is spent describing the change in diet, and adjusting to training. Then authors goes on and spends the next 100 pages talking about ultra races. That was interesting to read, but in my opinion, not enough information is given about the actual transformation from an overweight couch potato to someone who can do five ironman races in just seven days. There’s a big gap.

    Other that than, a great read in every way. Hope to meet Rich someday.

  15. Angela Risner The Sassy Orange (verified owner)

    What could I, a 40 year old plus-sized woman, find interesting in a book about running, swimming, and cycling? Plenty!

    Rich Roll had a bright future when he enrolled at Standford. He was an amazing swimmer who had already had great success. Unfortunately, he became an alcoholic and that ended his chances for glory in the pool. Years of drinking nearly ruined his professional life as an attorney. He was lucky enough to have caring individuals around him who helped him enter into rehab and find sobriety.

    Years later, Rich is 40 years old and finds himself breathless when climbing the stairs of his house. He decides to make a change there and embark on a mission to become an endurance athlete. He beings training for an Ironman competition, eventually finding the Ultraman competitions. He also completely changes his diet to a plant-based one.

    I really enjoyed the story behind his success. The book is well-written and difficult to put down once you get into it. It’s amazing how perseverance and dedication can completely change your life. I was concerned at one point that the book was more of a sales pitch for Rolls’ website, Jai Lifestyle. I like reading about plant-based diets, but I don’t want to be preached to or sold to either. Thankfully, the book didn’t come across that way in more than a couple of places.

    My favorite quotes from the book:

    *Unfortunately, I’d once again brought myself with me.
    *You’re what I call terminally unique. You think you’re special. Your problems remarkable and singular. People like you die. ~ Therapist to Rich
    *”The prize never goes to the fastest guy,” Chris replied. “It goes to the guy who slows down the least.” True in endurance sports. And possibly even truer in life.
    *So if that was it, would you be satisfied with how you’d pursued your life? ~ Rich’s wife to him

    I truly enjoyed this book. I may even buy it in hard copy for the nutritional information in the appendices.

    Highly recommend.

  16. Karen (verified owner)

    Firstly, congratulations Rich on turning your life around. Making changes is always reasonably easy to start with when we are fired up with enthusiasm and motivation. The hard part is sustaining these changes. You have done that with great aplomb!

    I found the first half of the book the most interesting. Learning about Rich’s struggles with fitting in, alcoholism, eating a bad diet and not exercising were real page turners for me and I had a few late nights not wanting to put the book down. I did find the second part where he goes into great detail about his Epic5 situation just a tad too long and was glad when he came to the end of it. This obviously goes against some other readers comments so really it is personal preference as to what you are looking for in the book.

    Overall a fantastic read by a man who writes very well and is able to inspire others. Well done Rich.

  17. PJ Attebery (verified owner)

    As someone going into mid-life looking for inspiration to stay fit and healthy, I found this book very helpful. I had already made the vegan lifestyle switch but still found new insight about how integrate into my fitnes routine and increase my training capability to reach even higher goals. We all have demons and it’s re-assuring to learn by the benefit of someone elses’s experience that demons can be destroyed and something that provides long-term fulfillment is within our grasp. I recommend the book for inspiration and tangible techniques and vegan recipes to integrate into a personal plan for long term health and success.

  18. Bert Erland (verified owner)

    Great Book! Very interesting if you are in the demo (middle aged former swimmer into triathlons and endurance events). I am in the demo and I loved it. I ran out an bought a juicer started planning my own Epic 5. Excellent play by play of both his Ultraman races and his Epic 5 attempt. Really thought those race reports captured what it is to do those events. I was sweating, downing Gatorade as I read them.

    The down side of his life the struggles with the bottle, I could not relate but I understood. How he got through college and law school loaded I don’t know. But interesting that he did.

    Ultra distance athletes don’t reach there prime till midlife. It is said because before middle age one does not know how to suffer or is not willing to. So his successes given his background should not be that remarkable. However the fact that he pulled it all off is very cool.

    If you didn’t own a jean jacket, LL Bean sweater, and partied hard in the 80’s while swimming for endless hours you may not “get” this book. If you did you will love it.

  19. Dave (verified owner)

    Rich’s story is truly inspiring. While I don’t have a desire, currently, to compete in any fitness events, this book opened my eyes to what I have been putting in my body and has given my wife and I the impetus to change our lifestyle. We too have adopted a plant powered diet since reading this book. It has dramatically changed our lives for the better. What’s amazing is that at the same time we changed our dietary habits we also experienced a spiritual awakening. I know that’s not a part of Rich’s mission to assist people to more healthy lifestyles but I can’t help but see it as going hand in hand. After all the body is your temple. Another thing that has amazed me is that this change to a plant powered lifestyle has been so easy and so delicious. While much of this is credited to my wife’s fantastic culinary skills (she has always been a fantastic cook, albeit now with different ingredients) much can also be said of the ingredients such as whole grains, fruits and vegetables. Read this book with an open mind and you will find respect for the changes Rich has made and the proof that plant power is where it’s at. You may even change your life for the better. We have never felt better! A fantastic read!

  20. Stephen A. Means (verified owner)

    Rich’s story itself is extremely inspiring. From shy kid to hardcore alcoholic to successful lawyer, family and finally ultra endurance athlete. But I see this book as more than that. It’s really a call to arms for everyone who has been striving their entire lives towards their perception of the expectations of others. It’s about breaking free from those expectations. Hidden in there amongst the turn around story is a great example of a template for living the life you really want starting from where you are now.

    And of course if you’re reading the book it’s a good bet that you’re an endurance athlete, vegan, married to one or both of those, etc… There is plenty about psychology during races, overcoming the inevitable hurdles, a good bit about how to be a vegan athlete and so on. It’s a great book to read yourself and then pass on to a friend who might need a little encouragement towards health, positive attitude or just eating more veggies.

    And FWIW this story, Mac Danzig’s and a few people prodding me personally came together to take me from eating a pound or more meat a day, swilling energy drinks like they were going out of style while still dealing with serious energy level issues to a 95% plant based diet, no caffeine ever and swim/bike/running all week. I don’t have any problems endorsing the book, haha!

  21. Celine Derudder (verified owner)

    OK, so this is NOT a runners’s guide, and the last 15% to 20% of the book are dedicated to giving more information and tips about a plant-based diet (yes, vegan). So if that puts you off, don’t pick it up – I was already convinced so I didn’t mind at all, although I had no idea when I bought it that Rich was vegan.

    This is a great, enthusiastically written autobiography about how Rich went from promising swimmer to alcoholic, and after he settled down as a family man, was literally reborn when he started doing sports. How he then went from regular plodder to top athlete is awe-inspiring -unlike others, I didn’t think he was boasting, he’s not exactly lenient on himself about the times he screwed up – and the pîctures in the middle of the book are a testimonial to the change it brought about. Better than a before/after!

    The book does convey a lot of dynamism, which is probably why a lot of people find it inspiring.
    Besides, it is well structured, organised around two key moments from which Rich rewinds and tells the whole story: one where he injures himself by falling from his bike during an Ironman and is ready to quit, the other when he realizes he will likely die of a heart attack within a few years if he does not get in shape (yes, the chronology is a bit topsy-turvy but it gives an interesting tempo to the story, and it never gets hard to follow).

    Most of all, I loved the tale of the last achievement described in the book, the “epic 5” (hope I remember it correctly) doing 5 Ironmans in a row! It gave me something to dream about while recovering from a running injury.

  22. Michael J. Walker (verified owner)

    Finding Ultra certainly is an interesting book. Rich Roll is a phenomenol athlete, no question about it. Gifted and talented genetically, no question. However, his diet is very advanced. Many of the food items discussed are either not readily obtainable or not realistically affordable. To boot, it appears that Rich supplements like crazy. In fact he has a whole side business of supplements and recovery products that fit in with the extreme plant diet. If the diet works, why the need to supplement? Basically, the diet is scant on protein, but the question of the healthiness of the foods he eats and recommends is without doubt. The foods certainly are healthy. Everyone should at least try to incorporate as many of Rich’s food recommendations as often as possible.

    Some things I did not like about the story – we here have an obviously nice, talented, and charming person, movie star looks, all the right things. But then again, we don’t hear any real remorse where he nearly killed someone due to his callous and viciously intoxicated driving. There’s an actual tone of glee in the book’s voice as he describes a supposedly “lost” conviction for his first DUI, thus letting him avoid a mandatory jail sentence. There are ways to convey deep remose for the wrongs one has done. However, the book doesn’t really display this. Second, as other reviewers mention, we basically see an obsessive compulsive addictive personality, driven to abnormal extremes in just about every facet of life, whether it be diet, exercise, time spent “on the bike” and in pursuit of other activities. He certainly wasn’t a blessing, and was what I read as quite a pain in the butt to the closest people around him while he was drinking. He was extremely fortunate and very lucky to have family and friends that cared for him and supported him through a really intense, expensive, and lengthy rehabilitation process which no question saved his life. Unfortunately for most readers, the same luck, love and opportunity simply would not be available. So he’s a lucky guy.

    Now some good things about the story. For all of Rich’s faults, he is a fun, flawed, interesting, inspirational, talented, unique person with gifts certainly worth admiring, and lessons certainly worth considering. He makes exercise sound gruesomely fun, and the more of it, the better. He brings a whole new wicked focus into the plant based vegan diet. This enthusiasm is very cool.

    Just remember, this is a very hard act to follow. Rich’s compulsions are not average at all. His is an experiment of one among many plans which might work or might not for any number of people. I think that’s the bottom line on the book. As Rich says, “Nothing changes if nothing changes.”

  23. onlineshoppinggeek (verified owner)

    For the average modern American reader this book should be educational, as far as eating healthy and exercising, and it should be inspiring in the sense that the mental approaches & personal standards required for greatness in one field (triathlons) can apply to almost any field.
    For those who are already familiar with quinoa, acai, spirulina, maca, and alkalyzing, his dietary approach is not groundbreaking news. For most, it will be a challenging call to abandon what we have been taught for years is ‘healthy’ (eggs, milk, white meat, whole-grain bread, etc).
    I do agree with the author that soy and tofu are not the healthiest choice, especially for men. I personally disagree when he says that using a blender for vegetables is healthier than using a (masticating) juice extractor, and I don’t recommend storing fresh-made juice to drink hours later, whether blended or extracted. (I had the same objection with the equally-good DVD titled “Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead”)
    There were several sections I skimmed over, rather than reading word for word, because I didn’t relate. For example, I don’t relate to the problem of trying to get out of golf classes at an elite private college, and I don’t instinctively feel bad for Hollywood lawyers who are ‘struggling with finances’ so much that they must drive an older Land Rover instead of a new one. :p
    This book may particularly touch readers who struggle with alcohol, as several chapters describe his addiction and recovery regarding that.
    There was some mother-earth new-age spirituality here and there, but not enough to turn me off.
    Overall I would recommend this book to friends, with the caveat that it includes obvious promotion of the companies who sponsored his athletics, and promotion of the health products he and his colleagues have created.
    I wish him well. I’m glad he wrote it, and glad I read it. I hope I can be as healthy and successful someday.

  24. Sirfdude (verified owner)

    He overcomes a great deal. I think many people can relate to his story because he didn’t come from an underprivileged background. He had every opportunity and he choose to party. This is the story of his way back. Even after 40 you can reverse decades of bad choices by making some good ones. I don’t think I can handle the grueling exercise he undertook but it did inspire me to simplify, eat better and exercise with more joy and meaning. One thing that i am hoping to feel is the tremendous infusion of energy he described.

  25. Jay Bird (verified owner)

    I became interested in Rich Roll after seeing his name pop up in a number of different websites having to do with fitness. I read a little about his story, and decided to read this book.
    He’s got a really interesting life story, and I feel a real connection to a lot of what he preaches. I’m mid 40’s and have been kind of in and out of living a healthy life style, and gaining weight. I haven’t hit the lows he has, but I understand him. His story is powerful, and inspirational.
    After reading this a few months ago, I have become almost vegetarian… Not sure if I could do the vegan thing, but it does intrigue me. I also follow him on twitter and facebook, and have listened to his podcast.
    I really recommend this book not just for inspriation of getting into shape, but as quite and interesting life story.

  26. Steven Lee Dearing (verified owner)

    I thoroughly enjoyed this book. As someone in my early 40’s, I also have decided to change my life, by eating better and exercising more. I was very inspired by Rich. I think that he did progress too fast for most people, going from huffing up stairs to competing in an Ultraman triathalon with essentially less than a year training. I know the change in his diet helped but still I think it would be very difficult but not impossible for most 40 year old individuals that are 30 to 50 pounds over weight to make the same changes Rich did and expect to achieve the same results. The book does give a large amount of information regarding diet, training and some tricks of endurance athletes. This is a great read for anyone looking for inspiration to make a healthy change in your life.

  27. GoodBroly (verified owner)

    Great title for an even greater book. Loved reading it and would recommend it for anyone interested in inspirational reading whether you’re an athlete or not. I’m no kind of swimmer but it gave me some good insight into training for distance running. It also gave me some excellent insight for plant based nutrition even though I’m a carnivore. Truth be told I initially totally cringed at the authors push for a plant-based diet since as a weightlifter I have a vastly different outlook on nutritional intake. However after reading the entire book, I see where the author is coming from and his approach seems to work for him and apparently other endurance athletes as well. Even though I mostly weight and strength train, I like to explore what everyone else in the athletic world is doing to glean insight and recommendations that can prove useful to my own endeavors. Love the book and would buy it all over again in hindsight.

  28. beachbum (verified owner)

    I really enjoyed Finding Ultra. As a 4 year veteran of the plant based diet I’m always looking for success stories of athletes on the same diet. After hearing Rich Roll on the Joe Rogan podcast I decided to give his book a try. Pretty easy read with the first 100 pages or so discussing his toxic life before getting on the diet (not really a diet but for lack of a better word to describe a new eating preference). For a little while I was wondering how much further he was going to go down the rabbit hole before he found the bottom but still fairly interesting.
    There are a lot of good information in the book. A couple I’m already taking to heart are: 2 tablespoons of Apple Cider Vinegar mixed in with water in the morning to Alkaline your system and the idea to build a solid running base by starting off with running at a lower heart rate at a fairly slow speed and focus on keeping your heart rate at that lower rate while you increase your speed on later runs. Basically you teach your body to run more efficiently. I had never heard of either of those two tips so for that alone I give it 5 stars.

  29. HM (verified owner)

    Rich’s story is very inspirational. I also believe most of us could benefit from a more plant based diet (not necessarily full blown vegetarian or vegan) and leading a more active lifestyle. My only complaint is the continued bashing of agriculture with arbitrary terms like “factory farming” versus “organic” by people who clearly have no background in agriculture. That said, it is a good book, the advice is generally sound, and many of us could live better lives if we followed even just a fraction of Rich’s template. Lots of good info in the appendix.

  30. S. Stevens (verified owner)

    I started listening to Rich Roll’s podcasts and was really impressed with how he covered various wellness topics and the quality of the people that have been on his podcast. After about a dozen podcasts and hearing bits and pieces of his story, i figured it would be good to get the whole story. I was a little perplexed at some of the negative reviews of this book, why were people trashing this guy? I am glad i didn’t get turned off by the haters and decided to read the book anyways. Rich does a great job of telling his story, he tells it in a matter of fact way and it’s authentic. My take away – the guy did 5 Triathlons in 7 days which is absolutely amazing! He did a good job of explaining the motivations and what lead him to endurance racing and his plant-based diet. He tells you how he got there and how his process evolved. I applaud him for a fairly transparent view into his alcohol abuse – he doesn’t pull any punches and is the first to admit he was self centered, lazy and had no direction in life(who doesn’t have their moments in adolescence and early adulthood?). That being said, attending Rehab for 3 months is no joke and i hope he stays on the recovery path. I really like the energy he brings to the table and you can tell he is really enjoying his new lifestyle. For $10, easy decision, great book, take what you can from this amazing story of a guy who easily could have been a middle aged couch potato but through some luck, a great support system and flat out grit and determination became a world class Ultra Endurance Athlete – all on a plant based diet. Incredible.

  31. Lori (verified owner)

    Life changing Book. My wife bought me this book last year for my 38 birthday. I read the book and it made me think. Up until I read his story, I never ran more than a mile. This book told me it is never too late to improve yourself, you can go little by little or full tilt.

    This book should be on every runners shelf and just truly an inspiration to anyone that is thinking “I am just getting old.” This guy is now late 40’s and still kicking ass. I don’t know many people like that.

    This is our time to make take our lives into our hands, you can either sit back and watch or go grab it. This book tells you to GO OUT AND GET WHAT YOU WANT. This book applies to much more than just running and fitness, take the message and apply it to everything in your life and you will be a happier person, I am.

    Good luck in your journey.

  32. Uncle Nibby (verified owner)

    Like a lot of readers, I’ll go to the reviews and notice that there are an overabundance of glowing reviews.
    So, I start reading the worse reviews first.
    Some state that he came from a life of privilege and for this reason, Rich’s evolution should somehow be invalidated/dismissed.
    If you believe this it would be unfortunate.

    The book doesn’t just catalog the events in his life, and it isn’t just a step-by-step recounting of his EPIC 5.
    He does cover both of these bases, however, but does it with a fresh injection of honesty and feeling.

    The reader is left feeling like he knows Rich a bit better since his problems are not so different from our own. We are all fighting our own demons and Rich is good enough to share his experiences with us.

    thank you, Rich !!

    p.s.: I’m lovin’ the PodCasts, btw. Thanks for sharing !!

  33. StevenAK (verified owner)

    I enjoyed this book and you will too if you are a runner or interested in nutrition or veganism. There was a bit too much of the dysfunction of the journey and not enough about where the journey lead him. I think there is room for another book on training and nutrition.
    I am not sure how he was able to do the incredible endurance events he completed, but it was certainly not only the result of a plant based diet, but likely a high VO2 max and what appears to be a pretty good body type for triathlon. Rich is certainly on the edge of the curve when it come to athletic endeavors. Also on the edge when it comes to nutrition. We can certainly learn from this account and improve our own diets by incorporating some of what Rich advocates for.
    Check out Rich’s PODCASTS as well. They are enjoyable. Just skip the first 5 minutes…unless you enjoy a bit of wandering thought, which sometimes is cool.

  34. Christian Wallace (verified owner)

    The incredible number of people that Rich has directly helped through this book and now through his podcast is simply astonishing. It’s even more incredible than even his athletic accomplishments. This book is not a ‘how to’ and I think that people may be disappointed by that, but it is in fact much much more. It opens a world that many of us simply do not know exists, especially on the east coast. He provides just enough information imbedded into his own personal story to allow the reader to start on their own journey. He is on a journey too and it is incredible to watch his life keep improving as he expands Jai and the ecosystem of wellness around him. He is improving our lives through it and I am forever grateful. His podcasts allow this book to keep expanding its reach. I cannot recommend checking that out enough.

    He touches on heart rate for training, veganism, juicing, Vitamix, gluten!, effects of dairy on running (I had asthma my whole life until I read this and stopped eating cheese, took one week to fix and Rich 1 and 25 years of doctors 0), marathons, ultra marathons, racing in general (there are tons of them out there, I had no idea), other athletes and trainers that are equally inspiring, yoga, meditation, GMO, writing, training methodologies, fixing health problems from within, dealing with addiction. He provides just enough inspiration and tools to change your life forever and those around you. So thank you Rich.

    I picked your book up a few years ago, a day after I walked out of my apartment hung over and incredibly confused as to why there were so many people outside and police barriers. They were running a half marathon that started one block from my apartment and I had no idea it was going on. I was upset at them because they were blocking the entrance to Starbux. Well I’ve run that race twice now, some half marathons, a 100 mile relay race…going to keep improving and getting closer to 100% vegan every day. Plants. Thanks Rich.

  35. Jules Marsh (verified owner)

    This book is a must-read for all runners. Finding Ultra tells the story of Rich Roll, who realizes that his lifestyle has been unhealthy and decides to make a change. One change turns into many and Roll turns his physical life around: he goes from eating cheeseburgers on his couch to running 5 Ironman distance events in 7 days… in a matter of a few years. I found Roll’s story to be inspiring for a number of reasons. First, although the journey to peak physical fitness can be a solitary, and what some might call a selfish pursuit, Roll’s love and admiration for his family shines throughout this entire book. His training comes with his wife’s blessing, support, and knowledge, and he refers to this (and their children) frequently as he writes. Second, Roll shows us that age is just a number. At 39 he made a change that turned him into one of the world’s fittest men, showing us that there are no limits to what a person can do with the right mind-set, support, and knowledge. Third, the appendices of this book provide the information the reader might need should he/she want to follow the same path as Roll. Roll refers regularly to the difference his Plant Power diet made on his energy levels, and should the reader want to attempt this diet, any necessary information is included in the appendices. Read this book for the story of a man who changed his own life (along with a little help from his family and friends) or read it for the information it includes on how to make you own life healthier. Either way… read it.

  36. Jamie Rufe (verified owner)

    I’m an avid listener of Rich’s podcast and also on my own journey towards a plant-based lifestyle. I really enjoyed both aspects of this book, Rich’s autobiography and the in-depth information on the plant-based diet. His story is very inspiring and I definitely look at him as a role-model. Rich is also a very spiritual guy and I really enjoyed how certain parts of the book went deeper than just a “play-by-play” autobiography. I think “Finding Ultra’s” only problem was that the book didn’t have a very good flow, and it felt like Rich or the publisher couldn’t decide whether they wanted the autobiography or nutrition aspect to have the main role in the book. Nevertheless, I think Rich’s inspiring story and the great nutritional information overcome the minor disjointed organization of the book. I’ll definitely be coming back to this book when I need a kick in the ass

  37. K. R. Vance (verified owner)

    I’ve been aware of the benefits of the vegan lifestyle but having grown up with meat as the main entree it has been a struggle to switch.

    But over the years as I have attempted to eat a more vegan lifestyle I’ve experienced some of the advantages that Rich discusses in his book. So as I enter my review I come without a lot of hyperbole and say simply that my anecdotal evidence is that my physical well being always improves moving to a plant based diet.

    I say all that to introduce the book which I think is a good primer into the whole food plant based diet and lifestyle. I know that there are tons of books on the subject but if you looking for one to get some good info on this method of eating then this is a good read.

    Rich also details his journey to this style of eating and for some the autobiographical info is not a big deal but I am always interested in the story behind the choices. So for those who love stories the first part of the book will be enjoyable.

    I think the biggest selling point are the references and links to some great resources which I think is worth the price of the book.

    And the man loves avocado – which I think is the greatest fruit in the world so he scores big in my book.

  38. Aloha G (verified owner)

    I have to say that this book was great from start to finish. I like the author’s candid telling of his lifestyle before and after sobriety. He kept a good balance of detailing some of his hang ups and failures without dwelling on too much of the horror of living a life of addiction.

    After being sober for a number of years, the author explains how he took action on his stagnant life and propelled himself to self actualizing his dreams and passions. It is common to discover one’s hopes and aspirations. It is rare, however, to seek out those hopes and aspirations. I always love seeing people transform their lives and reach a new state of being.

    In the book Roll returns to his first love of performing competitive athletics. As a former swimmer, he shows how he transformed his love of this discipline into becoming one of the fittest endurance athletes in the world. Equally astonishing is his adaptation of an entirely plant based diet to fuel his dreams. The excitement and enthusiasm that Roll describes is infectious. I have never felt particularly drawn to a plant based diet myself but have to admit that the results are clearly worth while. Without getting into the details of the book I do have to say that in addition to the health benefits of this diet, the increase in energy plus the emotional stability the author describes is something I find intriguing. In fact I am seriously considering making dietary changes based on the author’s suggestions. Highly entertaining and recommended.

  39. Jqabookings (verified owner)

    Rich tells a great story about his life and struggles and how he went from rock bottom to become an amazing endurance athlete. The book kept me interested the whole time and as an aspiring ultra runner who is looking to become plant based in my nutrition he gives a lot of great reasons to try it and gives you info on what he does for detox/cleansing and what he eats for meals. I would reccomend this book to anyone looking for inspiration on what you can achieve after being in the depths of depression or addiction and how you can rise above where you think your body’s limits are.

  40. Premium7 (verified owner)

    A book that flashes past. Roll has lived a crazy life. Through the mistakes he seems to have found clarity, through the suffering, insight and self knowledge.

    The book is fun, inspiring and written in a friendly tone that’s easy to read.

    Some reviews state that he has simply traded one addictive behavior for another. Regardless he seems to have chosen something better with the ability to lift others up with the belief that we can all walk a healthier path.

  41. BDawg (verified owner)

    I am an avid reader but not of runner or athletic bios. I was put onto his podcast by my brother in law, who is a cardio nut. I loved the book and found it super easy to read. It was downright compelling at points and inspirational at others. Really amazing to hear Rich’s story.

    Thanks for sharing Rich and I am now officially a podcast follower. Keep it up brother and learn not only to compete but just run!! You are such an ambassador for the plant lifestyle. If you could just do runs / tri’s for fun with a bunch of plant minded people, i feel like the message would move a little more. Just my two cents and what do I know.

  42. Jon S. (verified owner)

    This is an entertaining read, if for no other reason than to learn the story of a couch potato turned triathlete. This is not a book to read to learn how to become a triathlete or an ultra athlete, as few details on training regimen are discussed. This IS a book to read if you’re fascinated with addictive conditions, human nature or to confirm that a plant-based vegan diet is in fact a positive & healthy contributor to one’s overall well-being.

    I will also note that it’s a bit difficult to empathize with a successful attorney who lives in Malibu, yet the book often seems to go in this direction. And, the athletic accomplishments are at times difficult to believe as they are described. It’s not that Rich Roll didn’t complete 5 Ultra triathlons in a week, but he never once mentions the injuries, aches, pains, etc. that come with training for such feats as a 40+ year-old (in fact, even if you’re 18 years old your body will experience tremendous discomfort under such training). At one point I even wondered if he used “supplements” because he failed to ever mention any stress to his body. Despite these skepticisms, the book is a tremendous inspiration for individuals who thought they could never effect change in their lives. And while the book is partly an advertisement for the foods and supplements used by the author, it’s never overdone to the point that the reader feels that their own version of a plant-based diet can’t work a similar transformation.

  43. karlmnz (verified owner)

    I found Rich story after I had already myself made the transition from the guy who closes the bar to being an Ironman. So for me personally while Rich’s pre-life story, first 5-6 chapters, was interesting, they dragged on and I wanted to know what/how he changed. Then WHAM the last 3-4 chapter were just what I was looking, inspirational, you bet. And while I have bought a comparable vitamix blender and started doing smoothies, which kale etc will be from my own garden, and I am motivated to move my diet, man it is hard to give up the milk, cheese and meat. So I am starting with cutting back these, ans studying Rich’s food guidance.
    It is awesome to see what Rich changed and the impact it had on his life. It is also awesome to have the appendixes with all the food fact too, I will be going back to these regularly while I figure out what will work for me. Overall great book.

  44. Di Hickman (verified owner)

    After having this in my wishlist for a while I broke down and ordered it as I start training for my first triathlon. I follow Rich Roll on social media and listen to his podcasts so I knew some of his backstory.

    I wasn’t sure what to expect from this book, but what I got was one guys journey from rock bottom to the tippy top of elite health & fitness! It will make you sad, happy, anxious, and yet motivated, inspired and eager to go DO something yourself. No matter where you on your own journey you can learn something from this book.

    From this book you will find nuggets of training tips, and diet advice but the biggest thing you’ll get is training your MINDSET. Huge! Rich Rolls journey is inspiring and the community in his sport is amazing. I know it’s a book I’ll pick up again and again because I could’t put it down!

  45. Borra Morgane (verified owner)

    Found Rich Roll’s story very interesting in everything, not only for the plant based diet but for the positive thinking and motivation as well. How to become the best version of yourself even at his age and the impact the food has on our health.
    Inspiring and easy to read.

    If you are interested in Plant based diet, sport and lifestyle change, this is one of the books you should read among couple others.

  46. Freedog (verified owner)

    Rich Roll wrote like an author , not like a hack. I am sure being an attorney helps with this. He chronicled his ,difficult, life in a way that portrayed growth not WO is me. He faced every challenge with intellect and determination to be better. Roll should be proud of fighting off those demons and becoming the person he is. Also, I like that he is grateful to those who helped, supported, and loved him, on this difficult journey.

  47. Beth Whitman<span class="a-icon a-profile-verified-badge"><span class="a-profile-verified-text"></span></span> (verified owner)

    I loved this book.

    I read it a few years ago when I was a vegetarian who was curious how a vegan could be in such great shape. The plant-power part aside, I was delightfully surprised there was so much more “meat” to the book than the story of a guy who figures out how to give up junk food and get in shape.

    This is a really well-written book that covers not only his addiction and past but his recovery and transition into a healthier lifestyle. This can/should serve as inspiration to the millions of people who are unhealthy and think they are powerless to change.

    Since reading this, I’ve become mostly vegan and started running (at age 49!). I’ve run 5 marathons in the past year. This book, along with Rich’s podcast, have changed my life.

    PS – I was motivated to write this review after reading some of the one-star reviews. This IS a great book and if you’re open to the fact that we are capable of change–at any age–you’ll find some great lessons here.

  48. H. Smith (verified owner)

    This book reminds those in our 40s, who are finding that staying healthy and fit isn’t as easy as it once was, that we can still achieve incredible health and maintain it. If you are finding that your blood chemistry tests are sneaking in the wrong direction. If you have started thinking you see your grandmother or father out of the corner of your eye when you pass a mirror and that isn’t a great thing. This book may be worth a read. My husband and I tried paleo full out and I have found myself in terrible health. Not to say that paleo won’t be perfect for some. For me it is not. This is a full 180 turn. I am slowly incorporating the plant based life style and my health is following. This may be my answer.

  49. Songstress (verified owner)

    I absolutely LOVED reading this book and didn’t want it to end. What a talented writer..I was impressed with how well written and vividly brought to life his journey was. I initially bought the book because I’ve been switching over to a plant based diet and I wanted to read about how he overcame his personal struggles with that. I got so much more out of this read! What a thrilling story of overcoming odds of all kinds. I just loved it. Bravo Rich Roll. Tthank you for sharing your life story so openly and for all your knowledge and suggestions on adopting a plant based lifestyle. I’m taking it to heart for my own journey.
    PS.. I personally felt all the references by name and “rank”, school association, etc, were vital to the story. I wasn’t offended or put off in the slightest to learn about those as well as the author’s accomplishments. It gave important context and interest to the book overall. Well done.

  50. Tina Y. (verified owner)

    This book is everything I could have expected: smart, honest, insightful, and inspiring. His story-telling style is easy to follow like a friend sitting next to you, his personal story is inspiring, and he provides a lot of answers to questions that I myself have asked when I hear ordinary people say they are vegan, never mind super athletes (like, where do you get your protein from?) He describes his journey into finding what works and doesn’t work for him, explains why it works from a nutritional standpoint, what your body is really processing, and he motivated me to try the plant powered diet. This was a great read, both entertaining and educational.

  51. Thesmiths (verified owner)

    Getting past his drinking years in the first few chapters where a little rough but it was part of his life. Once he starts talking about racing the book takes off. Since I just started going to a plant based diet I really enjoyed the end of the book where he really breaks down his nutrition.

  52. Clara (verified owner)

    Inspirational story of Rich Roll, a man who went plant-based overnight when he realized that he needed to change his lifestyle if he still wanted to be around for his children when they grew up.

    He had been a competitive athlete when he was a teenager up to his college years, so if you wanted a story about a man who truly only started exercising from zero in middle age, this might not be the perfect book.

    This is more than just a book about a middle-aged man who became a plant-based athlete. There were long chapters on how he overcame addiction to alcohol as well. He likes telling his story. It can be addictive (to read). I am not giving this 5 full stars because I felt that a lot of the descriptions in various chapters could have been trimmed to be a bit more concise.

  53. Tanya Smith (verified owner)

    Wow. This book is amazing. I’ve listened to the RRP podcast for about a year now and love all the amazing things I have learned so when you released this book at an amazing deal I had to get it. Not only is the story amazing but all the extra information and resources added are amazing. I wanted to read this book then pass it on to family members but I’m going to have to eth them their own, as I want to keep all the amazing recipes and information you have added in the back.

  54. Jenn.Drean (verified owner)

    This is a great book if you a try to lose weight or become a better athlete while eating optimally for your health and environment. I have struggled over the last few years to lose weight. After switching to a plant based diet and reading the China Study (among other research based books) I have struggled with figuring out how to do the lifestyle but also lose weight and gain muscle. All resources I found were telling me it isnt possible without animal based protein. Even my trainer was at a loss on how to help me with a food plan. After reading this book I am inspired but also feel I now can address the “not enough protein” roadblock with logic, not emotion. Great and inspiring story with practical advice for mind body and spirit!

  55. O (verified owner)

    I’m only 27 so I can’t relate to the mid life crisis but I can relate to the limits we as humans have created and thoroughly believe. I am a veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps so I understand that we are capable of so much more than we think. Rich’s story is an inspiration to all. His dedication to the sport is admirable. I’m running my first triathlon in July of 2019 and this book serves have given me great inspiration to push myself past my comfort zone. Highly recommend it. I’m really looking forward to David Goggin’s book to be released!!

  56. Lloyd W. Davis (verified owner)

    I liked the storytelling aspect of the book. Rich Roll tells his story in a way that pulls the reader in from the first page. I’ve read a lot of great books about fitness, running, and living a healthy life and this book is one of the best and most informative among the great books. It is not just about running, but about how to live life to the fullest. Even for people who are not actively engaged in running and fitness, it is a good read. I particularly liked the author’s self-disclosure style because he includes his self destructive behaviors and how he was able to face them, work through them, and transform his life to one of health and well-being.

  57. Deby Jizi (verified owner)

    This is a book about personal transformation. The revised version is even more amazing than the original. Rich digs deeper in the revision, telling his story in a deeply vulnerable way, all in the attempt to show his humanity and prove that YOU can do what he did (in your own way, of course!).

    Rich Roll is doing the work, and he is spreading the word about health and well-being. Life is meant to be lived fully and happily, and learning how to do that is what Rich shows us in this book. You don’t have to be a runner or interested in extreme fitness to get so much from this book.

    Read this book. Give a copy to everyone you know. If you know someone who struggles with addiction, this could be the gift that saves their life.

  58. Stephanie M. Bosch (verified owner)

    I came to this book full circle. While listening to a Rich Roll Podcast with David Goggins I became inspired to read Goggins book “Can’t Hurt Me.” Once I finished it, I decided to throw my hat into the lottery for the New York City Marathon a few weeks later. I was chosen in the lottery and have since begun my plant-based marathon training! I followed up Goggin’s book with Rich’s inspirational story, “Finding Ultra.” Truly awesome. Rich is humble, wise, and exemplifies why it means to be awake. This book is not about how to become an ultra athlete. It is about one person‘s journey from being asleep, mindlessly grinding away to maintain the status quo, to shedding layers of personal and societal limitations and awakening to one’s higher calling, Finding Ultra takes you along for the bumpy ride to enlightenment.

  59. Dougpound (verified owner)

    Rich Roll’s redemption story is fascinating. His descent into alcoholism and then his recovery to become a world-class athlete is a 5-star book. Then the pitch for veganism occurs. I can’t say I hate it–and there are some things I’ve changed in my life post-reading–but it’s a different book and in my opinion, diminishes the rest of the memoir.

  60. Susan (verified owner)

    Way, way beyond marathons, triathlons or even Iron Man competitions lies the ultra competition, a category which requires more training and stamina in running, swimming and biking than most people will ever experience. This book contains the story of one man’s experience with the sport, how he got there and why in the world he does it, as well as his beliefs regarding nutrition, training, health, and lifestyle. Truly a departure and an interesting read!

  61. momoftwo (verified owner)

    I liked this book. I like how he talked about his history as a child but I still felt it was a little bit superficial. I would’ve like to have more depth to the book. Like there was so much depth talking about his epic five adventure but then not a lot of depth in the other areas. I’m a big fan of Rich role and I listen to his podcast so I just love when he talks profoundly. He does it at the end of the book before he gets into his eating. I’m just giving it four stars because I would’ve liked to have had more depth. I wanna know if they dealt with custody battles with the two sons from Julie’s previous marriage. I’m nosy I just want to know more ha ha. More details.

  62. timinspokane (verified owner)

    This is a great book. Rich Roll is brutally honest about a lot of things, especially his personal failings. But, he also inspires with his turnaround and comeback. As someone who went down the whole food plant based path several years ago for health reasons, and before “plant based” became a watered down marketing buzzword that no longer seems to mean what it once did, I appreciate Rich’s example. He is a very motivating guy. I dig this book. Two thumbs, a carrot, and a bunch of kale up!

  63. Josh Rasmussen (verified owner)

    I really enjoyed his story…I only wish he didn’t make the end into a commercial.

  64. Susana (verified owner)

    A man in existential crisis hitting bottom and finding his way out one moment at a time.
    Athletic endeavor tames the emotions, transporting us beyond the scattered discursive mindset.

    Putting one foot in front of the other sets a cadence for cleansing non-essential thinking and emotions that arise naturally as part of the struggle of everyday modern life.
    Eventually, there is quiet, serenity…the empty mind without the trying.

    When we rest, reveling in the expansive, calm, even openness, free of grief and psychological pain we felt before the physical effort, we discover clarity, absent of petty judgment of self and others.

    Reflecting on the “before” versus “after” the effort states of mind and heart, we see how the rest of the world lives mostly in the “before” mindset.
    Our compassion elevates because we see transformation between “before” and “after” within ourselves.

    We wish we could bottle this transformative elevation and distribute it freely to all to provide everyone with the experience of life as joy and love with less pain and suffering.

    We revisit the effort daily or every other day to refresh the clarity and flow state.
    So that we are able to view the world zoomed out.
    Without the grimy myopic lens of stress and cynicism.

  65. Jordan DeMott (verified owner)

    So some of the confessionals prior to getting his life in gear are slightly maddening but overall I think it can show light at the end of the tunnel to anyone struggling to get started on some otherwise insurmountable goals.

  66. M. Peplinski (verified owner)

    Easy to read and a good story for any endurance athlete. Not as good as the Goggins book though.

  67. Megan Reuss (verified owner)

    the most inspiring book i’ve had the pleasure of reading in a while. rich roll is an outstanding author with an incredible story. finding ultra was a great intro into plant powered endurance sports, setting ambitious goals, and the profound impact living intentionally can have on your trajectory. looking forward to learning more from the rich roll podcast as i dive deeper into ironman training!

  68. NTK (verified owner)

    I listen to Rich Roll Podcast (RRP). This is a good backstory to accompany Rich, and how he became who he is. Wish it was a longer read!

  69. Lily (verified owner)

    This is one of the most helpful books I’ve read in a long time for surprising reasons. It reminded me to put pride aside, try hard if it’s really important, set a goal and and don’t give up, remember to rest, and how important it is to use food for fuel. I’ve never run a race, but this book is applicable for whatever “race” you are running in your life. The chapter “There are no finish lines”, is, in essence the best, most succinct summary of every self help book I’ve ever read. The author is humble and open about his struggles and even his arrogance at times. This book has been an unlikely but indispensable resource for me as I struggle through my own “ultra marathon” of grief and depression. I think of this book when I don’t want to get up and run or go to the gym. Our health is everything, and my mental health depends on moving my body. Most of us don’t have the luxury and opportunities that the author had in this book, but the life lessons can be applied to anyone’s journey, no matter the situation. I am grateful to Rich Roll for this book. I dislike using the overused cliche, but it really has changed, maybe even saved my life.

  70. B (verified owner)

    Fascinating story of endurance and persistence. The first half of the book was 5 stars, but my interest faded in the second half as the focus was almost solely on plant based diets.

  71. Felix Rivera, PE (verified owner)

    This is a great book for any one looking to become the best version of one’s self. His story is inspirational, and provide actionable ideas, that can help us achieve the best version of ourselves.

  72. Brian (verified owner)

    I couldn’t put this book down. It was a page turner and though Rich Roll’s story is unique to him, I could relate to everything. Highly recommend!

  73. Aidan Morris (verified owner)

    Rich took the journey we aspire to. His honesty and humility is inspiring give the obstacles he’s overcome. Thank you for the roadmap Rich

  74. Michelle Reed-Fike (verified owner)

    I love Rich Roll ! In this book he really opens up about the path that got him to where he is now. It is very motivating and inspiring. You’re never too old to make positive changes ! Great read !

  75. David Cristello (verified owner)

    Rich does a great job narrating the shifts in his life. The next to last chapter was a little repetitive , but overall a fantastic read. Would recommend

  76. Jeff Narucki (verified owner)

    I came to Rich Roll through his podcast and through that I started my own journey through working through some health issues and into a whole food plant based diet. This account of of Richs journey told in his own voice is both engaging and inspiring. Anyone looking for identifying what the next chapter of their life looks like regardless of where you are now should check out Finding Ultra.

  77. MLA (verified owner)

    I am a new true fan of the Rich Roll podcast. At 67 I am only one year into a plant based life and 12 years as a runner. I hope to have many more years enhanced by a renewed outlook on life. This book definitely contributed to my journey.

  78. Francesca56 (verified owner)

    This is the best book I read. So inspiring.Reading this book helped me in so many way.Thank you Rich Roll.

  79. Grant Senzani (verified owner)

    The writing of this book is impeccable – he starts with his story, which is deeply riveting and thought provoking. His ability to reflect and articulate his reflections are really top notch.

    He ends with supportive lessons that could guide you and by this point you easily by into it because you have seen the author live through it.


  80. Leslie (verified owner)

    This book is so inspirational and just fantastic. Love reading it every morning before work to get my day going! I don’t want it to end!

  81. Melissa P. (verified owner)

    Couldn’t put this book down. I have be recommending to friends and a great real life journey!

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