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Eat for your mental health and learn the fascinating science behind nutrition with this “must-read” guide from an expert psychiatrist (Amy Myers, MD).

Did you know that blueberries can help you cope with the aftereffects of trauma? That salami can cause depression, or that boosting Vitamin D intake can help treat anxiety?

When it comes to diet, most people’s concerns involve weight loss, fitness, cardiac health, and longevity. But what we eat affects more than our bodies; it also affects our brains. And recent studies have shown that diet can have a profound impact on mental health conditions ranging from ADHD to depression, anxiety, sleep disorders, OCD, dementia and beyond.

A triple threat in the food space, Dr. Uma Naidoo is a board-certified psychiatrist, nutrition specialist, and professionally trained chef. In This Is Your Brain on Food, she draws on cutting-edge research to explain the many ways in which food contributes to our mental health, and shows how a sound diet can help treat and prevent a wide range of psychological and cognitive health issues.

Packed with fascinating science, actionable nutritional recommendations, and 40 delicious, brain-healthy recipes, This Is Your Brain on Food is the go-to guide to optimizing your mental health with food.

45 reviews for This Is Your Brain on Food: An Indispensable Guide to the Surprising Foods that Fight Depression, Anxiety, PTSD, OCD, ADHD, and More

  1. Debbie (verified owner)

    “This Is Your Brain on Food” explains what foods can positively or negatively affect your brain health. The author covered depression, anxiety, PTSD, ADHD, dementia, brain fog, insomnia, fatigue, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, OCD, and libido. For each problem, she talked about scientific studies using nutrition to treat the issue, cases that she’s treated successfully, and advice about what foods should be avoided and what foods help heal the problem. About a fifth of the book was some recipes along with cooking advice for people that are beginners at cooking. Since I’m interested in food as medicine, I’ve heard some of this advice before. She generally recommended whole food over refined foods and getting your nutrition from food rather than supplements. Overall, I’d recommend this book to those who want to try changing their diet to heal. However, she doesn’t mention avoiding GMO’s even though she does recommend canola oil and soy foods. I strongly suggest anyone eating those foods buy organic or become informed about genetically modified foods.

    I received an ebook review copy of this book from the publisher through NetGalley.

  2. Amrita Mankani (verified owner)

    As a psychiatrist myself, I wish everyone would read this book! For too long, the contribution of diet to our mental health has been ignored. Dr. Naidoo goes several steps further than the typical “eat vegetables, don’t eat sugar” and provides actionable advice for both general brain health and specific disorders. It’s written in a clear, conversational format that’s easy to follow for both laypeople and those who are more scientifically-minded. I’ve already sent a copy of the book to family, and will be recommending it to my patients as well. This one deserves more than five stars.

  3. Diana and Alex (verified owner)

    I picked up this book because I’ve been curious about the emerging science linking diet and brain health. I came away with so much powerful knowledge, and an unexpected bonus: recipes to try! This book is really nicely organized across specific areas of mental health, so you can quickly navigate to the sections of most interest first. The cheat sheets and summaries are particularly helpful. Highly recommended!

  4. Katlady (verified owner)

    With our being, as Dr. Naidoo puts it, in a “mental health mess” in our country, and with COVID-19 making it worse, this book couldn’t be more timely. Our appreciation of the close relationship between our bodies and minds is long overdue, and this book helped me understand the science underlying it. The application to particular conditions was helpful, and the recipes made the information user-friendly. If there was ever a time to dedicate ourselves to taking care of our whole selves through our food, it is now!

  5. wine lover (verified owner)

    Organized largely by symptoms or disorders (depression, anxiety, etc.), This is Your Brain on Food presents a broad overview of the effects of dietary pattens, specific foods, and nutrients on brain function and mood. What it lacks in depth, it makes up for in breadth. I personally prefer a similar book, Brain Changer by Felice Jacka, an Australian researcher who is one of the leading researchers in the field, as it goes into these topics in more depth.

  6. Kandarp Shah (verified owner)

    This is Your Brain On Food by Dr. Uma Naidoo, is a game changer. If a psychiatrist had a prescription pad for “food as medicine” to treat some of the most common mental health conditions like anxiety, ADHD, PTSD, OCD, etc this book would be the prescriber’s training guide. Each chapter highlights a specific condition and digs deeper into targeted foods; some common like Avacado, Dark Chocolate, and some not so common like Saffron. Did you know Saffron is an effective anti-depressant and also has libido boosting properties? I did not. I mean that’s like killing two birds with one stone as anti-depressants often reduce or interfere with sex drive. The book also has a chapter on vitamins and minerals from food sources targeted specifically to boost brain health. If you are interested in anything pertaining to brain health, this book deserves an important spot on your bookshelf. Read up!

  7. Erin K (verified owner)

    I read allll the books on mental health. As a certified nutrition coach, I am fascinated by all things gut/brain. This book will become one of my most-referenced in my library, I am sure of it. I love how it’s divided by diagnosis, and there are practical nutrition suggestions as well as supplement ideas. The recipes are all an amazing bonus as well. I highly recommend, whether you are new to the idea of food for mood or if you’ve been studying up on this for years like I have!

  8. Diane M Pedrosa (verified owner)

    This Is Your Brain On Food is a very readable treatise on how food effects the mental and physical body. It starts with medical information that isn’t overly scholarly and moves into how we can eat better to impact our mental and physical health.
    I especially appreciated the chapter on the kitchen, simple cooking tools, shopping and recipes that for the most part, use few and easily acquired ingredients.
    Recommended reading.

  9. Mellissa Westbrooks (verified owner)

    A very eye opening and fascinating book! Well written and backed by science. I also love that the author includes recipes and tips for cooking. I highly recommend this for anyone looking for adjunct therapies for a variety of mental illnesses. As a nurse and someone who has experienced depression herself, I am a firm believer in nutrition and not just the western model of a pill for every ill. Nutrition education should be mandatory for every citizen! This would greatly transform the healthcare industry as we know it. The vast majority of illnesses are lifestyle choice related and primarily diet related.

  10. Stef (verified owner)

    Highly recommended for all readers. Very easy to understand written in a clear and positive manner. Life hacks that we should all implement in our day to day living. Eat well and feel well. Evidence grounded in science with immediate, tangible results!

  11. Polaris (verified owner)

    Dr. O’Bryan does a great job of tying autoimmune diseases and all those aches and pains back to what we eat and the microbiome. His explanations are very clear and his examples and case studies show that we can turn around autoimmune diseases. Best of all he explains how we’re all on the road to an autoimmune disease with our SAD (standard American diet) food choices. He offers recipes, menu plans and encouragement. Definitely worth the read and to share with loved ones.

  12. Margaret K McGonegle (verified owner)

    I read this because of the doctor’s credentials. It’s important to me that food advice is evidence based. I loved the case studies. It’s straight forward and has already made a difference for my condition. I’d love a follow up book of recipes.

  13. Michelle Schacherer (verified owner)

    This book has you covered so that along with therapy and sometimes medication, you can use nutrition to help your brain heal faster. The author goes over the most common mental disorders and how your gut and what you eat can help or make symptoms worse.

  14. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I have met Dr. Naidoo and found this book to be an extension of what I know of her….it is a combination of well-described clinical knowledge from a very bright woman, but also includes compassionately told personal anecdotes and descriptions of real people which make the clinical facts more real. Once one has the basic understanding of Dr. Naidoo’s description of the gut/brain correlation , one can leaf through the book and hone in on a specific illness and suggested foods that may help alleviate symptoms. The recipes at the end of the book are arranged per specific condition -but honestly all the recipes sound delicious, are not complex and are very healthy!! A excellent book to keep on the shelf not for only clinical reference and understanding, but for the delicious sounding, uncomplicated recipes!

  15. L A Boston (verified owner)

    Thank you, Dr. Uma Naidoo, for this wonderful resource! I have used the book personally, at home, and have also suggested it to many of my friends and family, as well as to clients in my psychology practice. The book is divided into logical sections that have direct applications for mood, anxiety, sleep, ADHD, libido, etc, and the material is easy to access and apply, with reference to really solid empirical data.

  16. Linda A. (verified owner)

    LOVED THIS READ! I’ve been independently studying the CB Neuroscience for the last 4 years and this book helped highlight more and more that plant-based living is the key to a long, healthy and disease free life.

  17. Francine A. Mittenthal (verified owner)

    Amazing!!!! Had a tiny delivery issue that was no ones fault and the seller handled it with ease and grace. So excited to start reading but the book came in perfect condition and packaged carefully.

  18. Maryellen (verified owner)

    This book provides a wealth of knowledge regarding brain/psychological health and diet. Written by a Nutritional psychiatrist, she knows her stuff and explains the science behind what we eat and how it affects us in an easily understandable manner

  19. Filipe (verified owner)

    Although a book does not substitute regular visits to a medician and a nutritionist, this is a great read on the “health” subject. It has good reminders and interesting tips, besides mouth-watering recipes.

    Healthy exercising along a balanced routine, appropriate rest and nice eating habits are crucial to prevention and treatment of adverse conditions and eventual diseases. These can also build resilience and boost individual lifestyles and community’s well-being.

    I think that fasting is also a good experience, sometimes, as it helps me to value the food I eat and gives both body and mind a different condition.

    Definitely, a nice reading.

  20. r (verified owner)

    Certainly some other options to look at more seriously as the future unfolds. Would like to see other professionals after adequate and customary testing diligently aspire to mine out other possible sources of a problem as opposed to treating symptoms and putting patients on the usual treatment conveyor belt.

  21. Bruce (verified owner)

    Right now the wife is reading it. She seems to like it. I’ll read it next. She says she’s already found some good information and that it’s worth the cost.

  22. Eric (verified owner)

    Recommended if you want a better understanding of how gut health is important for brain function. Easy to understand. Great food sources listed and recipes. Been incorporating more probiotics into my nutrition plan and have noticed positive effects.

  23. Jessie Kropf (verified owner)

    This books looks like a good read but when I received it there are black and orange marks all over the cover. Really disappointed…it was supposed to be a christmas present for someone and it doesn’t look as pretty.

  24. Candace K. Meinders (verified owner)

    The book was for me as I have been diagnosed as having a mental illness. I liked reading the book and took many copies of the recipes. I shared the book with at least four others and feel it is good reading for those in my company as many co-workers also have a mental illness.

  25. JenLNose (verified owner)

    I enjoyed reading this book. The author offers in-depth explanations for why certain foods/vitamins are essential for combating mental illness. It was enlightening!

  26. purplecardinal (verified owner)

    Great reading to get healthy.

  27. Taxes in Texas (verified owner)

    Although by a different author, this book closely follows the same structure used by Perlmutter (review on the book jacket) in his books on “nutritionism”. This one is written in a more pragmatic perspective for the average consumer trying to understand nutrition.

    Very educational but would benefit the reader if the sources of funding for the numerous studies were disclosed.

  28. A.Nelson (verified owner)

    Feed your gut to have a solid mind. Clear your head to have a healthy gut. They go hand in hand. This book is awesome and everyone should have one!

  29. Louis Gonzalez (verified owner)

    This book is very informative and helpful!

  30. Chriss Larson (verified owner)

    Really easy read with great information, there’s a reference on cover for several mental health conditions, but this book is for everyone with a brain! Highly recommend this life style of eating and knowledge is game changer… the changes are easily implemented no big changes big rewards I suggest give if go and notice the immediate good feeling you get but these simple recipes.

  31. Carol K. (verified owner)

    You don’t have to read the entire book according to the author.

    Now that I’ve read what I’ve needed I’m ready to start making changes with my nutrition to help myself and I hope to improve my cognitive function and mental health as well as my children’s.

    Thank you Dr. Uma Naidoo for writing, “This Is Your Brain On Food An Indispensable Guide To The Surprising Foods That Fight Depression, Anxiety, PTSD, OCD, ADHD, And More. I first listened to your book from my library then bought a copy for myself and sent one to my adult son. I believe this will be most helpful and life changing to me as I’ve been struggling on medication for over 7 years now and am always looking for ways to get off of medication or take less because I take too much. I also hope in this new way of eating my body will start absorbing more vitamins and minerals than it has been in the last 7 years as I’ve been deficient in several even though I have tried to eat them and supplement them. Now I’m getting a shot for one. I just don’t want to take so many pills anymore or disabilities. I want a sense of normalcy back into my life. I want to love life and live my life to its fullest again!

  32. JW (verified owner)

    I would give this book a 5/5 but it arrived with a rip in the cover, it has stains on it and it’s dirty. Definitely not what I would expect from a new book.

  33. Debra McNeff (verified owner)

    I found this book so interesting and informative! The food we eat is important to more than just the body but also the brain and Uma explains these correlations so well!

  34. Cheryl Giles (verified owner)

    The story in unique, interesting. Use of words tasty in my mind, a poetic, melodious bent. Nicely descriptive to build moving pictures in your head as you read. Very fun! I have been checking for and waiting for book 3 with much anticipation.

  35. Martial (verified owner)

    A thorough, yet easy to understand, explanation of why we should eat what we should eat. Recipe and diet tips included.

  36. Greenfixit (verified owner)

    I’ve been devouring this book. The connection between the brain and gut is explained clearly with specific positive and negative effects of known foods and additives on mental health. Separate chapters for nine disorders are each thoroughly presented. Medications and therapy are always vital components that combine with nutrition to provide a fully effective mental health program.

  37. Daniel Pesut (verified owner)

    Insights and action steps to support mental and physical health through intentional food choices! Recipes to support strategies for behavior change !

  38. William F. Sullivan (verified owner)

    the foods to avoid

  39. Jennifer (verified owner)

    Dr. Naidoo writes a thorough and well researched book for the lay reader. She stresses the gut brain connection’s importance in mental health.
    The more common disorders needs are carefully highlighted in terms of nutrients and food. This arms the reader with information rather than stigmatizing a condition. The recipes in the back are healthy and yummy!

  40. R. J. Zellaha (verified owner)

    This is what I would call a mostly filler book, it’s full of anecdotal stories that support the things going forward,
    it holds back on a lot of important information that’s in many other books, that this basically just recycles and it’s very repetitive,
    where other books that
    provide the same information and more detailed information and more information that she’s completely left out,
    those other books are roughly the same size with more information
    ,because of this now I’m guessing she’s writing for people who read books but don’t actually study when they read most of the time,
    that’s my guess, I don’t know, they got her to sell a bunch of books and if it gets you to do the right thing who the f*** gives a s*** what I have to say
    I know I don’t
    but I would be lying if I didn’t say what’s the truth:
    there are far better books on this
    so if you have read this, you’ve probably read the others and know this,
    or if you haven’t, get out there and read, she’s leaving out a ton of information, in place of recipes buying kitchen items and here’s the story of this person who did person things and they had person reactions and then we eventually worked on the person and the person became better… the end, repeat repeat repeat, and also weirdly have no sources for the “recent study” that always goes unnamed, dispite the wonderful sources on everything else….

    I learned what to look for in my writing, so thank you author.

  41. Jay (verified owner)

    Very informative

  42. Thomas Yokum (verified owner)

    This book is a great guide to how and why foods effect your mental health.

  43. kj1 (verified owner)

    Popular book revived quickly and in perfect condition!

  44. Wrens 13 (verified owner)

    The knowledge that teaches me how to keep the Brain healthy

  45. Shy person (verified owner)

    Helps you to understand how diet affects your brain and nervous systems. Much information you can put to good use. Like certain B vitamins for carpal tunnel issues.

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