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The pioneering physician scientist behind the New York Times bestseller Eat to Beat Disease reveals the science of eating your way to healthy weight loss.

In his first groundbreaking book, Dr. William Li explored the world of food as medicine. By eating foods that you already enjoy, like tomatoes, blueberries, sourdough bread, and dark chocolate your body activates its five health defense systems to fight cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular, neurodegenerative autoimmune diseases, and other debilitating conditions.

Now in Eat to Beat Your Diet, Dr. Li introduces the surprising new science of weight loss, revealing healthy body fat can help you lose weight; your metabolism at 60 can be the same as when you were 20; yo-yo dieting can be good for your health; 8-hour fasting windows can be as effective as 12-hour fasting windows; and losing just a little bit of weight can have big impacts on your health. Eat to Beat Your Diet shows readers how adding the right foods to your diet can heal your metabolism, reduce unhealthy body fat, and result in the kind of weight loss that can increase your lifespan and help you thrive. Foods like:

Dark Chocolate
Purple Maize
Apple Cider Vinegar
Sea Bass
Green Tea
Soy Milk
Pomegranate Juice
Both informative and practical, Dr. Li offers a four-week meal plan for food lovers; easy food swaps and shopping tips; and more than a month of crowd-pleasing recipes.

43 reviews for Eat to Beat Your Diet: Burn Fat, Heal Your Metabolism, and Live Longer

  1. Carol K. (verified owner)

    You don’t have to read the entire book according to the author.

    Now that I’ve read what I’ve needed I’m ready to start making changes with my nutrition to help myself and I hope to improve my cognitive function and mental health as well as my children’s.

    Thank you Dr. Uma Naidoo for writing, “This Is Your Brain On Food An Indispensable Guide To The Surprising Foods That Fight Depression, Anxiety, PTSD, OCD, ADHD, And More. I first listened to your book from my library then bought a copy for myself and sent one to my adult son. I believe this will be most helpful and life changing to me as I’ve been struggling on medication for over 7 years now and am always looking for ways to get off of medication or take less because I take too much. I also hope in this new way of eating my body will start absorbing more vitamins and minerals than it has been in the last 7 years as I’ve been deficient in several even though I have tried to eat them and supplement them. Now I’m getting a shot for one. I just don’t want to take so many pills anymore or disabilities. I want a sense of normalcy back into my life. I want to love life and live my life to its fullest again!

  2. Cheryl Giles (verified owner)

    The story in unique, interesting. Use of words tasty in my mind, a poetic, melodious bent. Nicely descriptive to build moving pictures in your head as you read. Very fun! I have been checking for and waiting for book 3 with much anticipation.

  3. Greenfixit (verified owner)

    I’ve been devouring this book. The connection between the brain and gut is explained clearly with specific positive and negative effects of known foods and additives on mental health. Separate chapters for nine disorders are each thoroughly presented. Medications and therapy are always vital components that combine with nutrition to provide a fully effective mental health program.

  4. Jennifer (verified owner)

    Dr. Naidoo writes a thorough and well researched book for the lay reader. She stresses the gut brain connection’s importance in mental health.
    The more common disorders needs are carefully highlighted in terms of nutrients and food. This arms the reader with information rather than stigmatizing a condition. The recipes in the back are healthy and yummy!

  5. RR (verified owner)

    I want to write to Dr. William Li personally. I give him one million stars for his love intentions that I can read with each word. I do know somewhat about nutrition as I practiced the macrobiotic diet in the 90s. And since then, I have studied and read about nutrition and listened to doctors who are more interested in helping their patients know how they can control their own health and well-being with foods, primarily vegetables, including exercise and mental wellness. Therefore, as I was reading Dr. William Li’s book, he explained what the healthiest vegetables, fruits, condiments, seafood, teas, etc., are. I realized he tried to explain everything as clearly as possible to a wide variety of readers. The information was clear and straightforward, written so anyone could follow and understand – Anyone, even children. And I appreciate that as I have told people at times in my life who are trying to teach me something new to please explain it to me as if I was a young child. Nutrition is so information-dense; this kind of knowledge and understanding never ends. It is a subject that needs constant research and follow-up, although one has to be careful where the information comes from and that it is peer reviewed and also not written by the companies selling the products. Sometimes one has to make sure where to find and locate who sponsored, funded, or did the research. Was it the sugar industry, the meat industry, the dairy industry etc., only to be able to give slanted reporting in order to promote their products? Unfortunately, there is so much not to trust. However, Dr. William Li is the “Chief Executive Officer, President, and Medical Director of the Angiogenesis Foundation, a nonprofit organization he co-founded in 1994 to re-conceptualize health and fighting disease through angiogenesis, the process used by the body to grow and maintain blood vessels.” Dr. William Li, in this book, also reveals his own personal daily diet to us, and I also appreciated that. Then he explains the foods that are most beneficial for our health and why they are scientifically sound. The best part for me is that he even reveals the best daily portions that are recommended and easy to figure out, like 1/2 cup, etc., for example, instead of saying ” a serving.” However, even though the portions are not set in stone, it helps give the reader an idea of the amounts. Like most doctors who are trying to explain nutrition to us and have also done a terrific job, this book has helped me the most. And I appreciate his respect and love for us as he tries to explain about food as simply as possible so we can follow a healthy plan for ourselves. Thank goodness we have Dr. William Li and these other doctors who care so much about us. Dr. William Li has a very impressive foundation with the research to back it up. So, I want to say thank you, Dr. William Li, for helping me understand what to eat daily and what foods are the healthiest for me, and even how much of it to eat that would be most beneficial for my overall good health and weight control. And thanks for helping me feel like you are personally addressing me, almost like a loving father or grandfather. I hear your concern and love for all of us. Thank you.

  6. v-kat (verified owner)

    This book is great! I’m very grateful for the list of “good foods” and how they benefit. I have always been a healthy eater but my one bad habit (wine) I knew has harmed my gut health. And that I think is the main reason why my 66 year old metabolism has slowed down now. (And yeah I know, menopause too) But this book has great information, and explanations on what foods and drinks to take in to repair that damage. And even though I don’t eat practically all the stuff on the “bad food” list, I do appreciate seeing what they all are. I also practice intermittent fasting quite often and was pleasantly surprised finding some info about that in the book as well. The recipes provided look yummy and have simple ingredients. Another bonus! This book is just chock full of so much useful and solid information.

  7. D Rogers (verified owner)

    Like a lot of us, I hate taking medicines and believe we are what we eat. As I have gotten old I realize to some degree my body is now telling me, I put up with your abuse of all the wrong things you have done to me and if you do it any more I am going to hurt you! So after getting high blood pressure, high cholesterol, bad acid reflux I started trying many different things to improve my eating and my health. Of all the books I have read and all the diets I have been on, finally Dr Li “Eat to Beat Disease” and now “Eat to Beat Your Diet” have been a life saver (literally) as since I started on Dec of 2022, I have had amazing results with improved energy, stable stool, reduced acid reflux, better sleep and stead safe weight lose. It happens in a very easy natural way by just following Dr Li’s guidance the is carefully and simply explained and incorporating more and more foods targeted to help address my specific health issues I needed to address. I love the dosage and frequency of foods to eaten that is presented better in this latest book. My health is better at 76 then it has been in a long time, thanks for having reliable, well testing information from Dr Li that allows me to do all I can to control my on health destiny! Many you health and success be greatly improved as well by following his advise and I am so thankful my neighbor shared your first book with me, and now the whole family are healthier!

  8. N. Sharp (verified owner)

    I really like the way Dr. Li divides his book into the background science, the foods and then offers suggestions on how to personalize what I have just learned. I have only had the book for a few days, and will admit that I do jump back and forth between the first two sections because I really want to know more about the foods and how they are working for me. I will finish the first two sections before I try to develop a plan.

    The trip around the grocery store was very helpful for me. I have read many times to “shop the perimeter” because those center aisles are full of “bad” stuff, but Dr. Li took the time to call out all the good food that lurks on those shelves. As a senior on a limited budget, this certainly gives me more choices.

    Having only read about half the book so far, I may be back to comment more. I think this book is well worth the investment of your time. I keep “Eat to Beat Disease” next to my reading chair and refer to it often. I feel sure “Eat to Beat Your Diet” will also be a book to read and reread.

  9. Shamasi (verified owner)

    I caught part of a tv interview with Dr. Li promoting this book. I did a casual search and immediately decided to buy it. I’m so glad I did! His approach to weight loss and wellness is so positive and sensible! Unfortunately I’m a serial dieter and at 55(f) I was trying to decide which diet I wanted to return to to lose weight, and therefore which food groups I would have to eliminate. Dr. Li put me in a completely different mindset! Now I know that the foods I eat will actually help me to heal my body and lose weight! I’ve expanded my culinary horizons and enjoyed the tastiest meals! I’m not hungry all the time, I don’t feel deprived, and I’m losing weight! His approach to eating/life is 100% sustainable…and enjoyable!!
    Plus, he explains how it can compliment most any diet of choice. But to me Dr. Lie’s approach stands alone!

  10. kathy (verified owner)

    Dr Li is the real deal. I started by purchasing his Eat to Beat Disease and taking his online class. He is amazing with all the research and giving his knowledge to us. As a cancer patient Stage 3 fell upon Dr Li and followed the foods to eat and did infact beat my cancer without chemo, which I refused but did take radiation. Now I have purchased his new book, Eat to beat your Diet, which is bringing back all the excitement of digesting more of his research. Both these books are a must for living a happy healthy life. Food is thy Medicine not Medicine is thy Food. Don’t miss out on this book. You will love it and learn more than you ever dreamed. To your health Katie

  11. Conita (verified owner)

    This book has been an amazing sequel to Eat to Beat Disease! It explains so much about your body specifically. I am only on chapter 2 and have had so many 💡epiphany moments related to how and why my body works as it does. I do have a background in biology and nutrition. But I f you don’t understand all the fancy words and explanations, stick it out and simply change your eating habits to what Dr. Li recommends. He will not lead you wrong! You’ll only gain better health… your biggest asset. I’m waiting to see what he writes next!

  12. K Edwards (verified owner)

    The challenge is to put this book down! Dr. Li is incredible in his teaching and he gets you excited about cooking (again) and thinking in new ways! I’ve been in Medicine for 32 years and this is the best teaching about the best nutrition for our bodies and minds I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading! Bravo Dr. Li and I thank you deeply for taking the time to help us to be able to enrich and better our lives through all of this amazing research and work you have done FOR us! Kristina E. in Oregon

  13. Diane Dill (verified owner)

    This book is filled with amazing and cutting-edge information that is solidly backed by science. My husband and I are going to use this guidance to improve our health. Dr. Li is an amazing doctor, scientist, and teacher. He makes the complicated easy to understand and effortless to implement. I am very grateful for this bookl! You won’t regret buying the book, and if you implement the guidance, you will see your health improve, and perhaps your life will be extended.

  14. Ktm (verified owner)

    After a huge book promotion by the author and publisher, I picked this one up. I’m about halfway through it and I’m finding good information, but also some (what I consider to be) erroneous parts. Example- on page 112, the author describes a study where two groups of individuals were given a 1200 calorie diet for six weeks with different Asian or American) lunches. The author noted that, post study, one group lost 0.8 lbs and the other lost .5 lbs. Now I’m no expert, but I’d say those results are worthless if that’s all they lost in a 6 week period on a highly reduced caloric diet. Plus the fact that those results are basically the same. I’ve come across a few items like this that sort of make me feel like the book wasn’t proofread well. Aside from those, I am getting some good info on hormones as they relate to weight and satiety, plus how many foods affect our bodies. I’ll be interested in reading reviews from others with more knowledge then myself though

  15. Connie (verified owner)

    I don’t know if it’ll help w/weight loss, but it should help w/ eating healthy. I like that there are pages of extensive lists showing foods to avoid w/ food swaps right next to each other near the back of the book to make cleaning up your own personal food choices simple & easy. Everyone should be able to learn some things here. It seems to lean toward a Mediterranean diet & anti-inflammatory diet w/ some tweaks & twists. Since weight loss has a lot to do w/ WHY a person is overweight (eating too much/ wrong foods/ or hormonal issues), there are no guarantees. But it does try to address even the toughest weight loss issues (metabolic), so worth a shot to try. It’ll definitely get you on the food for better health path & get you to recognize the right things to shop for @ the grocery store in a more painless way. It isn’t saying to buy a bunch of stuff from health food stores or hard to get stuff or even to drastically change your whole diet. Looks to be everyday normal type foods & just making better choices for better health. Written in a simple everyday teaching way w/o being too scholarly & scientific to easily grasp. Full of versatility for personal likes & dislikes too. Very adaptable to the individual’s preferences & budget from what I can see so far. I’ll update this if my opinion of the book changes as I get deeper into the whole thing, especially the nitty gritty about getting down to actual weight loss & metabolic recovery.

  16. Deborah (verified owner)

    I love this informative book. Just finished, took notes and ready to read it again. The decades of “do eat this, don’t eat that” left me literally crying in frustration. This book is backed by studies that I can understand, including 1) What nutrients my body needs. 2) Exactly what effect these nutrients have on my body. 3) What foods contain those nutrients. 4) The specific results of tests proving the improved benefits in weight, BP, Blood Sugar and more. Highly recommended.

  17. JK (verified owner)

    After reading the book, I just gave it a shot thinking “what do I have to loose, Ive done everything else”. I Lost 20 lbs, or about 7% of my body weight in 2 weeks! I jumped the first step and went to 2nd step of fasting because when I ate better, I wasn’t hungry. I think seeing the science behind it and not some fitness guru helped me because when you are fed so much info on diet and diets, you get jaded and very skeptical. Also, Dr. Li loves food, and so does everyone who needs to loose weight. I didn’t want to hate my food, but if I can enjoy my food and be healthy, then it’s a no brainer. Thank you Dr. Li.

  18. NYCHGUY (verified owner)

    Everyone who wants good health should read this book.

  19. Kim G (verified owner)

    Look up Dr. Li’s video classes. You will run out and buy his books!! Love his format of first sharing the biology in layman’s simple terms, then reviewing best foods, then giving you a tool for planning meals. I’ve studied nutrition and his books are the very best!!

  20. Momma Bear (verified owner)

    William li is the best expert s on foods and health. He runs a food testing foundation for many years that actually test foods for their nutritional value. I got this book for a friend. I read it before I gave it to her. I found It is packed with so much detailed information. She is really going to like this book too. I highly recommend this product. It’s a thumbs-up for me.

  21. n marlene blevins (verified owner)

    I admire and respect Dr. Li, but I could have attained the same info from his YouTube videos and saved myself the price of the book.

  22. G. R. (verified owner)

    Science backed/evidence based reasons to make better food choices. Food is medicine. Combine this knowledge with a program like Zoe and your body will love you back.
    You MUST read Eat To Beat Disease and The Emotion Code too, to rid your body of ailments – cancer, digestive challenges, cardiovascular, kidney and liver, alzheimers diseases – BEGONE! Face it boomers, we need to lead the change.

  23. Jennifer (verified owner)

    I found this book very informative. It’s easy to understand and I believe most people can adapt many of the suggestions in this book for better health.

    I would recommend this book to anyone trying to improve their health.

  24. Madge Marley Howell (verified owner)

    I read about this book and Dr. Li in The Epoch Times several months ago. I liked what I read so I ordered the book. WOW! If you have struggled with diets, your weight, wondering what to eat and your overall health, then this is the book for you.

    Dr. Li breaks it all down to a real science with facts to back it up. However, the read is enjoyable and not overly scientific.

    Dr. Li even addresses behaviors such as when you go out to eat at a restaurant or dine at a friends home, making sound suggestions on how to approach the meal/menu prior to taking your first bite. It sounds simple but his recommendations hit home in a way I have never had other so-called diets do. This book is NOT a diet. This book explains foods to you, how they affect your overall health, and then you can choose to eat how you want to eat, knowing how the foods will affect you.

    Now I know how foods affect my body when I eat them. It is as simple as that. I found myself reading many portions of this book aloud to my husband and what I read rang true to him, too. We have completely revamped our eating habits and we are reaping many rewards because of it.

    The foods we are now eating taste wonderful, our overall feeling of health has vastly improved, and we are both losing weight. I have only 5-6 more pounds to go to reach my ideal weight. (I am finally off processed sugar and it was painless.)

    I’ve told so many of my friends and coworkers about this book. If you truly want to change your life and eat to honor the God-given earthly vessel you were blessed with, you will buy this book and read it.

    My copy is very marked up and highlighted. Also, the many lists and recipes Dr. Li provides, especially those fat-fighting foods he says we need to eat, are helpful. I cannot say enough good things about this invaluable resource regarding food. I have learned so much and relished reading every word of the book. I find I pick it up often to revisit certain sections and as reminders.

    I am now considering buying his first book, Eat to Beat Disease!

    Thank you, Dr. Li. My quality of life has changed in large part due to your book, Eat to Beat Your Diet. Food will NEVER be the same to me going forward.

    FYI: I am 65, exercise daily, drink 120 ounces of alkaline Kangen water daily, and take no medications. I am thankful.

  25. Deborah (verified owner)

    I liked the information about food. It’s written in an easy way to understand.

  26. Colleen C. (verified owner)

    Good book, scientifically backed, not a light read (due to the science) but full of good information, clearly explained. It offers an easy sustainable “non-diet,” yet effective, nutritional plan to follow!

  27. Jay (verified owner)

    Very informative

  28. Higgins (verified owner)

    Good information, but not a lot of new information.

  29. NE (verified owner)

    I have learned a lot from the book. I set a goal of reading 10 pages a day, for I have found books like this boring to read, but I enjoy reading this book.

  30. Rachel newell (verified owner)

    This book is so well written and I’ve seen his interview which inspired me to get the book. It’s a game changer regarding toxic food recognition and a simplistic yet informative way to learn how the body utilizes the food we eat and what that food actually does to our body

  31. DebbieWilson (verified owner)

    Full of great information.

  32. JDK (verified owner)

    Very interesting read, but what it boils down to is just learning to eat healthy, real foods, fresh food.
    No premade food less preservatives, and lay off the fast food! Learn to make fresh foods at home, and you can live a healthier life and loose weight!

  33. tab (verified owner)

    A Must Read! Very informative

  34. retired teacher (verified owner)

    Dr. Li presents excellent scientific and relevant information important for our health in an understandable and entertaining manner.

  35. 1Creeksidegal (verified owner)

    After seeing Dr Li on YouTube, I had to get this book! It’s not some fad diet book. It’s real factual, scientific data on how your body utilizes certain chemicals in foods to burn fat. Dr. Li explains it all-what foods will do what and it’s not only informative, it’s interesting! Personally I find this book to be life changing and combining this information with a sensible eating plan like Weight Watchers or any plan, will really help you to stay successful by being able to eat these over 150 Fat burning foods, that frankly on my WW plan, are “free”” foods. I guess you have to be on WW to know what that means. Let’s just suffice it to say, NO MATTER WHAT diet plan you use or are even considering -this book is the tool to help you succeed.

  36. Marisa Villanueva (verified owner)

    Getting health on track

  37. kj1 (verified owner)

    Popular book revived quickly and in perfect condition!

  38. Wrens 13 (verified owner)

    The knowledge that teaches me how to keep the Brain healthy

  39. Dara Lee Simmons (verified owner)

    This book is full of references of soldiers to back his claims

  40. Shy person (verified owner)

    Helps you to understand how diet affects your brain and nervous systems. Much information you can put to good use. Like certain B vitamins for carpal tunnel issues.

  41. Trudy Ward (verified owner)

    Easy to read and understand!

  42. Another Customer (verified owner)

    This book contains some interesting points-of-view about certain trends in the MedDiet. Folks will need to read it and decide whether or not a lot of the info pertains to them. Can’t hurt. Some of the recipes seemed a little fussy, though.

  43. Danielle M (verified owner)

    I am really loving the content of this book, however, all the QR codes in the book for additional resources do not work. I am really disappointed that there doesn’t seem to be a fix for it. Any help would be appreciated.

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