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You deserve to feel good—not just in your body, but in your whole being.

Robin Long, certified Pilates instructor and founder of Lindywell, is on a mission to help you reclaim your health, your fitness, and your body. In Well to the Core, join Robin on a journey toward holistic health and discover:

  • ten core components of an effective and realistic approach to healthy and balanced living;
  • a grace-over-guilt mindset to release shame and develop helpful habits in every season of life;
  • how breath, nature, rest, and play can improve your quality of life; and
  • exclusive Pilates workouts, mindfulness exercises, and deliciously crafted recipes to nourish your mind, body, and soul.

It is possible to break free from constant stress about what you’re eating, how you’re exercising, or how much weight you need to lose in order to really start living. This is where true wellness begins. Let Robin Long show you the way in Well to the Core.

44 reviews for Well to the Core: A Realistic, Guilt-Free Approach to Getting Fit and Feeling Good for a Lifetime

  1. Legacy of Love (verified owner)

    Robin’s approach to health & wellness is what our culture needs. I’m so grateful for Robin’s voice in the “wellness” industry. It’s an industry that continually tells us that we aren’t healthy or living a healthy lifestyle unless we look a certain way, eat a certain way and work out until it hurts. Robin’s approach is gentle, kind and full of grace — while still helping people all over the world achieve the results they’re looking for…health, strength and joyful living!

    If you’re looking for an approach to wellness that’s approachable, achievable, grace-filled with proven results — look no further.

    When you’re done reading (or sooner), join the Lindywell community. I can assure you that it will change your life. It changed mine in ways I never thought possible.

  2. PipsLemon (verified owner)

    Reading this book is like turning to your most trusted, oldest, straightforward friend. The one you know would never steer you wrong and always has your back. That is what Pilates instructor Robin Long has managed to accomplish in her 1st book. She gives you all the tools, plenty of advice, helpful mantras and quotes, and easy steps to her every-person friendly approach to health, exercise, joy and life. It is a whole-mind-body approach to wellness and being the best you possible, without the guilt, shaming or gimmicks. With a focus toward progress, practice, consistency and betterment with grace and joy. Robin really does seek to deliver a new outlook and a comprehensive plan for action in #welltothecore. I cannot recommend this book enough!

  3. Lori Blanchard (verified owner)

    I have been doing Pilates with Robin for 2 years now. I love her teaching method, her ability to laugh at herself and encouragement for us to do the same. Her saying “Grace over Guilt” is helping to guide me away from the negative thoughts I have about myself, as most of us do at some point and time. My book arrived today and I cannot wait to read it!! I highly recommend her Pilates classes to everyone, because anyone can do it, and she helps me to re-center myself after a long stressful day at work. I am certain her book will bring even more clarity on how to forward with Grace over Guilt.

  4. MJ S. (verified owner)

    I’ve been doing pilates with Robin/ Lindywell for 3 years and it is literally the best thing I’ve ever done for my health and wellbeing, on every level. At 62, I’m the strongest I’ve ever been, inside and out, entirely due to pilates. I’ve always loved and appreciated how Robin does not ever talk about size, or weight, or diets, or calories, how she makes health and self care accessible and doable for everyone… and to see that philosophy out there in print now is just amazing. Women everywhere need this book!!

  5. M. H. (verified owner)

    I really enjoyed listening to the audio book of this, (read by the author herself!) and it felt like having a best friend who really knows all the best advice, and full life wellness knowledge and tips. I really like her grace over guilt mentality, and will be coming back to re read the (Reframe, Rest, Move, Choose) chapters that especially resonated with me!
    Buying it for a few friends now who need to read it!

  6. Kathy Wilkey (verified owner)

    I pre-ordered this book and couldn’t wait to start reading it. I have been following Robin for the past 7 years. This book is about taking care of yourself, inside and out, and simple changes for a healthier life, no matter what season of life you’re in. Her motto has become my motto, “Grace over guilt.”
    Very well done Robin Long!!
    I suggest buying extra copies. I am sharing this book with my sisters, daughter and niece.

  7. Karen Christoffels (verified owner)

    What a gift for every woman who has ever struggled with the “ideal body” and their self worth. I have been a Lindywell member for over four years and have never felt better about myself. Robin’s method and honest, open instruction has been the difference. You will be supported, encouraged and challenged every time you get on your mat. The book is the perfect addition to the workouts. The health and nutrition information is accurate and vital to becoming “Well to the Core”. Bravo Robin!

  8. wlako (verified owner)

    If you haven’t ordered this one yet, get it now!! Robin Long has an amazing approach to holistic wellness. This book is all about changing the narrative for our next generation! It gives us permission, and more importantly, the tools to be the freest version of ourselves. The audio book is a great complement to hear Robin in her own voice tell her story, and bring us along on this journey. Definitely a must read to get rid of the diet mindset once and for all!

  9. Tatiana (verified owner)

    I pre-ordered the book a few months ago and just received it. So far I’m HOOKED what a great intro. I’ve been a member of Lindywell for a few years and I just absolutely love everything the team does to help us, love us, for who we are, not what society has implanted in us. I’m excited for this new way of thinking, and going to pass it down to my children. Thank you Robin and the Lindywell team!!!

  10. Odin Brodersen (verified owner)

    This book is a treasure – it is filled with great ways and ideas on how to focus on wellness and health. It helps us move away from medias stress and body ideals and towards our best selves. It is a book to read slowly and learn from, but also to have a quick peek and get inspired, all depending on what your need is in this moment

  11. Barbara D. H. (verified owner)

    The approach to wellness from Robin Long is sensible and doesn’t beat you over the head or leave you feeling helpless. Common sense, which many in the industry have left behind. Robin’s personal journey is honest and inspiring. Her knowledge of Pilates is spot on. By far the best wellness book in a long time.

  12. Vanessa (verified owner)

    Robin long had been guiding me for several years now on my health journey. She reminds me it’s okay that my journey to health is not a linear progression and has taught me ways to talk to myself they are so much more gentle and inspiring.

    I have been so excited for the book to come and now that it’s here just reading the first chapter makes me realize, she is helping me with historical beliefs I held about my body which I have always tied to my worth.

    I can’t wait to be able to help the next generation of girls look at health differently then just a number on the scale.

  13. Susan Hartman (verified owner)

    From one Pilates Instructor to another, Robin is the best!!! I have been practicing Pilates for over six years and it is definitely my favorite form of exercise. I started Pilates because I had herniated discs and my physical therapist suggested trying Pilates for my PT. The rest is history!!!

    After practicing a few weeks, I wanted to become an instructor because of the benefits that I had felt right from the beginning. I’ve introduced my sister and sister-in-law to Lindywell, and they are so thrilled that they can work out anywhere they are. It definitely has changed their view on exercise.

    So excited to be a part of this group, and to have fun along the journey!

  14. Tami Bartshe (verified owner)

    Holy cow! If I could have read this book back in my early 20’s, it would have changed my life for the better. Im now in my 60’s, just finished the book and realize all the time and headspace I was wasting with the negative body talk and the attitude of No pain, No gain.
    Every woman, young and old, should read this book. We all need to embrace this way of thinking.
    Not just with exercise and food, but with our thoughts and actions. Being more present and intentional.
    I found Robin Long and Pilates 3 years ago on Youtube and its the ONE exercise program that I can honestly say that I look forward to doing everyday.

  15. Jillie G (verified owner)

    This book can finally make a person, ANY PERSON, open their eyes and see that WELLNESS starts with a state of mind. We all know there’s a million fitness programs, diets, cookbooks – but this book helps you understand that true lifelong wellness starts by believing in yourself, believing in your own journey and that you don’t have to look like, eat like, workout like anyone else. The one thing we have in common is that we want to be healthy and happy. Reading this book is a darn good start!!

  16. tammy h. (verified owner)

    Robins attitude of 10 minutes a day of Pilates can change your life is Total Truth!!! She further destroys lies that the supposed health industry and diet world have pushed for years. So refreshing to hear that my body is enough, and grace over guilt will produce wildly pleasant results. Be good to yourself and give yourself this gift!
    Enjoy! If I could give it 100 stars it wouldn’t be enough!
    Put it in your cart now!

  17. Jeffrey H. (verified owner)

    I am so grateful to have learned about this book on the Living Lighter Podcast. I am at a new chapter in my life and really need to shift my perspective on health and fitness. This is definitely the help I need to still feel good about myself as my body and my needs have changed. I am sharing with all of my friends who could benefit from healthier mind/body perceptions of themselves.

  18. Shaun Steele (verified owner)

    Robin wrote this book in the most soothing way. It feels like a deep exhale and assures you that you are enough which is not a message the diet culture gives you. I am reassessing my views of my body since I have not been very kind to it and I am becoming kind to myself. I have completed two Pilates workouts today and have nourished myself with a nutrient dense meal because I wanted to and it felt good.

  19. Rick (verified owner)

    Robin’s grace over guilt approach has helped me on my journey to be my best self. I love being a part of the Lindywell community! Robin and her team create new and exciting workouts that include breath work and fabulous recipes that are easy to make. This book will help you simply find your best self!

  20. Alison<span class="a-icon a-profile-verified-badge"><span class="a-profile-verified-text"></span></span> (verified owner)

    I love the encouragement and gentleness Robin provides. It’s nice to have these reminders and tips all in one place in print. I’ve been doing her pilates videos for a few years and she seems to really practice these things she’s written about and it really feels like she wants to create spaces for grace and humanness in the fitness industry that can otherwise feel very shaming or sexist. If you need some basics or encouragement getting on track I think you’ll really enjoy this book. I do see it more as an overview of encouragement and ideas and you’ll need to dig in somewhere else if you need more information but this is an excellent start to being well.

  21. Green + Well Beauty<span class="a-icon a-profile-verified-badge"><span class="a-profile-verified-text"></span></span> (verified owner)

    I read this book in one day. I felt like I was seen. Years and years of diet culture has me so messed up in the head and this book made me feel like I wasn’t crazy. This idea that grace over guilt and changes in your body as the standard have me shook. Something that seems so obvious has the most wonderful hold on me. I feel hope that I can really heal my relationship with food, movement, rest, and my body. I love the Lindywell app, too!

  22. Michele Sharp (verified owner)

    Robin Long’s book puts words to many women’s struggle with society’s standards for wellness. Weight loss does not always equal health, and this book gives simple, practical advice on how to truly reach good health, not just lose weight. Bravo Robin!

  23. Rachel’s Mom (verified owner)

    What an amazing book on total wellness and healthy habits. Not your standard diet and exercise manual, but a practical approach to overall wellness. I highly recommend Well To The Core as well as joining Lindywell. Best investment that I’ve made in myself !!!!’n

  24. D (verified owner)

    If you are tired of the media driven fitness/diet industry, this is the book for you! Eat this, don’t eat that, work out harder, faster, more. If ANY of this worked, we would all be healthy. Robin will lead you through ten basic tenets which will guide you to a healthy, balanced life. Find joy in movement and feeling good in your body. Lots of free resources for you to sample are included.

  25. Marcia D. (verified owner)

    I’ve been a member of Robin’s group/platform since 2016. I’m a huge supporter of how she lives her life with balance and shares her journey with the community. This book covers it all – from food, to movement to how to be happier.
    A must read for living a balanced life!

  26. Amber H. (verified owner)

    I appreciate Robin’s practical approach to wellness. Her book delivers hope for women weary of the impossible demands of cultural beauty standards. Read this book to help shift your wellness mindset and help you create a sustainable wellness routine.

  27. Kensington Reviewer (verified owner)

    This is a wellness book unlike most others. It is not dogmatic, but rather calls attention to a holistic number of areas that support your health and well-being. Most importantly, it’s designed to enable you to find what works for you and not what the author thinks everyone should do based upon his or her experience.

  28. fatma jackson (verified owner)

    A beautiful book. Lots of wellness information. However, for the price I would have liked more pilates routines. There were only two routines with a QPR code. More routines would have been nice.

  29. Shelley (verified owner)

    I have enjoyed the author’s work via her podcast and her Pilates membership program for several years now and was delighted to learn about her book. I pre-ordered it immediately! Every chance I get, I recommend her to family and friends without any reservation or qualifiers. I bought this book as a gift for my daughter and she absolutely loves it! The very first day she began reading it, she told me multiple times how good and helpful the book was and that she recommended I read it as well – even though she knew I was familiar with the author’s story and philosophy having followed her for so long. So, I will now be ordering another copy! For anyone who isn’t familiar with Robin Long, you are missing out on a true blessing. Her mission in all she does is to spread the message that wellness is not a number on a scale or a size of clothing, but a philosophy of life of kindness, acceptance, and gentleness with ourselves with appreciation always for what our bodies are able to do. Who doesn’t need help integrating this into their daily life?

  30. Don R. Petritz (verified owner)

    Being healthy doesn’t mean a lot of fad diets & workouts that make you super sweaty. It’s the bigger picture. Health is more than the number on the scale. We as women tend to believe that how our body looks is what makes us healthy. We try workout programs with the all or nothing mentality – as soon as we miss a day or two we think “oh we’ve failed” & quit doing what we are doing. Being healthy is about small changes, over time. We don’t have to have the all or nothing mentality. I love Robin’s Grace over Guilt approach. This book will show you how to be “Well to the Core” – you will learn how to change your mindset about exercise, food & our bodies. You will learn how to make yourself a priority in all aspects of your life. Her approach plus her Pilates program which includes community support, recipes & workouts has saved my life. This book is just the cherry on top – it brings it all together in a simple way. Great read – I highly recommend!

  31. Gayle A. Keating (verified owner)

    There are no quick fixes, so Robin leads us through the things we need to do to feel healthy and well. It felt like she wrote it with me in mind.
    This book will be a useful guide for your wellness journey.

  32. megmcoffey (verified owner)

    Robin – it was like reading a book as if I wrote it. Your personal stories were just like mine. Your reflections were just like mine. But I was just not able to properly take the reframing steps and to accept the grace over guilt and to find way to celebrate small and achievable changes. I have taken some great forward steps to no longer limit my food but to instead use food for nourishment.
    Your book was so easy to read, easy to understand and easy to identify with.
    I will be re-reading this book several times.

  33. LeeAnn Di (verified owner)

    “Well to the Core” is the perfect read for those who self-criticize and struggle due to the influence of our beauty and weight loss industries. As a member of Robin’s Lindywell Pilates program and community, I’ve interacted with women from all walks of life trying to be the best that they can while being subjected to unrealistic expectations. Robin has outlined a gentle approach toward wellness and a healthy lifestyle in this easy to read book. She offers advice on achieving true wellness while leaving the all or nothing mentality behind. Exercise can be enjoyable when we aren’t pushed to our limits and are participating in a form of exercise we enjoy. Healthy habits can become a part of our lives when approached with a grace without guilt attitude. Grab a copy of this book and join the Lindywell community in a journey to achieve overall wellness. You’ll be glad you did!

  34. A. Robertson (verified owner)

    After being in a season of imbalance, and illness. I’d gotten stuck feeling like my health would never be the same. But as I read and related to Robin’s words, and put things I already knew into practice, changed my mindset, I realized I had the power to reframe where I am in my health journey. It was an easy refreshing words with reminders and practices that are easy to implement!
    I’ve been practicing Pilates with Lindywell for years, and this book explains the reasons behind her approach and methods! Loved it!

  35. Plain Jane (verified owner)

    I’ve been following Robyn since 2018 or 2019. I love her style, her honesty, and her knowledge. She has a way with her words that make everything easy to understand. So far I love the book

  36. Judith Kowles (verified owner)

    I thoroughly enjoyed this book and I’m challenged to live without guilt concerning my health and fitness.

    Thank you Robin.

  37. PHowell (verified owner)

    Every women should get a copy of this book. Wellness is not a number on a scale. Wellness is nothing being the skinniest or most fit person in the room. Robin reminds women what IS important and how to reset your mind and body.

  38. Keste (verified owner)

    Great book to encourage a healthy lifestyle! I love her approach to Pilates and life. Easy read.

  39. Adrienne<span class="a-icon a-profile-verified-badge"><span class="a-profile-verified-text"></span></span> (verified owner)

    As a Pilates lover and a Lindywell member I have been a big fan of Robin for years. I love her approach to health and wellness that isn’t your typical diet culture instead is a life long achievable lifestyle that is different for every person. Her approach is practical and isn’t afraid to tell you how it is. Robin shares changing your mindset to having a realistic approach to health and wellness, helpful habits, benefits of Pilates and a few workouts and recipes.

  40. LMD (verified owner)

    I have practiced Pilates with Robin Long via her virtual studio Lindywell for about 3 years. Her new book ‘Well to the Core’ exemplifies her refreshing well-balanced approach to life. Exercise is much more than a number on the scale. Movement should be nourishing and reflect what makes us feel good. At the end of the day, our nutrition choices and movement habits should fuel our feelings about ourselves. And small but consistent patterns and habits can be life- changing! I highly recommend ‘Well to the Core’ for anyone wanting to feel good! Well done Robin!!

  41. G. Anderson (verified owner)

    Really wonderful book – I read just a little each day and then do my exercise with the little boost from reading!

  42. Mary A. Kiewlak (verified owner)

    Loved this book. It’s a different way of thinking about your health, your body and exercise. I have been following Lindywell online and am signed up for the pilates exercises which include recipes and breathe work. It’s the most consistent I have ever been following an at home exercise program. It helps you to develop effective exercise and health habits without beating yourself up.

  43. HBadger (verified owner)

    Enjoyed reading Robin’s suggestions, although at times seemed a bit preachy. With four kids and having a business and a book, she’s my hero. I have been doing her workouts daily for three years now. She makes it seem easy and I’m 74.

  44. Daisy A. Alhades (verified owner)

    Very well written concise book to the point Robin Long connects with you telling it like it is.. Highly recommend

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