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From your first 5k up to trail marathon level, this is the ultimate guide to trail running.

From complete beginners to seasoned off-road runners, The Ultimate Trail Running Handbook has all the training and nutrition advice, skills, gear and motivation you need to become a fit and confident trail runner.

There are training plans that take newcomers from 5k parkrun level all the way to a first trail marathon. And if you’re already an experienced runner, you’ll find the strength-work, injury prevention moves and training plans to take you to the next level with your best performance ever. To keep you enjoying every step, there are inspiring stories from real trail runners and the best advice from top off-road athletes, coaches and experts. Running myths are busted, excuses not to run are countered and there are great ideas to get friends and family our on the trails too.

Keeping you going strong, there are over 30 easy recipes to fuel you both in training and racing. And if you want to explore more, the navigation and route planning information makes it easy for you to create an exciting off-road adventure.

Trail running is such a wonderful way to see the world, so the final chapter covers the best races from all over the globe, with essential advice from the pros. This book arms you with the best possible chance of achieving your next trail running challenge, whether it’s a fast time on a well-loved local hill, or a destination race to be savored in New Zealand. If you’re a trail runner or would like to become one, this book is your new best friend.

30 reviews for The Ultimate Trail Running Handbook: Get fit, confident and skilled-up to go from 5k to 50k

  1. Julian (verified owner)

    Great book laid out really well, very helpful book from beginners all the way through to experienced runners.

  2. Pippic (verified owner)

    I’m new to trail running (and running too) and its a great book, with loads of info – kit, training tips, nutrition, plans, etc. Really well thought out x

  3. Luke B. (verified owner)

    Was looking to take up trail running. It gave excellent information for me and good learning points.

  4. Spider Monkey Dickie (verified owner)

    Really informative and useful book to have as a reference point to trail running.

  5. s newberry (verified owner)

    As a newbie to trail running and ultra marathons I’ve found the content of this book both inspirational and a rich resource knowledge for all things trail and ultras. From basic kits to a training programme this book has everything. This is also grounded in the insights and stories from real running not just the elites.
    A book to read from cover to cover and then go back and pick on the bits you need at the time, one for future reference.

  6. Mike Cordiner (verified owner)

    Fantastic book with everything you need. Well worth it

  7. y pope (verified owner)

    Well laid out chapters, good information on a variety of topics – running technique, diet, footwear etc. Liked the route suggestions, some I may never do but nice to read about them. I like how the book caters to runners of all abilities.

  8. Martin Wood (verified owner)

    Well written and instructive book on trail running by Clare Maxted. Good for beginners and more experienced runners wanting to get out on the trails.

  9. Jason Nock (verified owner)

    Great book to gain knowledge from, full of useful information.

  10. Ady Gray (verified owner)

    One of the easiest to follow books on the progression from beginner to ultra runner. Clear; concise; informative; guiding and all in a user friendly package

  11. Mr O. (verified owner)

    This is a great book. I really could have done with this when I first started running, especially as an extra mature newbie wondering if I was crazy starting trail running in my late 40’s? It’s logically laid out and contains all the practical information you need to get going in trail running. There are lots of useful photos which is great. I also like the “Trail Hacks” and “My Story” sections. The page layouts are very clear and logical, which make lots of information available at a quick glance.

  12. Tsarvo (verified owner)

    Great book. Really interesting.

  13. Mrs G Hay (verified owner)

    Great advice for all; whether you’re just starting running, transitioning from road to trail, or considering an ultra. Well written with inspiring anecdotes & info. Well rounded training plans for all levels & helpful strength & flexibility guidance make this a handbook for daily use. Love it

  14. A B (verified owner)

    Really good no nonsense intro to the world of trail running. Makes this type of running accessible and not just the domain of record-breakers or UTMB runners! Enjoyed all the chapters and suggestions, definitely recommend.

  15. Bob Dog (verified owner)

    Claire Maxted has spent the better part of her media career in and around Trail Running. First as an editor for a popular Trail Running Magazine, and later as the host of her own YouTube Channel “Wild Ginger Running.” She is a person who naturally attracts some of the finest people involved in the sport of trail running, as well as most of it’s finest performers. One could have said about Ms. Maxted, “She wrote the book on Trail Running.” So I imagine, one day last year perhaps with the opportunity provided by the covid-19 restrictions, she apparently decided to ACTUALLY write the book on Trail Running!

    She herself has run a wide variety of races primarily in UK and Europe. Not always successful (read and watch her experience in the “Cape Wrath Ultra”), and a self-confessed “middle of the pack” runner, this is far from just another elite athlete story. This is a handbook for real, average people just like you and me. Five years ago, before I started my trail running, I weighed 250 lbs (almost 18 stone). Today I weigh 198 pounds (almost 14 stone), and although I discovered “The Ultimate Trail Running Handbook,” after this initial weight loss, I am counting on it for help with my next goal to lose another 20 pounds (1.5 stone).

    In this book, Ms. Maxted shares nearly everything anyone could possibly want to know about trail running. With her wonderful values, extensive experience, and powerful skills as a communicator, she has published a book that is visually appealing with lovely graphic variety, and it’s just fun to read.

    I have completed four different 50K races, and I aspire to a 50 mile someday. Five years ago, I NEVER would have imagined that I’d be an ultra trail runner. I struggled through short runs and five miler only occurred when I locked myself out of the car after a three miler! But gradually, with patience, a love for being outdoors, music in my headphones, a modest sense of humor laughing at myself, I slowly built up my endurance. If I can squeeze it in, I LOVE to run 6-9 miles on the local trails after work, alone, or with friends of all ages, both genders, and all skill levels.

    I cannot imagine a better book to have had when I started my trail journey. I am not fast. Because of this, I chose trail running (vs. road running) because trail running frees me from the pressure of comparing times and pace. If there is a fundamental message in Claire’s “Ultimate Trail Running Handbook,” it is a value for enjoying the experience itself.

    I believe as humans we were all born to run. So start walking. Buy this book. And enjoy the journey!!

  16. CX (verified owner)

    A brilliant book on the subject. Suitable for absolute beginners through to those of us who’ve spent years hill running. Some useful recipes, nutrition information and running advice but my favourite parts were the stretches, strength training and training plans. Definitely recommended for anyone interested in trail running.

  17. Alex M. (verified owner)

    Fantastic book. Just started trail running and this book has been so valuable in helping develop. Would highly recommend to anyone regardless of your level.

  18. Steve callister (verified owner)

    After a break of a few years I have decided to start running again. I’m always keen to have a book or two for reference and motivation lying around and so I decided to order this book after seeing Claires YouTube channel wild ginger running. In the past I have had many books and manuals about running and triathlon and I must say this is by far the best I have ever seen. It is packed full of information, has great training plans (can’t wait to finish my c25k NHS app to start the plans in the book) and literally covers every topic I think you may need to look at when trail running. The book is light hearted and easy to read but that in no way detracts from the knowledge you can gain by reading it. One of the main things I love is how much the book isn’t about getting faster and faster, but about enjoying your time out running!

  19. Mark Bellis (verified owner)

    I’m a 50 year old newbie to trail running and this book is absolutely brilliant at explaining everything so even I can understand. Definitely worth it.

  20. john hopkin (verified owner)

    Very interesting, lots of relevant content, nice pics.

  21. Natalie (verified owner)

    Claire is full of knowledge and wisdom and it flows right off the page. I was torn between reading and getting out on the trails. I’m a newbie but this book covers it all and has a range of training plans. The hardest thing is choosing one! All the information you need is in one handy and easily digestible place. You can dip in and out for the elements that matter to you or move through the book. I shared it with a friend from run club who’s been on the trails for years and he even found it useful so buy it and enjoy your running and exploring!

  22. Nicola R Murphy (verified owner)

    I was keen to develop my running and chose this book to learn about trail running . It did not disappoint lots of stuff I hadn’t considered before , set out simply and clearly . Good training plans, nutrition information , advice on trail gear , races, cross training etc lots of really great stuff even for seasoned runners . I have continued to refer and dip into it and am training for my first trail race !

  23. Rhys (verified owner)

    Amazing book, well written and lots of great advice

  24. P. Brown (verified owner)

    One of the better books out there.

  25. Ludovico da Cunha Blasczyk (verified owner)

    estou começando a ler muito completo abordagem tem de tudo um pouco motivação alimentação trinos equipamentos, para o Brasil preço um pouco salgado, mas otima qualidade.

  26. Theresa Silvestro (verified owner)

    I really enjoyed reading this book. It was gifted to me during my recovery with covid and it kept me looking forward to getting back in the trails. It’s an easy read with great insight and tips. The training plans are very detailed and super useful.

  27. C. Bleasdale (verified owner)

    A nice book, bought as a birthday gift. Sadly, it did get rather bent/dog eared during delivery but as it was for a gift I never had time to send it back. Hopefully it won’t detract from the recipient’s enjoyment.

  28. Mcvr (verified owner)

    Excellent livre sur le trail running. Les conseils sont utilisables aussi en course à pieds classique. Nombreux exercices illustrés pour le renforcement, le stretching etc. Conseils nutrition et équipements. J’adore ce livre.

  29. Philippe (verified owner)

    If you are starting trail running then this book is for you. Lots of hints and tips to start off on the right foot. Since the author is from the UK some of the content is somewhat oriented for UK readers but this in not a problem at all. Overall a good book book with a lot of advice that you can apply at different stages of your progression.

  30. Paul Musson (verified owner)

    A very in depth approach on information for all trail runners wanting to learn more and increase there mileage runs This is the ideal book that that takes you stage by stage to help you progress your trail running venture This is a must read for all of our trail running community

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