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The newest edition of the most trusted nutrition bible.

Since its first, highly successful edition in 1996, The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Complete Food and Nutrition Guide has continually served as the gold-standard resource for advice on healthy eating and active living at every age and stage of life. At once accessible and authoritative, the guide effectively balances a practical focus with the latest scientific information, serving the needs of consumers and health professionals alike. Opting for flexibility over rigid dos and don’ts, it allows readers to personalize their own paths to healthier living through simple strategies. This newly updated Fifth Edition addresses the most current dietary guidelines, consumer concerns, public health needs, and marketplace and lifestyle trends in sections covering Choices for Wellness; Food from Farm to Fork; Know Your Nutrients; Food for Every Age and Stage of Life; and Smart Eating to Prevent and Manage Health Issues.

30 reviews for Academy Of Nutrition And Dietetics Complete Food And Nutrition Guide, 5th Ed

  1. BAR112 (verified owner)

    Excellent, authoritative, all-encompassing book about all things food and nutrition. Great reference!

  2. Mom of 2 (verified owner)

    Love this new edition! I am a college professor and highly recommend this as a supplemental text for my intro nutrition students.

  3. Yup (verified owner)

    It is suprisingly hard to find a book on diet that isn’t trying to push A diet. This one seems pretty agnostic.

  4. Michael D. De Priest (verified owner)

    Very well-written guide to latest nutrition information.

  5. Phil C. (verified owner)

    It’s nice to read a nutrition book that doesn’t have an agenda, is just facts, and let’s me draw my own conclusions about my health from there.
    This is a great overview & introduction in the nutrition & dietetics field and is a great industry reference for anyone wanting to understand more about the profession and how diet plays into the western-medicine philosophy.

  6. Avid Reader (verified owner)

    This book is an incredible and comprehensive resource. The relationship between food and body is fascinating and this book has become my go to reference whenever I have a question.

  7. Carlos L.yunes (verified owner)

    basico para prparar mis clases

  8. A.M. (verified owner)

    a must for anyone interested in nutrition

  9. Sandee B Eidson (verified owner)

    excellent book,

  10. Vanessa (verified owner)

    Covers everything you need

  11. Brian Johnson (verified owner)

    This is a good reference tool. Covers everything.

  12. coffieemann (verified owner)

    If you want nutritional values are looking at a change and that his book has way more information than I ever wanted to
    Knowvery complete

  13. Ben clemens (verified owner)

    Just what I needed

  14. Rawan (verified owner)

    I just started scanning the textbook i think its really good

  15. Edilda Castroverde (verified owner)

    The material is not so resistant

  16. Al (verified owner)


  17. Raven Fieri, DVM (verified owner)

    Really thick and well written book on eating right and why. I took a dietician class when in college and have been eating healthy ever since. My friend, however eats the wrong things and can’t understand why he’s overweight and sluggish. I bought it for him to get an education on healthy eating. Hope he reads it. It’s very informative.

  18. Nancy A. Nadeau (verified owner)

    This book is comprehensive and scientific. It is also easy to read plus a good reference for the future.

  19. svk1314 (verified owner)

    This book has a lot of useful and interesting food and nutrition related information that you won’t stop reading for a long period once you start reading. It’s a keepsake not just for a dietitian in practice but for everyone who is interested in learning about some evidence based nutritional information relevant to general health and some useful tips.

  20. Cynthia Wilson (verified owner)

    An amazing and comprehensive resource on health and nitrition.

  21. SHELLER (verified owner)

    This book is massive -816 pages. It is big and the print is small. Just flipping thru the book, there is a lot of information in the 26 Chapters. I just received it today and I was by the surprised by the size and not happy about the small print but at least it was on sale. I will update later after I have actually read it or at least some of it. For me and many other people this may be more of a go-to for information book than a sit and read the chapters book.

  22. Sassou (verified owner)

    Great context

  23. Anne B (verified owner)

    This is by far the best nutrition book out there for the public. It is very readable and has much common sense. Answers common questions and myths about diet and nutrition. I am an registered dietitian and use this all the time. for my clients. It is updated very frequently. Don’t be put off by the size of this book. It is very complete and full of great information. Highly recommend to anyone interested in reliable information.

  24. Victor Diaz-Munio (verified owner)

    Good book well written

  25. Luke (verified owner)

    although some section’s of the book sound like fluff, most of the book has great facts and info about nutrition, and is perfect for beginners.

  26. Maria S. (verified owner)

    I gave this book to my granddaughter who wanted to understand more about what food choices to make as she prepares to go to college next year. She will be on her own and making her own food choices.

  27. oscar morales (verified owner)

    Great book….

  28. Stacey (verified owner)

    Very informative. Size is intimidating at first but loaded with great info

  29. Kim (verified owner)

    Great book for nutritional guidance

  30. Rebecca (verified owner)

    I purchased this and other book when I found out I have an autoimmune disorder that requires a special diet. Because I did not get a referral to a dietitian, and my doctor was otherwise un helpful, I had to learn on my own how better my health from a nutritional standpoint. I have recommended this book to both my family and friends.

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