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An indispensable guide to food, our most powerful tool to reverse the global epidemic of chronic disease, heal the environment, reform politics, and revive economies, from #1 New York Times bestselling author Mark Hyman, MD—”Read this book if you’re ready to change the world” (Tim Ryan, US Representative).

What we eat has tremendous implications not just for our waistlines, but also for the planet, society, and the global economy. What we do to our bodies, we do to the planet; and what we do to the planet, we do to our bodies.

In Food Fix, #1 bestselling author Mark Hyman explains how our food and agriculture policies are corrupted by money and lobbies that drive our biggest global crises: the spread of obesity and food-related chronic disease, climate change, poverty, violence, educational achievement gaps, and more.

Pairing the latest developments in nutritional and environmental science with an unflinching look at the dark realities of the global food system and the policies that make it possible, Food Fix is a hard-hitting manifesto that will change the way you think about—and eat—food forever, and will provide solutions for citizens, businesses, and policy makers to create a healthier world, society, and planet.

43 reviews for Food Fix: How to Save Our Health, Our Economy, Our Communities, and Our Planet–One Bite at a Time

  1. Patrick Hanaway (verified owner)

    Dr. Hyman is well-known as an author, teacher, clinician and visionary leader in the clinical domain of medicine. He has helped innumerable people through his books and work with his UltraWellness Center and founding the Cleveland Clinic Center for Functional Medicine. He is known to state that Functional Medicine is about “Changing the medicine we do . . . and changing the way we do medicine!”
    NOW he has brought this same vision and leadership to FOOD and our food system. It is all about “Changing the food we eat . . . and changing the way we get our food.”
    The thing that most impresses me about this book and Dr. Hyman is his indefatigable spirit that we can each make a difference in this world. He exemplifies it and shows us practical opportunities and calls to action.
    THANK YOU for this GIFT!

    pH, MD

  2. Cynthia Sarvai (verified owner)

    Dr. Hyman has a wonderful way of breaking down a complex topic and giving you bite size pieces. Just finished Food – What the heck to eat? and it was a wonderful example of this! Diving into this new book, Dr. Hyman does it again! I’m an avid follower of Dr. Hymans great wisdom and practical life still he speaks of all the time! If you are truly seeking to break your habits and do better – you can’t go wrong with this book!

  3. Anne Marie (verified owner)

    I’m a regenerative agriculture enthusiast, amateur soil biologist, and concerned environmentalist. I love Dr. Mark Hyman and his ability to accurately inform and eloquently explain such a sprawling topic is impressive. I’ve been waiting for a book like this for years! If you are on the fence about purchasing this book just do it. I guarantee there is something in here you haven’t heard before.
    If you like this book I highly recommended his podcast.

  4. TJW (verified owner)

    It brings together all of the statistics that have floated around in isolation and easy for the naysayers to esploit and try to dismiss. It is hard to get people to understand the broader picture about the how dismal the future is going to be if we don’t step up to try combat the corporate world that is controlling the mess. One bite at a time!

  5. Ashley Castillo (verified owner)

    Ive always had a struggle with my diet especially growing up only eating fast food for dinner most of the time because well we are surrounded by it (food deserts) and it was cheaper and easier. Anyway, reading this book really changed my perspective on what I put in my body and how that affects me and my environment. Thank you Dr. Hyman.

  6. Maxwell Manns (verified owner)

    This is a great solution to the incredible problem that we are facing in the world today. The good Dr. outlines a sustainable plan for our food system that needs to be changed at the consumer level because frankly, Big Ag, Big Food, Big Soda and have brainwashed our politicians and neither care.

    Thanx Dr.

  7. Dolf (verified owner)

    Warning, once you read this book, you will not be able to “unlearn the truth”. Also, once you know how to help fix the problems, it will be hard to walk away and do nothing! So thankful Dr. Hyman had the courage to write this book. Let’s get started repairing our health and our planet.

  8. Baseball fan (verified owner)

    His concern for our health and the health of the planet, all the things that concern most of us, make this a great read and a great step by step. Always my go to author when it comes to my health and the health of my family.

  9. Tim (verified owner)

    Every book Dr. Mark Hyman has written has been great! “Food Fix” is no different, it’s a great book along with his podcast “The Doctors Farmacy”! This book can really help you understand the problems with what most people are eating.
    Thank you for this book Dr. Mark Hyman!

  10. Judith Ann Smith (verified owner)

    I just started the book, but it has really opened my mind to how our thinking about food and farming needs to change. This shift has to happen in order to help us be healthy and to be kind to our planet.

  11. TLP (verified owner)

    I was so looking forward to the release of FOOD FIX! This book is a must read. Now is the time to unite in a movement to fix our food system.
    Dr Hyman is leading the way to the fix. I encourage every parent, grandparent to purchase this incredible book. Our children, grandchildren’s future nutrition, health depends on what we do now!
    Thank you Dr Hyman for educating us on something so very important.

  12. Mike Stephenson (verified owner)

    Food activists today speak urgently about the current crisis of our national and global food supply. I haven’t read anything as clearly factual about the situation yet resolutely optimistic about the comprehensive plan that Dr. Hyman lays out to his readers to solve the issues at hand. If you want to educate yourself AND have a clear sense of “what to do next”, this book is for you.

  13. Tess (verified owner)

    This is the most important book anyone could read right now. The bonus is that if you have not already changed your relationship and knowledge about food, this will change that! If you, like me, know the critical importance of the right food then this book will take you to the next level and beyond. Get it. Read it. Pass it on

  14. Connie E. (verified owner)


  15. Keri Badach (verified owner)

    This is probably the most important book of our time. Dr Hyman lays down the unfortunate facts about our current food system, as well as am intelligent and convincing solution to heal it, to heal ourselves and our planet. Let’s roll up our sleeves and work together to turn this all around.

  16. DiteP (verified owner)

    A much needed breakdown explaining the business of food, politics, and various systems as they pertain to health, healing our planet, our communities, and ourselves.
    An essential guide to taking good care, on all fronts. When you know better, you do better and in this case you will physically feel better, while helping the collective. For anyone who is in despair about the current state of affairs – fear not, this book will give you hope and very practical solutions that are both enlightening and empowering.

  17. A Smith (verified owner)

    Wow! What an amazing book full of life changing information. I was aware of the corruption in our future of system, but wasn’t aware of how bad it actually was. More importantly, I love the fact that solutions are given to the current crises in our health and environmental well I have already recommended this book to everyone I know, it’s extremely important for our future generations.

  18. Julia S (verified owner)

    Fabulous book! Dr Hyman communicates a wealth of information on a very complex topic in a clear and understandable way. While the topic can be overwhelming at times, Dr Hyman spells out the many steps, large and small, that we can choose to take to save the future of our food system, our health and our planet. This book should be mandatory reading for everyone…especially those who control our government and food systems. It is time for all to prioritize health over profits. Thank you for this wonderful resource!

  19. Margaret B. Paul (verified owner)

    This is a book I’ve been waiting for for a long time – it’s will blow you away! If your health and the health of our people, the health of our economy, and the health of our planet is important to you, then this is must reading.

  20. shorttail (verified owner)

    This is a book that all consumers should read. Provides useful information about what we eat, difficulties in labelling, the power of different lobby groups to influence what is presented in the marketplace. Surprised to learn that most of the undesirable outcomes are in fact paid unintentionally by taxpayers before food is consumed and then probably a lifetime in medical bills.

  21. Sarah Glass AUTHOR “Love the Foods That Set You Free” (verified owner)

    The book outlines the horrors of our food production system. The devastation of the current corporate food production on farmers, the land, the environment and ultimately the consumer. Cheap food for fast profits is killing us, and our land. However, the road out of the dilemma is described – but won’t be easy. Everyone who cares about their health and the health of our world, should read this.

  22. Maria (verified owner)

    This book is the real game-changer and everyone should read it. I will still give it 5 stars even though there was one flaw; it was written for Americans. A little more international point of view would have been nice.

  23. Iulia T (verified owner)

    the amount of information compiled in this books is impressive; if after one reads this book still believes that our food system and its policies are built for the care of the consumers then he/she is delusional. It is a very sad and depressing book: it illustrates to what extent people are ready to go for profit and money in this society and the level of decadency of the food industry!
    moral and ethical values are definitely not part of the values of the large food companies. one does not need to look too far to see that in this society the food labeling system is opaque and misleading and that many chemicals that are banned in Europe are not here. Earth is a living planet and our society is destroying it with large farm outs and chemicals day by day. we all can start small: being aware of what we buy and think beyond that piece of fruit/meat but how was produced and the impact on the environment. Thank you Dr. Hayman for your work for a healthier life and a better planet!

  24. spresi (verified owner)

    As a functional medicine registered dietitian, I’m well aware of many of the issues plaguing our healthcare and food systems. Even so, this book gave me so much new information. I will recommend this book far and wide, and I highly recommend it if you’re interested in learning about what’s wrong with our current system, and how you can help fix it. I rarely write reviews, but I can’t help myself. This book is fantastic.

  25. Glenno (verified owner)

    I have been following the author for years on podcasts and had to buy this book to take the deep dive into our food system. It helped me connect the dots of my piecemeal education. There is so much in here.

  26. JWood (verified owner)

    Dr. Hyman undertook the very ambitious task of expelling how our current food system in the world, but especially in the USA is damaging our climate, our soil, our water, our oceans, human physical & mental health and the health of all other living species, the decline of biodiversity, and ultimately the threat to our civilization’s survival. Maybe with some flaws, but overall, quite a masterful undertaking and result.

  27. vcraig (verified owner)

    I thought this book was going to be about nutrition, but it is more about food and agriculture and how the processes are impacting the planet. I teach environmental science, so plan to use several of the chapters as discussion topics in class as it has some great information. I really like Dr. Hyman and have one of his other books: “Food” and her has some GREAT information in that book and a diet program for healthier eating. He also has a podcast and website with some great information.

  28. Jenalee Paige (verified owner)

    This book is packed full of well-researched information about our food system. There is never a dull moment when reading because of the statistics and facts that are continuous throughout the book. I wish everyone in Congress and the White House would read this. It gives specific steps that not only government should do, but also what each individual person or family can do to help address climate change and healthier eating. I strongly recommend this to everyone, especially in the US.

  29. Erika (verified owner)

    Yes this book is hard and a bit long to read but do you know what is hardest? Having such a deep problem among us created by the big Ag and food companies and be totally and completely unaware of it. In this book Dr. Hyman exposes the industry and gives you the tools to understand that the only way through a healthy life and a healthy planet is food and fixing not only what we put in our mouths but what we as consumers demand and how we do it.

  30. Carole (verified owner)

    Lots of information and great food for thought!

  31. Harmony (verified owner)

    Extremely informative. It’s a shame more people are not interested in this We need to get everyone on the same page when it comes to our food and environment

  32. Yes, all 5 are mine! (verified owner)

    Very detailed explanation of all aspects of food production costs, lots we’ve been fed as a nation, and facts to support the claims. This would make a wonderful speech! I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 because I was expecting recipes to use food to fix me, not fixing food from its source. This is not a recipe book.

  33. Jack Bergdahl (verified owner)

    I went down the rabbit hole on what to eat and not. This book solved a lot of my thoughts. Specially that it is more important to look where and how the food is made and not only on the label. Just because it stands, for example plant based it doesn’t mean it’s a good choice for you.

  34. C. Newman (verified owner)

    As i have studied most of what is in the book for decades, I must say that this book has a wide scope, and if it doesn’t depress you to the level of becoming comatose, I think there is a lot here to work towards a better planet, and better health. For someone who is not familiar with many of these topics, it is easy to understand and an eye-opener. I believe many of us would do well to study this book in detail. It is definitely a very useful read.

  35. Greg Evans (verified owner)

    I chose the rating because the book exposes so many facets of what rampant capitalism has done to our country and our world and our health. This information really needs to be shared and taken seriously. I have already made some personal changes of my own and have been recommending the same to my friends and relatives.

  36. Juan (verified owner)

    Food Fix outlines the ways we can improve our medical system, economic issues and global climate change by addressing our food system. Loads of evidence given, and actionable steps outlined that actually individuals can do.
    I’ve read about 20 non-fiction books in the past year, and this easily feels like the most important one.

  37. gary bittner (verified owner)

    Very interesting book.

  38. Michael Brasch (verified owner)

    EVERYONE should read this book. It’s not about science of nutrition, it’s about the awareness of politics, money, and corruption around the food system and what solutions can be made in order to change it.

  39. Brittany (verified owner)

    This book is super eye opening and frustrating as well because changes NEED to happen.

  40. Laurie Farrell (verified owner)

    Easy read, hard to put down

  41. Doug (verified owner)

    Good read & resource book

  42. L. D. (verified owner)

    This book made me think a little differently about something I take for granted! This was less about dieting and healthy eating, and much more about the processes of production and distribution of food. I found it very interesting. I’ve long thought that the food we eat today is NOT the food my parents and grandparents ate, and this book confirms that for me. Clearly it is time to take a much closer look at public policy as regards our food supply. I’m thinking food gardening will be my next adventure.

  43. Babe (verified owner)

    Learn what’s really going on with global warming and how factory farms are under Big Agriculture

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